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ESCP MBA Fees: Program Cost, Financial Aids, ROI & More

Explore the comprehensive breakdown of ESCP MBA fees for 2024, including tuition costs, living expenses, and available scholarships. Understand the financial implications and potential return on investment (ROI) of pursuing an MBA at ESCP.

Evaluating the implications of the ESCP MBA Fees is an essential step when considering this route. Examining the associated costs, including tuition fees, is integral to strategic financial planning.  

This blog aims to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the financial aspects and can develop a comprehensive plan accordingly.

ESCP MBA Fees & Living Expenses

Embarking on the MBA journey at ESCP for the 2024 class may involve several different financial aspects. To start, the tuition fee for the International Management program is $57,000, covering the principal coursework. Future students should also consider living expenses, potentially ranging between $15,000 and $25,000 yearly. 

Tuition Fees $57,000
Living Expenses $15,000 - $25,000/year

Living Expenses - Food, Transportation & Accommodation

In contemplating the ESCP MBA fees candidates are likely to encounter in 2024, it's essential to consider the three significant variables: food, traverse, and lodging. 

Living Expense Amount (€/month) Amount ($/month)
Food €300 - €500 $350 - $580
Transportation €100 - €300 $120 - $360
Accommodation €700 - €1500 $800 - $1700

1. Food

Food, as one might expect, constitutes a notable portion of one's monthly budget. The cost, however, tends to be rather fluid, largely contingent upon personal preferences, dietary needs, and individual lifestyle choices. Students, who might be cooking enthusiasts or simply conscientious about their expenses, often devote part of their budget to home-cooked meals.

On the flip side, those favoring convenience might choose to dine at restaurants or cafes, although this can inflate the overall cost. The variance is quite significant, with students estimated to spend anywhere from €300 to €500 monthly on food, grounded in their dietary needs and preferences. 

2. Transportation

Travel is the next noteworthy expense, encompassing trips for both academic and leisure goals. This includes the daily commute, occasional city escapades, and even recreational travels across Europe. The cost is quite heterogeneous and reliant on several factors, such as the proximity of the chosen accommodation to the campus, the preferred mode of transport, the frequency of commuting, and the overall lifestyle choices.

The primary mode of transport is usually the economical options of buses, trains, or metros, with occasional reliance on taxis or ride-sharing services. For travel expenses, students generally allocate between €100 and €300 monthly, taking both routine and sporadic costs into account. 

3. Accommodation

Lodging forms another substantial portion of the expenditure. Prices fluctuate depending on many variables, including the location, type of living arrangement, provided facilities, and whether one is living solo or sharing. The spectrum of accommodation choices available to students spans from university-owned dormitories and private apartments to shared houses and homestays.

Metropolitan areas like Paris often demand higher rent due to their central location and fully furnished apartments. Students do, however, have the option of more budget-friendly accommodations, such as shared living or choosing to live on the city outskirts. On that note, the expected cost of housing can range from €700 to €1500 each month. 

ESCP MBA Fees: Scholarships

The MBA in International Management at ESCP Business School takes pride in offering several scholarships for the academic year of 2024. These financial aids are specially curated for deserving candidates who have shown outstanding skills and potential in various facets of their professional and academic lives. Each scholarship aims to alleviate the financial burden faced by these students, allowing them to focus on achieving their academic goals at ESCP.

1. Diversity and Merit grants

Among the scholarships for this round, the Diversity and Merit grants stand out, offering a grant of up to €8,000. These are awarded based on the unique background of the individual student, which may include an array of diverse experiences, heritage, and academic prowess. 

2. Excellence grant

Close on the heels of this grant is the Excellence grant, which stipulates a grant of up to €9,000. This substantial amount is awarded to students with impressive applications showcasing unparalleled ability and achievements.

3. Women in Leadership Scholarship

Further opportunities include specific scholarships such as the Women in Leadership Scholarship, the NGO / Non-profit Scholarship, and the Entrepreneurial Scholarship - each valuing €15,000 in financial support. These are reserved for exceptional students aligned with the specific domains these scholarships represent.

4. Tuition fee scholarship 

We also provide a Tuition Fee Scholarship of €15,000 earmarked for those students who have demonstrated an exceptional history of success, evidenced by both the application process and the subsequent interview rounds.

At ESCP Business School, we believe in financial empowerment through our scholarships. We aim for each one to contribute significantly to allowing talented and diverse students to pursue their MBA dreams without financial constraints. 


Assessing the financial implications of undertaking the ESCP MBA Fees in 2024 calls for an exploration of both the investments and returns involved. With tuition fees at $57,000 and estimated living expenses at $20,000 annually, a student can expect an outlay of approximately $77,000 for this one-year program.

By contrast, however, ESCP MBA graduates tend to start with an average salary of $110,000 yearly. Given a prudent estimation of a 20% salary bump due to the MBA degree, this could potentially bring an added $22,000 yearly income. When extended over a half-decade, this translates to an additional earning of around $110,000. 

Therefore, the 2024 ESCP MBA program's estimated ROI stands at nearly 43%, while each individual's outcome may differ. These figures illuminate the potential lucrative impact of committing to an MBA at ESCP.

Part-Time Jobs and Potential Earnings

While undergoing their academic journey at ESCP, most MBA students often opt for part-time jobs. This not only serves as a financial supplement but also provides valuable work exposure. ESCP offers numerous part-time roles, both within the academic framework and outside of it. Students can choose to delve into research or teaching assistant roles, internships, or consulting projects. Earnings from these roles differ based on the nature of the job and the campus location. On average, students are likely to earn around €10 to €15 an hour.

Indian Student Visa Work Hour Restrictions

As an Indian student intending to pursue an MBA from ESCP, it's vital to be aware of the work restrictions implemented by the French government. Though part-time work up to 20 hours weekly during the academic year is permissible, this is contingent upon obtaining a work permit. 

Furthermore, full-time work is allowed during summer breaks. Understanding and respecting these norms is crucial to avoid legal problems.


In conclusion, navigating the financial landscape of the ESCP MBA program for the 2024 intake requires careful consideration of tuition fees, living expenses, and potential scholarships. With an estimated ROI of nearly 43%, investing in an MBA at ESCP presents a promising opportunity for career advancement and financial growth. By leveraging available scholarships and exploring part-time job options, students can strategically manage their expenses while maximizing their learning experience. 

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