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ESCP MBA GMAT: Significance, Requirements & Class Profile

ESCP MBA GMAT Requirements: GMAT Score Requirements & Tips

ESCP Business School, renowned as one of Europe's elite institutions, offers a rigorous and enriching MBA program that welcomes a diverse array of students from all over the world. Among the critical factors for gaining admission into this prestigious program is the GMAT score. This article aims to shed some light on the average GMAT score necessary for securing a seat in the ESCP MBA course, recent trends in GMAT scores, how the ESCP weighs GMAT scores in their admission process, and how prospective candidates can effectively prepare for the exam. 

In this blog, we aspire to present an in-depth understanding of the role the GMAT plays in ESCP's selection process.

Average ESCP MBA GMAT Score

The average GMAT score of an ESCP MBA student ranges around 670. Though scoring more than this average enhances your odds, it doesn't necessarily guarantee admission. The evaluation process isn't just limited to the GMAT score; elements like academic achievements, professional experience, and proficiency in English also play a significant role. 

Here's a table of the average ESCP MBA GMAT Score over the last five years:

Year Avg. GMAT Score
2020 660
2021 665
2022 670
2023 675
2024 670

Significance of GMAT in ESCP's Selection Process

The ESCP MBA programme in France evaluates potential applicants using various criteria, and among the key components are the GMAT and ESCP MBA GMAT scores. These scores, along with an applicant's academic track record, professional qualifications, and personal extracurricular pursuits, serve as indicators of suitability for the MBA program. They provide an objective overview of a candidate's analytical, reading, and quantitative capabilities. Notably, these scores also play a significant role in decisions regarding scholarships and financial assistance.

For aspiring applicants to the ESCP MBA program who are seeking advice on how to excel in the ESCP MBA GMAT exam, here are some pointers to consider:

  1. Commence preparation early: Achieving a high score on both the GMAT and the ESCP MBA GMAT demands sustained effort and commitment over a significant period. A slow and steady approach to mastering the material helps build a comprehensive understanding.
  2. Consider a preparatory course: You might find it beneficial to enrol in an ESCP MBA GMAT preparatory course or seek out a tutor who specializes in the exam. These resources effectively teach various strategies for navigating the diverse components of the exam and can help you realize areas where more attention might be needed.
  3. Embrace continuous practice: The more you practice the concepts covered in the ESCP MBA GMAT, the more comfortable you'll be with the variety of questions and the overall exam structure. Mock tests, particularly when timed, excellently simulate the actual exam atmosphere. 
  4. Address your weaknesses: Use your practice tests and preparatory course feedback to pinpoint areas requiring improvement. If the mathematical section appears challenging, dedicate more time to ESCP MBA GMAT numerical problems.

Preparation for the ESCP MBA GMAT involves a combination of early study, sensible use of preparatory resources, consistent practice, review of weak areas, and maintaining personal well-being. It's equally important to remember that the GMAT is but a single part of your application. 

GMAT Waiver for ESCP MBA

ESCP Business School provides a unique opportunity to candidates seeking admission into its MBA program - the option to forgo the General Management Admission Test (GMAT) under certain circumstances. 

Candidates in possession of a 4-year degree or a master's degree become eligible for this GMAT waiver if they can demonstrate a minimum of two years of professional experience. On the other hand, individuals holding a 3-year bachelor’s degree are required to showcase a minimum of three years of work experience.

ESCP further extends to these candidates an ability to bypass the English proficiency test if they have utilised English as their primary language in education or work for around three years. Moreover, for those with a 3-year bachelor's degree supplemented with three years of professional experience, the school offers a distinctive procedure termed VAPP (Validation of Acquired Professional and Personal Knowledge).

Thus, ESCP embraces an approach that prioritizes hands-on experience and practical skills rather than solely focusing on conventional academic achievements. This makes it an appealing choice for diverse MBA aspirants.

Key Questions Regarding ESCP MBA GMAT

1. What is the average ESCP MBA GMAT score range?

The average GMAT score for ESCP Europe's Executive MBA program is 710, with a GMAT score range of 650-730

2. What is the highest & lowest GMAT score for the same?

The highest GMAT score for ESCP Europe is typically around 690, while there is no fixed minimum score required for admission.

3. Can I apply to ESCP with a GMAT lower than 700?

While a high GMAT score can strengthen an application, it is not the only deciding factor. In the case of a very low GMAT score, such as 450, the admissions committee may question the candidate's preparation and readiness for the program.

How to Improve Chances With Low GMAT?

