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EDHEC MiM Application

Tips & suggestions to perfect your EDHEC Masters in Management Application

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| About EDHEC

The EDHEC, MiM (Financial Economics) program is designed for a broader understanding of the Global Financial System. It provides regular interactions with Career Centre, Corporate Relations, talents and global business leaders resulting in 39% of students signing their job contract before the end of their studies. EDHEC has 136 partner universities across 39 countries for Dual degree and Exchange Programme. The MiM Programme has real-life business situations

| Class Profile

Recommended GMAT Score

  • Exchange partners : 159
  • Average age : 23 years
  • Languages spoken : 23
  • Female: 35%

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Your application has about 30% weightage in your selection chances. Check out what EDHEC is looking for through its Application Process

EDHEC MiM Essays

The EDHEC MIM application requires 1 Letter of Motivation

EDHEC MiM Resume

A One page Resume (CV)


2 Letter of Recommendations; one academic & one professional

EDHEC MiM Essay Questions and Answer Tips

Q1. Statement of Purpose (1500 words).

A: A statement of purpose is nothing but a quick run-through of your journey penned down to provide insights into the capabilities and aspirations of a candidate. While reading an SOP, what the Adcom tends to notice is the drive, commitment, and passion towards the field of interest, which is why it is important to constantly connect the dots and maintain flow within the Statement of Purpose. The admission committee is more inclined towards knowing what you have done and the impacts you have created, so the essence of an SOP undoubtedly lies in highlighting your efforts and the difference you created. Apart from this, an SOP helps provide insights into the major decisions you’ve taken so far and aspire to make. That said, they are looking for candidates who are highly motivated and goal oriented. Since they hope to pick the best out of the lot, your SOP should reflect a burning passion for both the school and the field of management.

To begin your SOP, we recommend you start by brainstorming on all your experiences so far, noting them down and eventually shortlisting those instances that are relevant to the program. Then, commence your SOP with an introduction by talking about your background and your core interest. Further on, focus on connecting the dots and linking every major life decision and experiences. In this process, don’t forget to talk about your learnings, knowledge, and skills gained along the way, be it through professional indulgences or extracurricular activities. Having covered every impressive and impactful detail of your profile, introduce your goals and move on to accepting your flaws and how this program is the ideal fit for you. Now that you’ve put through your requirements and the means to fulfill them, you must then move on to convincing the Adcom as to why EDHEC is the best fit for you. Do so by talking about specific features that would help you actualize your goals. Conclude with a statement that depicts high interest in the program and you’re good to go!


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Acceptance Rate

Less than 12% of the Applicants who apply for EDHEC MiM program get accepted.

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