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ESADE MBA Fees: Associated Costs and Finance Options

Are you considering an MBA at ESADE? It's a major decision that requires time and money. Are you interested in fees and expenses? You're in the right place to know about ESADE MBA Fees.

In this blog post, we'll detail the costs of an ESADE MBA. We'll cover tuition, living costs, and more. You'll see what to expect. We'll also cover scholarships and financial aid. We'll also cover part-time work. We'll cover how they affect your investment. Let's start and dive into the financial side of an ESADE MBA!

ESADE MBA Fees: An Overview

The total mandatory ESADE MBA Fees for September 2024 intake is €77,500.

mba fees

In addition to the mandatory tuition fees, there are also a few more expenses that adds up to the ESADE MBA Fees, such as the €135 application fee to cover administrative costs and the €100 MBA Student Association Fee.

Once accepted, students must submit a non-refundable deposit of €8,000 to confirm their spot, followed by another €8,000 before the program begins. Half of the ESADE MBA Fees must be paid by September 2024, with the remainder due by March 2025.

ESADE Fees Breakdown

The following table will clarify the costs associated with the overall ESADE MBA Fees.

Cost Description Amount
Tuition Fees €77,500
Application Fee €135
MBA Student Association Fee (Reservation Fee) €100
Reservation Fee (Non-refundable) €8,000
Commitment Fee (Non-refundable) €8,000

Understanding the Living Costs for ESADE MBA

living expenses

Living expenses vary depending on housing choices and personal circumstances. On average, single MBA students at ESADE share accommodations and use public transportation. Here is an estimated breakdown of monthly living expenses:

Living Expenses Breakdown

When considering the financial aspects of pursuing an MBA at ESADE, it's essential to factor in various living expenses, which add to the ESADE MBA Fees. As ESADE is in Spain, a hub of some of the best business schools in Europe, living costs can be higher comparatively. Below is a breakdown of typical monthly living costs that ESADE MBA students may incur:

Expense Category Estimated Monthly Cost Range (EUR) 12 Months Total (EUR) 15 Months Total (EUR) 18 Months Total (EUR)
Housing €400 - €1000 €4,800 - €12,000 €6,000 - €15,000 €7,200 - €18,000
Utilities €100 - €200 €1,200 - €2,400 €1,500 - €3,000 €1,800 - €3,600
Food €250 - €500 €3,000 - €6,000 €3,750 - €7,500 €4,500 - €9,000
Transportation €50 - €70 €600 - €840 €750 - €1,050 €900 - €1,260
Miscellaneous €250 - €450 €3,000 - €5,400 €3,750 - €6,750 €4,500 - €8,100
Sports €50 - €80 €600 - €960 €750 - €1,200 €900 - €1,440
Total €1,100 - €2,300 €13,200 - €27,600 €16,500 - €34,500 €19,800 - €41,400

It's important to note that these figures are averages and can vary based on individual preferences and circumstances. Students living with partners should consider increasing all costs by approximately 30%.

How Can You Finance Your ESADE MBA Fees

finance your esade mba studies

Starting an ESADE MBA is an investment in your future. It's essential to finance it smartly to cover your ESADE MBA Fees. Here are two key options:

Scholarships: ESADE offers various scholarships, including merit-based, diversity, and grant scholarships. These scholarships reward excellence and support deserving candidates financially.

Loans: If you need financial help, consider loans. Various options offer competitive rates and flexible terms. Research well, compare, and assess your ability to repay.

Using scholarships and loans wisely can make your ESADE MBA more affordable. Plan, explore all options, and make decisions that match your financial goals.

Scholarships Available to Cover Fees

To assist outstanding candidates in accessing the MBA program, ESADE offers several awards during the admissions process. As detailed below, most of these awards are made available through ESADE funds and the generosity of donors and alumni.

The ESADE for Excellence Award

ESADE awards scholarships to MBA candidates based on academic excellence, diversity, and professional skills. Recipients are chosen during the admission process, considering application materials and interviews.

