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ESCP was founded in 1819. It aims to teach students how to manage their careers. The School has six locations in London, Paris, Berlin, Turin, Warsaw, and Madrid. Studying MBA at ESCP will open up plenty of worldwide opportunities to pursue you Management career.

ESCP MBA Program in International management is a 10 months full-time program designed to provide you with the business skills and mindset for a successful international career. The school offers you more than 20 electives and gives you an opportunity to learn from the best of professors from over 30 nationalities. The program will initiate within you the ability to think critically and to reinvent and imagine new ways of doing business. The ESCP school of business also offers you various career supporting activities.





Course Duration

10 Months


Course Fee





ESCP MBA Class Profile

In 2021, 89 students participated in the program, accounting for 26 nationalities.The intercultural dimension of the MBA program allows students to develop international connections and experiences. This is also beneficial for future graduates as it allows them to gain international exposure.

ESCP MBA mould you into an agile leader is about developing a variety of skills and abilities that will allow you to be successful in a fast-changing world. These include: cultural and emotional intelligence, creativity, and problem-solving.

Average Age




Average Work Ex

6 Years

Class Size


ESCP MBA Acceptance Rate

FT Rankings places ESCP MBA at the 13th position in Europe. Naturally, the admission policy of a French higher education institution is competitive in nature. It is based on the students’ past academic record and entrance examinations. This institution, which is over a hundred years old, is considered to be one of the most selective universities in the country with an acceptance rate of 30%. 

It has 68,000 alumni from around 150 countries. Hence, they accept outstanding profiles from different regions and your profile stands a fair chance. 

Program and Curriculum of ESCP Business School MBA

During the first 10 months of ESCP MBA program, one takes various core courses and electives. This will allow you to gain a total of 500 teaching hours. In the course of summer, you will take courses from 2 different universities. Then, during the fall, you will take courses from 4 different countries.

The core curriculum of your MBA is designed to be inclusive of various diverse backgrounds and perspectives. It includes courses that are focused on strategic leadership, entrepreneurial, and financial accounting. Through elective courses, students can explore a particular field or discipline. This allows them to get a deeper understanding of the subject.

Core Course


  • Managerial Economics
  • International Marketing Decisions
  • Financial Accounting and International Reporting
  • Organisational Behaviour: Management Skills for International Business
  • International Business Strategy
  • Big Data and Tech Trends
  • Induction Seminar
  • Business Statistics
  • Processes and Operations Management
  • Company Consultancy Project 1
  • Principles of Finance


  • Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation
  • Sustainability & CSR
  • Corporate Finance
  • Marketing and Business Analytics
  • International HRM
  • Strategic Leadership 
  • International Business Simulation
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Leading Teams and Organisations
  • Macroeconomics in Globalisation Contexts
  • Company Consultancy Project 2: Sustainability


  • Financial Reporting for International Capital Markets
  • Global Knowledge Management
  • Creativity Marketing
  • Sourcing and Supply Chain Management
  • Energy Risk Management
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • A Stakeholder Approach: Happiness, Wellbeing, and Management
  • Innovation 2.0 and Business Law for Managers
  • Customer Value Management

Extra Activities


The Company Consultancy Projects are a key element of the programme that enables students to get to know a specific sector or function while consulting with 2 companies on real projects, within 2 countries.

Within the framework of the Company Consultancy Projects, dedicated workshops are carried out in:

  • Consulting skills
  • Research strategy, tools and data sources
  • Survey and interview techniques
  • Presentation skills


A four to six month-internship option (starting after your course requirements are completed) is available to students looking to change their career path and get knowledge in a new area increasing their employability across different sectors.

Eligibility and Requirements for Getting into ESCP Business School MBA


  • English proficiency
  • Must have attained a 4 year degree (24 ECTS) or a Master’s degree in any discipline + relevant professional experience of 2 years
  • An undergraduate degree (180 ECTS) from any discipline plus three years of significant professional experience
  • For those who have acquired a certain amount of knowledge and professional experience, a VAPP process will be applied. This will be reviewed by our admission committee

ESCP Business School MBA Deadlines

Please adhere to the dates and apply early to secure a seat in this competitive program. To confirm their acceptance, candidates must submit their acceptance letter and deposit the required amount of €5,000. This amount is deducted from the tuition fees once the admission has been granted.

Rounds Application Deadlines
Round 1 1st October
Round 2 1st October
Round 3 9th December
Round 4 6th January
Round 5 8th February
Round 6 10th March
Round 7 7th April
Round 8 5th May
Round 9 2nd June
Round 10 30th June

ESCP Business School MBA Employment/Placement

The MBA in International Management proposes a career development program i.e., the International Leadership Advancement Program (I-LEAP). It’s purpose is to assist you in finding your ideal job after graduation. ESCP school of business offers a variety of specialized and multi sector job fairs in all campuses through which you will gain access to 50,000 job opportunities and 20,000 internship offers. As a result of job fairs and career services provided by the school, around 90% of students were given placements last year.





Top Sectors hiring ESCP Business School MBA Graduates

After securing an MBA degree from the ESCP, students gain a deeper understanding of international business. This experience allows them to travel and meet people from different backgrounds. Moreover, top media firms like Amazon, Google, Accenture and Publicis hire from here. On top of this, top-tier financial, consulting and luxury goods firms also offers lucrative positions to the MBA graduates of ESCP.

Companies recruiting from ESCP Business School MBA


  • Amazon
  • Google
  • IBM
  • Orange


    • AXA
    • BPN Paribas
    • HSBC

    Consulting Sector

    • Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
    • McKinsey and Company
    • Deloitte

    ESCP MBA Alumni Info

    The ESCP school of business have more than 60,000 alumni who are activitely indulged in boosting the career of the students who are a part of ESCP. The Alumni of the school together have created community. To ease interactions between members the community is divided into more than 200 professional, Regional (France), International, Class, Corporate and Socio-cultural groups. These groups helps and supports students to get prepared professionally to achieve their career goals.

