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masters of finance programs- Edhec

EDHEC Msc Finance Review

EDHEC Business School is a business school in France. It is a French Grande école that focuses on business and management education, established in 1906. It has five campuses in Lille, Nice, Paris, London, and Singapore and provides undergraduate, graduate, executive education, and PhD in Finance programs and a range of open and customised programs.

EDHEC Business School is a business school in France. It is a French Grande école that focuses on business and management education, established in 1906. It has five campuses in Lille, Nice, Paris, London, and Singapore and provides undergraduate, graduate, executive education, and PhD in Finance programs and a range of open and customised programs.
The Master of Science in International Finance program is designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a career in finance. It is targeted toward graduates and young professionals who wish to pursue a career in international finance.

Through this program, you will be able to analyze and evaluate the various facets of international finance, including company management, investments, and portfolio management. You will also be able to prepare for the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Level 1 exam.

The EDHEC Msc Finance is primarily designed for early-career individuals with financial or quantitative expertise. This may indicate that you majored in mathematics or economics in college or that you previously held a position in entry-level finance.


Course Duration

1 Year


Course Fee








EDHEC MFin Class Profile

Class Profile

 France is a popular destination for international students who are interested in pursuing business programs. The school’s programs in Finance were ranked as one of the top 5 programs in the world in the 2020 Financial Times ranking. This list is based on the various programs that are recognized globally. Aside from being one of the best business schools in France, the school also offers a good chance for its international students to encourage diversity on the campus. 

The International Students Office (ISO) of EDHEC helps international students settle in seamlessly in France by organizing various events and seminars to welcome them to the campus. The team also provides them with administrative help and advice when they arrive. They can also help them navigate the various systems of the country.

Average Age




Class Size


Average Work Ex

Program and Curriculum of EDHEC Msc Finance

Career in EDHEC Msc Finance Centre has created a programme that aims to help master’s students reach their goals. It is because the most critical factors that employers look for in a candidate is the ability to develop and implement the skills and attributes they need. The program features a variety of interactive tools that help students develop their professional skills and set goals.

The advanced and comprehensive EDHEC Msc Finance is designed to help you become proficient in all facets of corporate finance and market concerns. The programme is designed for recent graduates or young professionals who want to pursue a career in international finance.

The four-step program features a self-assessment and a 360-degree evaluation, which will help you identify your key characteristics and develop a career strategy. It will also provide you with year-round individual advice from our coaches and counsellors.

Core Course

    • Corporate Finance
    • Leadership and management skills
    • Financial accounting and analysis
    • Regulation ethics and finance
    • Corporate risk management
    • Portfolio management
    • Empirical methods in finance
    • Fixed income and derivatives part1
    • VBA programming in finance
    • Research Methodology


    The electives are offered in the following academic areas:

      • Fixed Income & Derivatives Part II
      • Investment strategies with Python
      • International Financial Management 
      • M&A and PE

      Extra Activities

      EDHEC Business School believes in the holistic development of students. As a result, they offer several different clubs and organisations for the students to choose from. Also, there is a number of opportunities for the students to pursue internship opportunities during their time at EDHEC. These internship opportunities may come from industry partners. Hence, one should work towards attaining them.


      For companies that recruit on a strict penultimate year policy, you will now be able to apply for summer internships commencing at the end of your core course work, then return to campus in the autumn term for additional electives. Students are required to source their own internship opportunities.

      Clubs and business sector

      Student Clubs are an absolute favourite and the heart and soul of the EDHEC Business School student experience. Clubs are also an opportunity to explore areas of business interest and provide important networks that extend to alumni and the wider community. Some of the clubs include:

      1. Bureau des Etudiants
      2. BBA EDHEC Esports
      3. Challenge inter EDHEC
      4. Dionysos EDHEC
      5. Chinese Business Association
      6. Clef des Planches

      Eligibility and Requirements For getting into EDHEC Msc Finance

      Eligibility and Requirment


      The EDHEC seeks individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds and demonstrated potential for professional success.

      • 3-year bachelor’s degree minimum.
      • Strong GMAT or GRE or TAGE MAGE or CFA Level III or CAT* official test score report. (CAT* for Indian students only)
      • Individuals who are native speakers of English and hold a degree in English are eligible to receive a waiver of their English Test. English proficiency tests with minimum scores of:
      • TOEFL Internet-based ≥ 92
      • TOEIC ≥ 850
      • IELTS ≥ 6.5
      • Cambridge Test of English ≥ 175

      Document Related to the Application

      • CV
      • Academic transcripts
      • Letter of motivation
      • Online interview to complete
      • Copy of Passport
      • 2 completed online reference forms
      • Application fee of €100
      • CAT scores (for Indian students)

        EDHEC MFin Deadlines

        The application will be processed by the admissions team and sent to the selection committee for appraisal. The committee comprises members from different backgrounds and is usually held from October to June. Early applications are advised to stand out.