To improve your chances with a low GMAT score for the ESCP MBA, consider the following strategies:

  1. Retake the GMAT: If your initial GMAT score is low, consider retaking the exam after thorough preparation to demonstrate your determination and improve your chances.
  2. Emphasize Overall Application: Focus on other application components such as essays, recommendations, academic transcripts, and achievements to showcase your unique qualities and potential beyond the GMAT score.
  3. Highlight Achievements: Showcase your professional and academic successes to illustrate your competence and potential as an MBA candidate, complementing a low GMAT score.
  4. Seek Help and Consider Alternatives: To address weaknesses and enhance your application profile, utilize test prep resources, seek assistance, and explore alternatives such as GRE or test waivers if necessary.

Recommended Study Plans & Resources

To prepare for the ESCP MBA GMAT, it is recommended that you follow a structured study plan and utilize various resources. Here are some key recommendations based on the provided sources:

  1. Early and strategic preparation: Embarking on an ESCP MBA GMAT journey necessitates astute time management and strategic planning. To begin, allocate ample time to cover all pertinent exam topics extensively. This requires the creation of a comprehensive study schedule that delineates daily study goals, shedding light on the breadth and depth of the content to be mastered.
  2. Optimal use of resources: In this digital age, aspiring MBA students have a plethora of resources at their disposal. Online platforms offer a variety of interactive study material, including videos, demonstrations, and tips on mastering the gruelling GMAT.
  3. Practice and familiarization: Utilize official ESCP Europe MIM GMAT practice materials to become acquainted with the types of questions you're likely to face. Also, timed practice tests are invaluable for improving time management skills, gauging exam readiness, and fostering a sense of familiarity with the exam format.
  4. Recognizing shortcomings and constant revision: An honest self-assessment of your strengths and weaknesses is vital to your GMAT preparation plan. 

ESCP MBA Class Profile

The ESCP MBA draws a bright array of students from diverse walks of life, representing a beautiful medley of ambitions and skills. The spectrum of global students infuses a dynamic teaching milieu that applauds cultural variety while nurturing a global perspective. 

Here's a table of the Class Profile for the ESCP MBA program 2024:

Average Age Late 20s to early 30s
Average Work Experience 5-7 years
Class Size 100-200 students
Female Students 30-40% of cohort
International Students Over 90%
Nationalities Represented 30-50 countries
Average GMAT Score Around 670
GMAT Range 600 to 720
Work Experience Required 2-3 years
Program Length 12 to 24 months
Tuition Cost €57,000 (excluding additional expenses)
Average Salary €70,000 to €100,000 post-graduation

Student Industry & Academic Background

The rich panoply of talents, backgrounds, and experiences among ESCP MBA students is a testament to the program's commitment to cultivating a dynamic and diverse learning atmosphere. From every corner of the globe, our students carry with them a wealth of expertise that enriches our collective conversation.

Student's industry background

Our students' professional trajectories are quite impressive. The cohort is a patchwork of individuals hailing from a range of significant industries: finance, consulting, technology, healthcare, and manufacturing, to mention a few.

Their professional experiences range from working for multinational giants to grassroots non-profits, and each contributes significantly to the vibrancy of our discussions, group ventures, and networking opportunities. It's an incubator for global perspectives on pressing business challenges.

Student's academic background

Our students' academic qualifications are equally inspiring. Not only do our students hold bachelor's degrees from some of the world's most esteemed institutions, but those degrees also span a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Business, economics, engineering, humanities, and the sciences are all well-represented in our ranks. And that's not to mention the number of students who come bearing advanced degrees. As a result, problem-solving approaches are layered and interdisciplinary, creating a fertile platform for effective learning. 

What it Takes to Get into ESCP MBA? - Requirements

To get into the ESCP MBA program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Academic Background Requirement: Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution. While a background in business, economics, or related fields is preferred, it's not mandatory.
  2. Professional Experience Requirement: A minimum of three years of professional work experience is required. However, this criterion may vary depending on the program and campus.
  3. English Proficiency Requirement: International applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English. Accepted test scores include IELTS (7), TOEFL (100), Cambridge (C1 level), or TOEIC (950). Alternatively, candidates with at least three years of study or work experience in English are exempt from the English test requirement.
  4. Application Documents and Process: Applicants are required to submit various documents, including a completed application form, academic transcripts, CV, letters of recommendation, and a GMAT/GRE/equivalent test score. Interviews, conducted on campus or online by invitation only, are also part of the admission process.


Therefore, the ESCP MBA program stands as a beacon of excellence, welcoming diverse talents worldwide. Beyond the GMAT, it values holistic achievements, professional experiences, and English proficiency. Its commitment to fostering a dynamic learning environment is reflected in its exceptional student body and transformative educational journey.

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