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Unlocking Success: Understanding ESADE MBA Salary Trends

Exploring ESADE MBA Employment: Key Insights into Salary Trends

Selecting the ideal MBA program requires careful consideration of multiple factors. For countless prospective MBA candidates, one significant factor is the promise of a fulfilling career and attractive salary post-graduation from ESADE. This blog aims to provide insights into the ESADE MBA salary, focusing on sector-specific opportunities, geographical advantages, and pathways to success.

Average ESADE MBA Salary

The average salary for ESADE MBA graduates is $157,209.

esade mba average salary

The average salary for ESADE MBA program graduates three years after graduation is an impressive $157,209, reflecting a remarkable 131% increase from their initial earnings. This substantial rise underscores the program's efficacy in nurturing talent and equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's competitive business landscape. Such significant salary escalation validates the value of an ESADE MBA and emphasises its capacity to propel individuals towards fulfilling and lucrative career paths.

ESADE MBA Salary Industry-Wise Breakdown

ESADE MBA Salary Industry-Wise Breakdown

ESADE MBA graduate salaries fluctuate depending on negotiation prowess and the nature of the job. When considering the ESADE MBA program, it's essential to delve into salary information tailored to your career aspirations and preferred industries.

Trends of Employment in Technology

With a staggering 37% representation in the workforce, the technology sector offers promising prospects for ESADE MBA graduates. On average, professionals in this field command an annual salary of €91,357.

Trends of Employment in Consulting Services

Consulting firms, comprising 23% of the job market, are known for their lucrative compensation packages. ESADE MBA holders entering this sector can expect an average salary of €84,556.

Trends of Employment in Financial Services

Representing 15% of the market share, financial services offer competitive salaries for ESADE MBA graduates, with an average annual income of €89,711.

Trends of Employment in Healthcare

The healthcare sector, constituting 10% of the workforce, offers attractive salary packages for MBA graduates. On average, professionals in this sector earn €92,915 annually.

Trends of Employment in Retail

While retail represents a smaller 6% of the job market, ESADE MBA holders can still secure rewarding salaries, with an average annual income of €61,567.

Trends of Employment in Manufacturing

With a 3% share of the workforce, the manufacturing sector offers MBA graduates opportunities to earn an average salary of €64,017 annually.

Sector Distribution Average Annual Salary
Technology 37% €91,357
Consulting Services 23% €84,556
Financial Services 15% €89,711
Healthcare 10% €92,915
Retail 6% €61,567
Manufacturing 3% €64,017

Understanding the ESADE MBA Salary Across Different Locations

ESADE MBA Salary Across Different Locations

Trends in Europe

This region dominates the ESADE MBA job market, offering various opportunities across industries and countries. With an average annual salary of €88,797 and a maximum of €140,237, Europe is an attractive destination for MBA graduates seeking diverse career paths and competitive compensation packages.

Trends in Spain

With a strong presence in the ESADE MBA alumni network, post-MBA salaries in Spain can be lucrative. The average annual ESADE MBA salary of €70,812 reflects Spain's industries' economic vitality and growth potential, making it an appealing choice for MBA professionals.

Trends in LATAM (Latin America)

Latin America offers a dynamic environment for ESADE MBA graduates to contribute their skills and expertise. With an average annual ESADE MBA salary of €68,107, this region presents opportunities for professionals to engage with emerging markets and drive innovation in various sectors.

Trends in North America

North America's robust economy and diverse industries provide lucrative opportunities for ESADE MBA graduates and one of the best post-MBA salaries across the USA. With an average annual salary of €123,141 and a maximum of €162,639, this region attracts talent from around the world seeking high-paying jobs and career advancement opportunities.

Trends in the Middle East

Known for its rapid development and investment in various sectors, the Middle East offers attractive salary packages for MBA professionals. With an average annual salary of €130,837 and a maximum of €220,558, this region presents opportunities for ambitious individuals to make a significant impact and advance their careers.

Trends in Asia

With its growing economy and expanding business landscape, Asia offers diverse opportunities for ESADE MBA graduates. The average annual salary of €67,993 reflects the competitive nature of the region's job market, with opportunities for professionals to leverage their skills and experience in dynamic industries.

Region Distribution Average Annual Salary Maximum Annual Salary
Europe 46% €88,797 €140,237
Spain 23% €70,812 €136,000
LATAM 16% €68,107 €103,324
North America 5% €123,141 €162,639
Middle East 5% €130,837 €220,558
Asia 4% €67,993 €88,815

Analysing the Job Placement Records

Upon graduation, 97% of ESADE MBA students embarked on a transformation journey, opting for changes in their function, sector, or location. A remarkable 80% explored new sectors, 75% shifted functions, and 56% ventured into different locations, showcasing their adaptability and readiness for diverse challenges. Astonishingly, a significant proportion, 34%, embraced a triple career change, embracing new functions, sectors, and locations simultaneously. 

Job Placement Records

Despite these monumental shifts, the resilience and determination of these graduates shone through, with a commendable 91% securing employment within a mere three months post-graduation, affirming their preparedness for the professional world.

Top Companies Hiring ESADE MBA Graduates

Exploring the post-MBA job market is crucial for prospective ESADE students. Below is a breakdown of top companies actively seeking ESADE MBA graduates from various sectors.

These companies offer diverse opportunities for ESADE graduates, spanning consulting, technology, retail, and healthcare. They provide avenues for career growth, skill development, and professional fulfilment, making them desirable destinations for ESADE MBA graduates.

Technology Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals Consulting/Professional Services Retail/E-commerce
Amazon AbbVie Accenture WayFair
Microsoft Bayer Bain & Company Nike
SAP Johnson & Johnson Boston Consulting Group Zalando
HP Novartis Deloitte Nubank
Infosys Alira Health EY Delivery Hero

By consulting the experts, you can strategically showcase your strengths, experiences, and aspirations, ultimately maximising your chances of admission and setting the stage for a promising career trajectory post-MBA.


The ESADE MBA programme is well-known for providing students with a solid foundation and the abilities needed to pursue successful careers in various industries. Graduates of the programme have access to a wide range of attractive professional opportunities.

Technology, consulting, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries want ESADE MBA graduates. These industries provide considerable chances for advancement and good pay. Students who choose ESADE's MBA programme can use the institution's excellent industry partnerships and career services to gain access to job possibilities in their selected sectors.

In conclusion, the programme provides a solid foundation for lucrative professional pathways and a high ESADE MBA salary. Its continuously high average incomes, diverse industries, and emphasis on leadership and strategic decision-making abilities equip graduates with the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive business environment.

What is the average salary for ESADE MBA graduates?

The average salary for ESADE MBA graduates is $157,209.

What is the percentage of ESADE MBA graduates that get employed?

A commendable 91% ESADE MBA graduates secure employment within a mere three months post-graduation.

What are the top sectors that hire ESADE MBA graduates?

The top sectors that hire ESADE MBA graduates are Technology, Consulting Services, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, and Manufacturing.

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