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ESADE MIM Average Salary: Sectors, Locations & Opportunities

Are you interested in unravelling the secrets of ESADE MIM graduates' average salaries? If yes, then through this blog, discover where alumni thrive and command impressive paychecks. Understand the sector-wise, function-wise salaries, and region-wise breakdowns. Whether eyeing consulting, marketing, finance, or beyond, this blog equips you with insights to navigate professional paths, unlocking doors to prestigious companies. Ready to dive into the world of ESADE MIM salary, sectors, and opportunities? Let's begin!

What is the Average Graduate ESADE MIM Salary?

As per the employment report of ESADE, the average starting salary of their MIM graduates for the class of 2022 is €53,950. Also, the average salary 3 years after graduation is €106,448.

marketing firm

ESADE's Master in Management program includes experiential learning opportunities, such as company projects, international study trips, and a final capstone project. Upon graduation, ESADE MIM students are prepared for entry-level management roles across various industries. According to the employment report for the Class of 2022, the average starting salary (including compensations) for ESADE MIM graduates was €53,950. Reports also says that 95% of graduates were employed 3 months after graduation. Read further to gain a better idea.

Analyze Sector-wise ESADE MIM Salary

When it comes to the career prospects for ESADE MIM graduates, the program opens doors to a wide range of sectors, each offering unique opportunities and financial rewards.


Here, we delve into the sector-wise breakdown of the salaries of ESADE MIM graduates, shedding light on the earning potential and employment prospects across various industries.

Sectors % Employed Average
Annual Salary
Annual Salary
Consulting Services 33%  €56,223 €106,448
Financial Services 23% €54,374 €111,789
Industry 22% €45,714 €96,160
TMT 19% €48,975 €122,549
Other Services 3% €57,260 €102,703

It's important to note that these are just a few examples of the sectors where ESADE MIM alumni find success. The program equips students with versatile skills that are applicable across industries, allowing them to explore various sectors and pursue diverse career paths.

Explore Function-wise ESADE MIM Salary

According to ESADE's official website, graduates from the MiM program have seen varying average salaries across different sectors, such as marketing, consulting, finance, etc.

Fees 1

Below is a table that will help you understand the diverse opportunities and earning potential available of ESADE graduates that work in various professional domains. This will help you understand whether ESADE MIM is worth it

Function % Employed Average
Annual Salary
Annual Salary
Consulting 29% €58,461 €106,448
Marketing/Sales 20% €42,746 €94,841
Finance 22% €54,593 €111,789
General Management 6% €53,085 €109,272
Business/Data Analytics 15% €48,729 €91,500
Accounting 1% NA NA
Information Technology 4% €57,120 €122,549
Operation/Logistics 1% NA NA
Others 2% €45,121 €72,494

Discover Region-wise Salary for ESADE MIM

The ESADE MIM program is known for preparing students for successful careers in business, and the region-wise salary breakdown reflects the program's global reach and the diverse career opportunities it provides.

ESADE region wise salary

According to the employment report of class of 2022, the below table is a breakdown of the average annual salary and maximum annual salary by region:

Region % Employed Average Annual Salary Maximum Annual Salary
Europe 59% €56,725  €122,549
Spain 25%   €31,384 €45,000
North America  7%  €73,679  €102,703 
Middle East & India 5%  €61,359  €100,082
LATAM 2%   €28,544 €40,442
Asia 2%  €27,720  €37,400

Which are the top companies that recruit ESADE MIM graduates?

ESADE MIM opens doors to various career paths beyond impressive salaries, which makes it one of the top MIM colleges in Spain. Graduates can pursue management positions in multinational companies, explore roles in government institutions, thrive in consultancy roles, or even become intrapreneurs within multinational companies.


The leading organizations in which ESADE MBA graduates have secured positions are mentioned below.

Sectors Salary Firms
Consulting €58,461 McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company
Business/Data Analytics €48,729 Accenture, Deloitte
Technology €57,120 Amazon, Microsoft

ESADE websites provide this information, but you can also visit these organizations websites or meet better education consultancies


n conclusion, ESADE's Master in Management program stands out as a beacon of success for recent graduates, offering a pathway to lucrative career opportunities across diverse sectors and regions globally. Backed by the Class of 2022's employment report, ESADE MIM graduates enjoy impressive starting salaries and high employment rates, reflecting the program's effectiveness in preparing students for the competitive job market.  Coupled with ESADE's authoritative reputation and trustworthy data sources, prospective students can confidently explore the program's offerings, knowing they are on a path towards a fulfilling and rewarding career journey. 

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