        You will be notified via email about the status of your file. The final decision will be made after the committee has reviewed and approved the application. If you are already a candidate, please click on the “Apply online” button to complete the process. This will allow you to log in without having to create an account.

        After creating an account, you will receive an e-mail with a link that will allow you to activate it.Your password and login details will be sent to you by e-mail. After you have logged in, you will be able to access the online application form.

        Course Application Deadline
        MSc in Finance 30th June 2022

        Note- Applications will be accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis until the 30th of June 2022.

        EDHEC Msc Finance Employment/Placement

        Through various career training and assessment centres, you will develop the necessary skills to excel in the recruitment process. As an MSc student, you will also benefit from customized training that is designed to meet your specific requirements. The EDHEC Career Centre hosts over 120 events annually focused on industry-specific job opportunities and company trips. It also provides you with exclusive internship opportunities.


        • 100+ corporate partners   
        • 300+ regular recruiters
        • EDHEC’s dedicated jobs board posts 60,000 internships and 33,500 job openings every year
        • There is 40% international mobility in our master’s degrees
        • Out of the 400+ companies involved in our events every year, 20% of them are international companies





        Top Sectors hiring EDHEC MFin Graduates

        The financial markets are a type of communication network that enables the trading of financial assets. They have been affected by various factors such as globalization and the change in the management of companies. 

        This course aims to help participants improve their financial markets and stock exchange decisions. It will also provide them with the necessary tools and resources to make informed decisions. Through this program, you will also develop the skills necessary to manage a modern enterprise by working in various sectors. 

        Companies recruiting from EDHEC MFin

        Consulting Sector

        • Deloitte
        • McKinsey & Co.
        • PricewaterhouseCoopers
        • Bain & Co.
        • Oliver Wyman
        • A.T. Kearney


        • BNB Paribas
        • Ernst & Young
        • Morgan Stanley
        • Goldman Sachs
        • JP Morgan
        • Deutsche Bank


        • Amadeus
        • Amazon
        • Mars
        • Schnider

        EDHEC MFin Alumni Info

        Joining the EDHEC Global MBA also means also joining a diverse and international alumni network. You have a lifetime membership to EDHEC Alumni from the day you start the programme. By connecting to this network of over 40,000 alumni, you can reach out to those who have been on a similar path and who can share their wisdom with you throughout your career.

        This friendly and supportive community of business leaders organises events and meetings throughout the year to facilitate contacts, exchanges and networking while supporting the students in designing their career plans and helping graduates to promote their businesses and career. EDHEC Alumni is also a force for disseminating best practices, its members’ shared values, and the School’s vision of business in the service of society.

        Some Famous Alumni

        • Sophie Bellon – the chairwoman of Sodexo
        • Delphine Arnault – director and executive vice president of Louis Vuitton.
        • Sidney Taurel – chairman of Pearson plc

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        Application Essay for EDHEC Msc Finance


        The Edhec Msc Finance application comprises one motivation letter. EDHEC takes its essays very seriously and uses them as a medium to understand the strengths and weaknesses of prospective students. In addition, it helps them better understand the applicant’s profile. So, make sure your essays as an applicant are top-notch.

        Essay 1

        Please write a motivation letter explaining:

        1. What are your career’s goals and how would the chosen MSc programme contribute to them?
        2. Why do you believe your academic and professional background and personal characteristics equip you to follow the chosen programme and to make a positive contribution to it?
        3. How your personality and your experiences have prepared you to function as a team member and group leader in an international and culturally diverse environment?
        4. Why are you applying for this programme, and why do you want to study in France? (1500 words)

        Letter of Recommendation for EDHEC MFin

        It is a free format LOR that should cover-

        1. Your relationship with the referee
        2. Duration of contact
        3. Please indicate to which group you are comparing this candidate (e.g., co-worker, MIM graduate, etc.)
        4. What characteristics or attributes best describe the applicant?
        5. In what area is the applicant most exceptional?
        6. The candidate’s weakness that preferably the referee helped overcome. This is to show the learning curve. 
        7. Why is the candidate a worthy applicant for the program? 

