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The ESADE MiM Essays & Tips is aimed towards providing you with a brief analysis of what ESADE Business School is expecting via its Masters in Management application, & how you can effectively reflect those skills via your ESADE MiM Essays.

ESADE Masters in Management programme is termed as 'MSc programmes in Management' world-wide.

It offers this program in the following fields:

1.Business Analytics


3.Marketing Management

4.International Management

5.Global Strategic Management

6.Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Considering that the school offers a wide spectrum of specializations, all ESADE MiM Essays need to be customized according to the program.

(The essays are more or less the same for all the different degrees)

Students are also given additional options of pursuing:

  1. Double Degree
  2. Masters in Research- PHD
  3. ESADE CEMS MIM Via its partner university

ESADE recruits its students via a direct application through its own portal.

You are required to submit

  • 4 Essays on the online portal
  • 2 Letter of Recommendations - To be sent over an E-mail from the recommender's professional E-mail address

Overall, ESADE is a great choice and is one of Europe's top 5 business schools, & their programs aim to focus on global growth strategies and international relations aiming to teach its students to understand how the business world will change in the coming decade. 

Skills To Be Included In ESADE MiM Essays

ESADE has a very prestigious & well ranked Masters in management program, and is on the lookout for talented candidates who exhibit the following skills:

  • Superior Academic Capacity
  • Personal Motivation
  • Potential for Professional Impact
  • Global Mindset

So you need to ensure that you implicitly weave these qualities inside the varied answers, one more thing to remember is to always back up your answers with examples of what you have done.

Often people forget that essays are a way to highlight one's profile and achievements as well, so such information needs to be included in each of the four essays.

Lastly, remember ESADE has collaborations with 100 universities worldwide, and hence it attracts a large and diverse number of applicants every year.

With the competition being this tough, your ESADE MiM essays need to be strategically planned so as to present you as the best fit for the school.

ESADE Masters in Management Essay Questions



What are the ESADE Masters in Management Essay Questions?

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ESADE MiM Essay Analysis - BLUE

ESADE MiM Essay Question (Each question is limited to 3000 characters including spaces)

ESADE MiM Essay Question 1 

1.Complete ONE of the following questions to share with the admissions team your global mindset and the attributes/competencies you consider crucial to master in order to succeed in a diverse environment (personal, academic and professional career).

A. Which country/culture do you consider the most different from your own? Why? If you would be sent there, how would you adapt? How would you help somebody from that country to adapt to your own?

B. Are there any attributes and competencies you consider crucial to succeed when dealing with diversity in the corporate world? Are those different to the ones you would use in your personal life?

C. Share with us the most amazing experience you have had far away from your comfort zone? And the most shocking one? And the worse?

Well you have three distinct options out here, which can be used to highlight varied skill sets or experiences

A. A good call if you have some strong international experience, and hence can back up this answer by talking about the same as well going into detail about the intricacies of the work you did there as well as what you learned.

A large number of team skills as well as qualities such as adaptability can be highlighted here.

B. Again a  good answer if you have some strong work experience and wish to highlight the same. Alternatively, International experience can be highlighted here as well. Remember they don't want a generalistic description, but an experience backed essay.

C. This is by far our favorite, allows you to talk about three varied experiences (which highlight the strengths of your profile) and allows you to showcase specific achievements or highlight diversity in the profile

A good option if you have done a lot of things and don't have enough space to showcase all of them.

ESADE MiM Essay Question 2

Why do you think ESADE's MSc programmes in management are a good fit for you?

Here you need to mention how you came to the realization that you need a business degree (remember experiences are everything)

And what really made you realize you need the specific degree to move forward in your career.

Then you need to go deep into why this program specifically. (Needs to be extremely ESADE specific)

ESADE MiM Essay Question 3

Describe your mid-term and long-term visions for your post-MSc Programme in Management career path. What is it about ESADE you think will help you reach your goals?

This essay provides a good avenue to recap your work experience and make the school realize, how you reached to this short term goal.

Why are you so passionate about it? Why will you be good at it? How does it tie in with your goals.

Lastly what about ESADE will specifically help you get closer to the same. (Again well thought off details)

ESADE MiM Essay Question 4

Please provide any additional information that you would like to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee. This may include gaps in employment, your undergraduate record, plans to retake the GMAT or any other relevant information.

This is a great part to highlight reasons for any particular weakness, and mention what you bring to the table in its stead.

For example, you may have a low CGPA, but you may have great extra-curricular's or a very strong achievement due to which the CGPA was low, but in the process you learned a lot which will help you add value to the school. (This of course needs to be highly personalized)

In case you don't have any weakness, you can talk about a particular event you are very proud of or a summary of activities which make your profile different. Try covering things you haven't talked about yet in the other essays.


Apart from being in the Top 5 of Europe's best business schools for Masters in Management, ESADE is a multicultural hub with over 70 nationalities on campus and is located in the dynamic, cosmopolitan Mediterranean city of Barcelona. With a good diversity, international mobility is better as corporates look for a diverse set of candidates, hence its a great choice indeed.

ESADE is looking for candidates with both the intent and acumen to create a mark in global business. Your essays should highlight you as a future leader–  a person whose expertise and entrepreneurial abilities are flexible and suit a variety of leadership roles.

So work hard on the same and make sure they are unique, highly personalized and answer the questions well.


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