  • No separate application is needed.
  • Recipients are notified upon admission.
  • It can't be combined with other ESADE awards, but it can be combined with partnership scholarships.

Asian Business Award

This initiative attracts young professionals from Asia who aspire to shape business in the Asia-Pacific region. The award recognizes candidates with notable educational and professional backgrounds, prioritising those facing challenges securing student loans.

Citizens or permanent residents of Asia-Pacific countries with international experience are preferred.

ESADE MBA Students Fund: Leadership Award

This award supports young professionals with excellent management and motivational skills who are proven leaders in their work environment.

It is available to candidates from all professional backgrounds; however, special consideration is given to candidates with managerial experience.

ESADE MBA Students Fund: Entrepreneurship Award

This award supports and celebrates the contribution of diverse perspectives to the learning environment and the business world in general. Successful candidates are expected to actively promote the ESADE MBA Alumni Scholarship Fund in the future.

It is open to candidates from all nationalities with an entrepreneurial spirit; however, special consideration is given to candidates with previous experience in entrepreneurial projects or start-ups.

ESADE MBA Students Fund: Diversity Award

This award was created to raise funds to help prospective students join the ESADE MBA. It supports and celebrates the contribution of diverse perspectives to the learning environment and the business world in general. Successful candidates are expected to actively contribute to the promotion of the ESADE MBA Alumni Scholarship Fund in the future.

Candidates from all nationalities with proven international experience during their studies or work in developing countries in non-traditional areas: non-profit, bio-environment, technological innovation, etc.

Forté Foundation - Fellowship Program

ESADE Business School, a sponsor of Forté, supports its mission of empowering women through business education, role models, networks, and leadership training. The Forté Fellowship Program offers financial and other assistance to exceptional women enrolling in an MBA program to foster future business leaders.

Candidates can apply for Forté Fellowships through the same process as Esade Scholarships. Awards range from $10,000 to €20,000.

Discovering the Student Loans

esade mba fees

Managing the financial side of an ESADE MBA is crucial for your academic and career goals. Here, we'll explore student loans, discussing options to cover your MBA costs. Knowing these options will help you make smarter financial decisions. Now, let's look at the different student loans available for your ESADE MBA journey.


Lendwise is a leading UK-based student loan platform for postgraduate and professional qualification loans. A Lendwise loan has a competitive interest rate fixed for the entire loan duration and flexibility with no fees or charges for early repayment.

The loan covers your tuition fees (less any commitment and reservation fees and scholarships), and its assessment is based on, amongst other things, your future earnings potential. 

Banc Sabadell

Based on its commitment to collaborate with ESADE to attract the best talent, Banc Sabadell offers ESADE candidates loans covering up to 100% of the tuition fees (reservation fees and scholarships not included). Bank guarantees will be required depending on the amount of the student loan requested.

This loan agreement is available to all admitted candidates and only covers tuition fees; living expenses are the candidate's responsibility.

Prodigy Finance

Prodigy Finance’s innovative lending model offers community-funded loans to international students at the world’s top business schools, including ESADE.

While banks base their loan decisions on historical salaries, Prodigy looks to the future. It assesses applicants’ future earning potential (based on the past achievements of similar graduates) to determine loan affordability.

Loans range from $10,000 to $86,900, with a maximum term of 20 years.


ICICI Bank understands students' career aspirations and offers the best student loans to aid their journey as students. Their education loans aim to provide financial support to aspiring students pursuing higher professional education in India and overseas.

A loan amount of minimum EUR 1,127 and maximum up to EUR 225,557 approx is sanctioned.


Enrolling in the ESADE MBA programme is an investment that must be carefully calculated regarding tuition and living expenditures. The program provides a variety of scholarships to bright students with financial problems regarding fees. Indian students can make informed decisions about financing their ESADE MBA and attaining their career goals by studying the financial elements and investigating accessible options.

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