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ESADE MBA Essays: Specialized Tips and How to Create Essays

Are you considering pursuing an MBA from ESADE? If so, then yes, this is the best opportunity for you to seek a seat to upgrade your life. Before going further, you also need to understand something about ESADE MBA essays. It is quite as important as some other documents. Read further to get an idea of what those are and how you can attend them. 


ESADE MBA essays

These essays are opportunities for you to express your achievements, aspirations, future goals, and experiences. Esade MBA program's Admissions Committee will decide on your candidacy for admission through these essays. Hence, craft these essays with utmost sincerity and clarity. Also, since there are word limits for each question, please cater to those. 

ESADE Essay 1:

Which aspects have you improved on during your academic and professional career so far? Which tools or values have helped you achieve this? Maximum 3000 characters (including spaces)

Tips & Guidelines:

  • To answer this question, first reflect on your academic and professional journey to understand the specific areas where you have enhanced your skills. 
  • Then, state instances to prove your statements with the outcomes that you have achieved in them. Utilization of tools, techniques, and strategies can also be mentioned along with it.  
  • Write how this has influenced your personality and professional career. If you could connect this aspect to your career goals, then your answer would look more impactful. 
  • In the concluding paragraph, try to express your ideology of willingness to improve yourself and your aim to continue growing. 


Throughout my academic journey and professional progression, an undeterred pursuit of growth and development has been a guiding principle. This is evidenced by the constant endeavors I have taken to augment various aspects of my portfolio. Amongst these was my decision to undertake a Python Programming course from Google, a decision rooted in my dedication to self-improvement and adaptability. The hands-on learning from this course significantly deepened my understanding of Python and analytics, standing as a testament to my commitment to developing new skills.

In the same vein, I sought to attain language proficiency in French, driven by my recognition of the importance of cultural diversity and effective communication. This has not only equipped me with an additional skill but also displays my ability to anticipate future opportunities, specifically in the global business arena.

Parallel to my efforts to enhance my skills, I have equally focused on nurturing relationships with alumni from ESADE and professionals in my prospective industry sector. I have always acknowledged the importance of networking and consider it instrumental in broadening my perspective. Interacting with successful alumni not only offers me valuable mentorship and industry insights but also contributes substantially to my professional advancement, preparing me to navigate the rigour of the MBA program.

To encapsulate, my academic and professional journey has been shaped by continuous improvement in networking skills, adaptability, and language proficiency, along with a strategic commitment to learning. These advancements, reinforced by the values of proactivity, have been pivotal in defining my paths. As such, I look forward to translating this multi-faceted growth into significant contributions to MBA discussions and case studies, thereby enhancing the academic dynamics of the program.

For detailed analysis of Application, please refer Admission Process for detailed analysis.

ESADE Essay 2:

ESADE MBA essays

How will your background, values and non-work-related activities enhance the experience of other ESADE MBA students and add to the diverse culture we strive for at ESADE? (Note: The goal of this essay is to get a sense of who you are rather than what you have accomplished). Maximum 3000 characters (including spaces)

Tips & Guidelines:

  • It is necessary to showcase your values, background and non-work-related activities to enhance your answer. To do so, you can consider your upbringing, culture, education, etc., to explain what shaped you. 
  • Then you can write instances like your hobbies, social work, volunteering, event management, etc. Write how these aspects have enhanced your personality. 
  • Now, understand ESADE’s mission and mention how this aligns with it. It is also important to write how you would showcase these at ESADE and how this would contribute to the overall well-being of the ESADE community. 


During my time at Amity University, I collaborated with the New Student Orientation Committee, refining the intake process for over 1500 students. The proactive engagement, mentoring, and guidance offered to students for coping with academic and campus life imparted deep empathy in me. This is one value I plan to bring to the table at ESADE—leveraging empathy to comprehend and aid my peers while fostering an environment of assistance and cooperation.

Furthermore, my tenure as a part of PQR Impact Days stands as testimony to my commitment to contribute positively beyond conventional horizons. Here, working in alliance with NGOs, I imparted education to school students and created audiobooks for visually impaired children. This reflects my values-based approach that reaches beyond my professional obligations.

Serving as Media and Design Coordinator for ABC Festival at Amity has expanded my repertoire of skills in photography, design, and video editing. Such experiences allowed me to excel in marketing events and launching initiatives through engaging visual content. I firmly believe that my proficiency in this area could considerably enhance the visibility of various activities at ESADE and contribute to a vibrant campus culture.