    Some Famous Alumni

    • .Michael Aidan (Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Hennessey)
    • Igal Amzallag (Portfolio Manager at Blue Crest Capital Management Ltd)
    • Jack Azoulay (Director of the Minister’s Cabinet at Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition)

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    Application Essay for ESCP MBA

    1) Diversity and multiculturalism in organisations enhance creativity and innovation

    2)Analyse a current international business trend or issue of your choice. Use specific examples to support your recommendations. Theories &/or criticisms

    3)What are your career objectives and how do you expect the MBA to help you reach them?

    4)Society contribution scholarship: Can you please describe a project that you have led or an activity you carried out which had a positive social impact?

    Letter of Recommendation for ESCP Business School MBA

    It is a free format LOR that should cover-

    1. Your relationship with the referee
    2. Duration of contact
    3. Candidate’s strengths
    4. Candidate’s weakness
    5. Candidate as a worthy applicant for the program. 

    Interview Questions for ESCP Business School MBA

    The application process begins with an online form. After the form is submitted, a panel of experts will then review the application and select a candidate. A Skype interview will be conducted with the candidate residing outside of Europe. Some possible interview questions are- 


    Q: Please introduce yourself (or) Tell me something about yourself
    Q : Why do you want to pursue the (( COURSE ))?
    Q : Why an MBA at this point in your career?
    Q : What are your future plans? Or what are your short term and long term goals?
    Q : Why this particular company? What do you know about this role?
    Q : What’s your plan B in case your career plans don’t work out?
    Q : Why not study in your home country?
    Q : Have you ever lived in any other country or had any sort of interaction with people from different countries?
    Q : What are your major strengths and weaknesses?
    Q : Which other schools have you targeted and why?
    Q : What makes you unique over the other candidates?
    Q : What are you passionate about? Give me some examples of how you have shown it.
    Q : Tell me about a recent news affair that has caught your attention.
    Q : What was your role at your previous job/ Internship?
    Q : What is your proudest achievement?
    Q : Give an example of when you failed. What did you learn from the experience?
    Q : Give us an example of when you showcased leadership skills.


    Q : Would you be able to work under pressure with people of different nationalities? Could you give us an example of how you would succeed in this?
    Q : How will you add value to the school and your batch mates?
    Q : How will a degree from our school, help you in the future? Or what will be your key learnings from this degree?
    Q : How do you plan to use the resources of the school?
    Q : Can you tell me how were you able to get “Z” result, in this internship you had undertaken? What were the steps you took?
    Q : What are the skills required to enter (COMPANY)? Which skills do you have already and which skills do you need to develop?.
    Q : How do you plan to deal with placement opportunities? Getting a work visa can be tricky
    Q : How would you translate your teamwork from your past experiences to the environment at ((school))?
    Q : The work you did on project X seems interesting, can you elaborate on the same?
    Q : What has been your biggest obstacle so far and how have you conquered it?
    Q : Tell us about a time when things didn’t go the way you wanted— like a promotion you wanted and didn’t get, or a project that didn’t turn out how you had hoped?
    Q : What according to you is the best way to inspire people?
    Q : What does Leadership mean to you?
    Q : Give us an overview of your experiences so far.

    What makes ESCP MBA Unique

    1. Diversity and merit grants- The grants are awarded based on the candidate’s unique characteristics and educational background. These include their personality and work experience. Up to €8,000. In addition to this, the school offers ‘Excellence grants’ based on the application results for up to €9,000. 
    2. The students can save up to €10,500 on their tuition fees by applying early. 
    3. 89% of graduates work in an International environment.
    4. The ESCP Alumni network is made up of over 68,000 members worldwide. They are supported by the organisation’s various programs and activities to boost their professional and personal growth.
    5. By identifying your professional objectives, the ESCP Career Services can help you secure a successful career.


    The oldest (first) business school in the world, ESCP is well-known throughout Europe. According to Financial Times, ESCP MBA is the second-best in the world. In the same rankings from 2010, it held the top spot.

    It provides dual degrees from reputable universities throughout the world, giving students a choice to select a college in line with the location they want to work in. High-potential executives were educated at ESCP Business School. At ESCP, there are European cross-cultural approaches to management.
    An ESCP MBA opens up a portal of immense job opportunities.


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    Common mistakes to avoid while filling ESCP's applications?

    Sometimes, applicants are intentionally creating content from their supporting documents in order to send the wrong signal. For instance, if the application asks for a list of work experience, don’t copy and paste everything from your resume.

    Significance of extra curriculars at ESCP?

    At ESCP Europe, they consider all of the elements of an applicant’s application when it comes to assessing their potential. Aside from their academic achievements, a keen look at their extra-curricular activities.

    Is there a requirement for a GMAT score to apply to ESCP?

    The application process for most universities is relatively straightforward. According to Muriel, most candidates start by filling out an online form. They then provide various documents such as their university transcripts and a standardised management test.

    What is the history of ESCP?

    Since its establishment in 1817, the European School of Science and Technology (ESCP) has been known for its achievements in innovation. It is regarded as the oldest and only pan-European university. Through its six campuses, the school aims to provide students with a unique perspective on the future of business.

    What is the global FT ranking of ESCP MBA?

    With its global MBA programme, ESCP Business School ranked 13th in Europe, and in the top six across the board in each of its campuses, with the first position in Germany, the second position in Italy, and the third position in France.

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