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ESADE MIM Fees: Program Cost, Financial Aids, & More

A Comprehensive Guide

Are you intrigued by the prospect of pursuing academic excellence at ESADE, one of Spain's premier business schools, while immersing yourself in Barcelona's vibrant culture? In this blog, we unravel the financial landscape of the MIM program, guiding you through tuition fees, supplementary expenses, and financing options. From the allure of scholarships to the practicalities of managing living costs, we equip you with the knowledge to embark on this journey confidently. Join us as we explore the possibilities and opportunities that await you along with ESADE MIM fees, igniting your desire to take the first step towards a transformative educational experience.

Wondering about ESADE MIM Fees?

The tuition fee for the 2024–25 MIM intake at ESADE is €35,000.


When considering pursuing an ESADE MIM program, understanding the tuition fee structure is essential. The MIM tuition fees for the 2024-2025 academic year are set at €35,000. This comprehensive fees covers the cost of teaching, academic materials, and language courses, ensuring that students have access to all the necessary resources for a quality education. You can go online and pay your enrollment and fees through Flywire, ESADE's payment partner. 

It is important to note that the tuition fee for the ESADE MIM program does not include expenses incurred during the study tour or exchange program. These additional costs, such as travel, accommodation, and other study-related activities, need to be accounted for separately. Proper planning and budgeting for these expenses will help ensure a smooth and enriching study experience.

Supplementary Expenses Other Than ESADE MIM Fees

Managing your finances is an important aspect of your student life in Barcelona. To help you plan your monthly budget, below is an estimate of the living expenses as a single student in the city. Continue reading to get a better idea and understand whether ESADE MIM is worth it

Fees 1

In addition to the ESADE MIM tuition fees, students should also consider supplementary expenses such as accommodation, utilities, transportation, and personal expenses. These additional costs can significantly impact the overall financial commitment and should be factored into the budgeting process. To be precise, these expenses would vary significantly depending on your lifestyle. The table below would give you a clear idea of what your MIM fees are.

Additional expenses Budget
Accommodation (shared housing may vary depending on locations, room size, etc.) €300-550
Utilities (electricity, water, and internet services) ~€80
Groceries ~€200
Esade Cafeteria ~€115
Transportation (monthly pass or T-10 card for discounted fares available) ~€60
Sports ~€45
Misc. expenses ~€300
Monthly Budget €1200

How Can You Finance Your ESADE MIM Fees?

Deciding to pursue an MSc is a significant financial commitment, possibly one of the most substantial investments you'll ever make. That's why the Esade MSc admissions team, along with their Financial Aid Office, is dedicated to assisting you in navigating your funding options and exploring all available avenues for support. The ESADE MIM program offers various financing options to help students manage the program costs. These include:

  • The Esade study assistance fund
  • Esade MSc scholarships
  • A comprehensive student loan programs 

Scroll down to have a further understanding of whether this is the best school for you.

First Source of Relief For ESADE MIM Fees: ESADE MSc Excellence Awards

ESADE grants such awards during the admissions process to outstanding candidates who can easily access the MSc program. Most of these awards were made possible by the allocation of Esade funds and with the virtue of donors and ESADE alumni.

ESADE excellence award

This will be totally based on the documents, such as award essays, university transcripts, GMAT/GRE scores, recommendation letters, and interview reports, that you would supply for admission. This award ranges from 10% to 50% of program tuition fees. The ESADE MSc Excellence Awards are not compatible with other prizes or awards granted by Esade. Some of the awards are given below. 

Award Name Eligibility
The MSc for Global Leaders Award
  • Awarded to students who have shown outstanding leadership skills, a global mindset, and the potential to become influential business leaders on an international scale.
The Women in Management Award
  • Awarded to female students who exhibit strong leadership abilities, academic excellence, and a commitment to promoting gender diversity in the business world.
Esade Big Data Award
  • Provided to students with exceptional analytical and data-driven problem-solving skills.
  • Awarded to individuals who demonstrate a deep understanding of big data technologies and their applications in business.
The Unity in Diversity Award
  • Given to students who have embraced cultural diversity and demonstrated a strong commitment to fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment. 
The MSc Awards for Excellence by Geographical Area
  • Awarded to talented young professionals of any nationality who have an outstanding academic record.
  • Special consideration is given to students with above-average GMAT/GRE scores and to those who perform outstandingly during the admissions process.

Second Source of Relief For ESADE MIM Fees: Scholarships

When considering pursuing an MIM at ESADE, one of the top MIM colleges in Spain, understanding the tuition fees is crucial, but it's also essential to explore the scholarship opportunities available to support your journey.

MBA Scholarship

ESADE offers a range of scholarships to help exceptional students manage the financial aspects of their education. The main requirements is that the students should have an above-average Admissions Test Score. Also, supporting documents are required to analyze the financial needs of a family household. As per the latest report, Fundació Esade awards scholarships to finance students completing the official MSc programs in management. The factors of this scholarship are:

  • Covers 75% to 85% of tuition fees
  • Candidates’ great academic records and/or results obtained, and/or professional merits is required while submitting their application
  • Candidates’ financial need and the difficulty implied for the family unit in financing and paying the chosen programme’s tuition should be explained

Third Source of Relief For ESADE MIM Fees: Study Loans

These loan providers offer a range of financing options to help you cover the ESADE MIM fees. Be sure to review the eligibility criteria, interest rates, repayment terms, and any collateral or guarantee requirements when evaluating the best fit for your needs.

Loan Provider Description Financing Amount
Prodigy Finance Innovative community-funded loans for international students. Eligibility based on future earning potential rather than past salaries. Up to 100% of tuition fees
Banco Sabadell Loan agreement with ESADE to cover up to 100% of tuition fees (excluding reservation fee and scholarships). Bank guarantees may be required. Up to 100% of tuition fees
ICICI Bank Student loans are available for Indian citizens pursuing higher education in India and abroad. Varies

What Reveals Through the Cost Comparison with Other Top MIM Schools?

When considering an MIM program in Spain, it's important to compare the tuition fees across different top business schools to ensure you get the best value for your investment. The tuition fees for MIM programs at some of the top schools are as follows:

Schools Fees
INSEAD €52,500
ESSEC Business School €39,000
ESCP Business School  €25,800
HEC Paris €53,200

Comparing such costs would help you understand how you can utilize your tuition fees in the best possible way. These details are generally provided on the official websites of these schools. You can also have a word with any education consultancy to gain better exposure. 


In conclusion, while the financial aspect of pursuing an MIM at ESADE may seem daunting, the investment is well worth it considering the unparalleled opportunities for growth, learning, and career advancement that the program offers. So, if you're ready to embark on a transformative academic journey and position yourself for success in the dynamic world of business, ESADE awaits with open arms.

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