Additionally, holding leadership positions in diverse clubs and societies at Amity speaks volumes of my abilities to administrate and lead units effectively. These roles, particularly as Media Head, have honed my communication and promotion talents, enriching the dynamics of ESADE's MBA program.

Looking toward the future, my Indian heritage and diverse experiences will position me as a valuable contributor to ESADE's diverse culture—specifically, the Asia Business Club and Consulting Club. My background in consultation and leadership will be particularly beneficial for fostering understanding and collaboration among students.

Overall, my empathy and dedication to community engagement, combined with my eclectic skill set and leadership background, will undoubtedly augment the overall ESADE MBA experience. Hence, I am enthusiastically looking forward to adding value to ESADE's vibrant, collaborative, and culturally rich environment, fostering a sense of unity and collective growth among students.

ESADE Essay 3:

ESADE MBA essays

What are your motivations for pursuing a full-time MBA at this point in your life? Describe your mid-term and long-term visions for your post-MBA career path. What is it about ESADE you think will help you reach your goals? Maximum 3000 characters (including spaces)

Tips & Guidelines: 

Start by mentioning your latest work experiences, including roles and responsibilities, outcomes, and positive impacts. Then, mention the skill gap you faced at that particular point in your career. 
As the next step, you can write about ESADE. Understand what the university has for you. It can be courses, faculties, clubs, or alumni. Remember that mentioning the skills gained from these is also necessary to enhance your answer. 
Focus on your career goals. Mention your short-term and long-term goals by clearly defining the designation, firms, duties and the positive impact you aim to create. Also, for long-term goals, it is always important to mention some leadership positions.
As a concluding paragraph, you can write how you look forward to this wonderful opportunity to achieve success. 


My experience as an Analyst at PwC Bangalore has significantly refined my expertise in process development, advisory solutions, data accuracy, and automation. Since July 2021, my central role in Process Mapping and Automation paved the way for strategic approaches that led to an impressive 80% increase in efficiency. A primary accomplishment during this time was the creation of an automated system that flawlessly fits PwC's operational paradigm; this initiative exceeded team expectations as we exceeded launch objectives by 50% across 37 markets.

As a team leader overseeing a considerable workforce of over a thousand people, my leadership skills were notably recognized through performance assessments, and I earned a respectable Spot Award. My dedication to high-quality performance was evident in my involvement in various tasks, such as managing data for a leading multinational pharmaceutical company and dealing with senior leaders in stakeholder management. Additionally, I displayed a commitment to professional growth by willingly training over 40 associates at PwC on UiPath.

These achievements during my time as an Analyst have amplified my interest in Management Consulting. PwC has provided me with a concrete foundation in process automation and improvement. It has also helped me cultivate strong communication with stakeholders and devise strategic planning under Demand Management to handle the resource lifecycle for over a thousand practitioners.

At this turning point in my career, I am motivated to transition into a Strategy Consulting team at a leading global consultancy. I aim to gain a deeper comprehension of diverse industries and understand complex business challenges. Ultimately, my long-term goal is to secure a leadership role in consulting to shape strategic plans and direct teams toward accomplishment significantly.

The prime motivation for pursuing a full-time MBA at this stage in my life is to develop my current skills, broaden my horizons, and fine-tune my strategic thinking capabilities. Furthermore, upon completion of my MBA at ESADE, my mid-term career goal includes capitalizing on the global perspective acquired to join prestigious consulting firms like Accenture Strategy, Roland Berger, or Oliver Wyman.

The MBA program at ESADE aligns flawlessly with these aspirations. Its comprehensive curriculum, designed to foster awareness, innovation, and transformation, equips me with a well-rounded skill set. The opportunity for an In-Company Project and exposure to relevant subjects such as Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, and Technology & Digital Business resonate perfectly with my career path.

The collaborative environment at ESADE, which emphasizes leadership and global perspectives, prepares me for the complexities of the consulting world. Hence, I am certain that ESADE's unique offerings will act as a stimulant for my professional growth and enable me to realize my career goals.

ESADE Essay 4:

ESADE MBA essays

Complete two of the following four questions or statements. Maximum 3000 characters (including spaces)

a) I am most proud of...

b) People may be surprised to learn that I...

c) What has your biggest challenge been, and what did it help you learn about yourself?

d) Which historical figure do you most identify with and why?