        Interview Questions for EDHEC MFin


        Q: Please introduce yourself (or) Tell me something about yourself
        Q : Why do you want to pursue the (( COURSE ))?
        Q : Why a master’s degree now, why not do an MFin?
        Q : What are your future plans? Or what are your short term and long term goals?
        Q : Why this particular company? What do you know about this role?
        Q : What’s your plan B in case your career plans don’t work out?
        Q : Why not study in your home country?
        Q : Have you ever lived in any other country or had any sort of interaction with people from different countries?
        Q : What are your major strengths and weaknesses?
        Q : Which other schools have you targeted and why?
        Q : What makes you unique over the other candidates?
        Q : What are you passionate about? Give me some examples of how you have shown it.
        Q : Tell me about a recent finance news that has caught your attention.
        Q : What was your role at your previous job/ Internship?
        Q : What is your proudest achievement?
        Q : Give an example of when you failed. What did you learn from the experience.


        Q : Would you be able to work under pressure with people of different nationalities? Could you give us an example of how you would succeed in this?
        Q : How will you add value to the school and your batch mates?
        Q : How will a degree from our school, help you in the future? Or what will be your key learnings from this degree?
        Q : How do you plan to use the resources of the school?
        Q : Can you tell me how were you able to get “Z” result, in this internship you had undertaken? What were the steps you took?
        Q : What are the skills required to enter (COMPANY)? Which skills do you have already and which skills do you need to develop?.
        Q : How do you plan to deal with placement opportunities? Getting a work visa can be tricky
        Q : How would you translate your teamwork from your past experiences to the environment at ((school))?
        Q : The work you did on project X seems interesting. Can you elaborate on the same?
        Q : What has been your biggest obstacle so far, and how have you conquered it?
        Q : Tell us about a time when things didn’t go the way you wanted— like a promotion you wanted and didn’t get, or a project that didn’t turn out how you had hoped?
        Q : According to you what is the best way to inspire people?
        Q : What does Leadership mean to you?
        Q : Give us an overview of your experiences so far

        What makes EDHEC MFin Unique

        • EDHEC has 136 partner universities across 39 countries for Dual degree and Exchange Programme.
        • You get a free lifetime membership to EDHEC Alumni from the day you start the programme. By connecting to this network of over 40,000 alumni, you can reach out to those who have been on a similar path and who can share their wisdom with you throughout your career.
        • EDHEC business school organises a number of events throughout the year to give its students an opportunity to learn about job and internship opportunities offered by companies, government agencies, and non-profit organisations where they might like to work with.
        • EDHEC program’s application is pretty extensive, just to ensure that only top-quality students make it through the application process.
        • As part of its strategic plan, EDHEC has been committed to providing talented students with a wide variety of scholarships and grants. The French Foreign Ministry also offers numerous grants and scholarships for international students. There are also numerous organisations that support the study of international students.


        EDHEC Msc Finance students with the opportunity to learn about career and internship possibilities given by businesses, governments, and nonprofit organisations where they would wish to work, EDHEC business school organises a variety of events throughout the year. The EDHEC MFin programme application is somewhat involved in order to ensure that only the best applicants are accepted.


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        Is there any assistance provided by EDHEC with regard to campus housing?

        Once you have been officially enrolled, you will be able to find suitable accommodation in either EDHEC residences or privately owned apartments. The International Students Office of the university will assist you in completing the necessary paperwork for your visa.

        If you have any questions about your visa application, please contact the ISO. They will be able to provide you with a list of all the available accommodation types in France. One of the requirements for most visas is proof of accommodation.

        You can also check out the properties that are available through their housing website. The team will do its best to make sure that you are comfortable and secure your booking. It can also arrange transportation to your new home when you arrive.

        Is EDHEC reputed for the MSc Finance program?

        The Master’s course in finance is one of the best programs in the country. It allows its students to get jobs in some of the most prominent companies in the world. The course also has a good curriculum that was ranked fifth-best in the world by the Financial Times.

        Is any aid pr grant can be availed for tuition fees by students?

        Yes, and the financial aid is available for the second, third, and fourth instalments of the MSc Finance programme. 

        Is there a possibility to take up a course to learn French at EDHEC?

        International students can take French courses in our Master of Science programs. These courses are designed to support their acculturation and provide them with the necessary language skills to excel in their studies.

        The class size ranges from 10 to 25 students. Contact Hours are 3h a week for MIM and 2h for MSc. The courses are delivered by highly qualified French instructors.

        When are the applicants supposed to pay the tuition fees?

        Your application has been accepted by the Selection Committee. After receiving an acceptance email, you will then receive a payment schedule for your tuition fee.

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