Tips & Guidelines:

  • Before answering, clearly go through this question and decide which one suits your personality. Take some time to ponder your personal and professional life, in which you have faced significant challenges, had moments of pride, etc. 
  • Write an instance to prove your statement. Explain clearly the situation, background,  and significance of the instance. Paint a clear picture by depicting whatever has occurred in that scenario. 
  • Then, reflect on what you have learned through that experience and connect it with your future goals. Explain how you would implement the lessons gained from this experience in future.


What has your biggest challenge been and what did it help you learn about yourself ?

 My most significant challenge was facing the Bar Exam, which became a gruelling test of my resilience and determination. Despite my usual success in academics, I encountered a major setback when serious health issues surfaced a month before the exams in July 2019. Initially, I ignored the signs, thinking they were just a consequence of a hectic lifestyle.

As my health worsened, I had to confront the decision of whether to proceed with the exams or not. Despite an intuitive feeling that failure might be inevitable, I decided to push through. The Bar Exam was notoriously demanding, with multiple subjects to study and only a short time frame for preparation. Even with my health concerns, I drew strength from my background as an athlete. However, my first attempt resulted in an unexpected failure, a stark departure from my usual success.

Undeterred, I started preparing for the next attempt in February 2020 while still dealing with persistent health issues. The challenges escalated when an incident at the exam venue caused a hand injury just before the third exam, preventing me from completing the remaining papers. The following months became a relentless pursuit of a solution to my health issues, with multiple doctor visits and medications proving ineffective. It wasn't until a family friend suggested another doctor that a deficiency in Vitamin D and a hormonal imbalance were uncovered. This revelation led to necessary medications and lifestyle changes, forcing me to prioritize my health.

After a renewed focus on health and academics post-July 2020, I attempted the Bar Exam again in July 2021. This time, my efforts culminated, and I achieved the coveted status of a licensed attorney in September 2021.

This journey taught me invaluable life skills, including patience, perseverance, and a redefined outlook on life. It was about becoming an attorney and emerging as someone equipped to face life's challenges with resilience and adaptability.

I am most proud of...

In my role as a Project Lead at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) India, I spearheaded a significant change initiative that revolutionized the automation landscape within our operations. Recognizing the prevalence of manual and repetitive processes, I identified a pressing need for automation and embarked on a journey to explore Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools. After careful evaluation, I selected Automation Anywhere as the most suitable solution for our needs.

Despite encountering initial skepticism, I committed myself to master Automation Anywhere through various online platforms and swiftly commenced the development of automation bots. Anticipating potential challenges, I devised a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy to address any concerns among my colleagues. Through consistent training sessions, I successfully integrated these automation bots into our daily operations.

The implementation of automation resulted in an impressive 80% increase in efficiency across several processes within our unit. This transformation not only facilitated operational excellence but also provided a platform for my team to enhance their skills in Automation Anywhere. The success of our initiative reverberated throughout the organization, leading to requests from other team leads seeking my guidance in adopting automation within their projects.

Today, I take pride in sharing my expertise through organization-wide Automation Anywhere training sessions. I am deeply committed to fostering an automation culture at PwC, aiming to enhance overall efficiency and productivity. My passion for enabling others to succeed is a driving force behind my satisfaction in my role.

Therefore, this achievement, among others, is prominently featured in my portfolio, highlighting my significant contribution to PwC's overarching success.

Please refer Reqiurements and Appication for detailed analysis of Application.


ESADE MBA essays

If you are thinking about applying to the ESADE MBA programme which is one of the top MBA Colleges in Spain, you should be aware of the application deadlines and feedback dates. The ESADE MBA programme has a multi-round admissions procedure, giving applicants multiple chances to submit their applications.

Rounds  Deadlines
Round 1 10 January 2024
Round 2 7 February 2024
Round 3 14 March 2024
Round 4 17 April 2024
Round 5 15 May 2024
Round 6 5 June 2024


As an Indian applicant, you should emphasise your expertise and knowledge of the Indian business sector, as well as your capacity to contribute to ESADE's varied community in the ESADE MBA essays as ESADE is one of the top MBA College in Spain. By following these suggestions, you can improve your chances of admission to one of the world's best MBA programmes. 

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