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ESCP Europe

ESCP Europe MiM Review

ESCP Europe is a business school with campuses in Paris, Warsaw, London, Madrid, Turin, and Berlin. In France, ESCP is one of the most prestigious Grandes of écoles. It is known as one of the three Parisians, together with ESSEC and HEC Paris. It was established in 1819 and is considered the world’s oldest business school.

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ESCP MiM Introduction





Course Duration

2 years


Course Fee





The ESCP MiM program is crafted for the leaders of tomorrow. It is currently ranked 5th in the world and has maintained its position in the top 10 business schools around the globe. The integrated program curriculum taught across six ESCP Europe campuses, offers the possibility to obtain up to four national degrees, and even opens up the option of earning dual degrees with 120 academic partners across the world. If you want international exposure, professional experience and a curriculum that is recognized as one of the best in the world, then ESCP Europe’s Master in Management is the one stop destination for you.

ESCP MiM Class Profile

escp mim class profile

ESCP Europe is known to have a diverse range of class profiles. The primary aim behind such a diverse range of profiles is to provide diverse experiences to its cohort. Another plus factor in terms of this program is that it boasts a 50% female cohort with a class size of 900 from about 120 nationalities.

Average Age




Average GPA


Average Work Ex

9 months

ESCP MiM Acceptance Rate

escp mem acceptance rate

ESCP is known for its stringent admission procedure. Resultantly, the program offers an acceptance rate of 10%. To enhance your chances of receiving an admission from ESCP, you should work on holistically honing your profile.

Another step that you can take to move toward your goal of receiving an admit to the program is to make sure that you showcase your strengths and overshadow your weaknesses by providing apt examples.

Program and Curriculum of ESCP MiM

escp mim program and curriculum

Developed in partnership with top global recruiters, and educational experts, the program and curriculum designed at ESCP is such that it gives students hands-on practice of the corporate world. There are continuous Industry related workshops and conferences going on. There are many clubs where students explore on their own and enhance their skill set for the corporate world. 

The Master in Management allows you to benefit from worldwide quality while launching your career in the field and country of your choice, with 63 specialisations offered, over 40 dual degree partners, and 6 metropolitan campuses in some of Europe’s most attractive cities.


  • Breaking the Code of True Leadership.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Strategies.
  • Design Thinking in Management and Entrepreneurship.
  • Emerging Markets Finance
  • Foundations of Indian Business Culture
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • International Business and Human Rights
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Investment Banking & Financial Engineering
  • New Public Management and Sector Performance
  • Performance Management
  • Social Media and Viral Marketing
  • The European Model: The European Integration Process – Unity & Diversity


  • Berlin campus Finance, Accounting and Management Control (German) NEW International Business 1 (German) International Business 2 (German) International Sales Management (English) NEW Option E Entrepreneurship: Technology and digital economy (English) NEW Sustainability (German)
  • London campus Business consulting (English) Creativity marketing management (English) Option E Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and innovation (English) NEW
  • Madrid campus Business Project Management 1 (English) Business Project Management 2 (English) Marketing and digital strategy (English) Communication and new media (English) Marketing and digital communication (English) (2 semesters) NEW Option E Entrepreneurship (English)
  • Paris campus Consulting dynamics and practices (English) Droit et finance (French) Economie (French) Finance – one semester (English) Finance – two semesters (French) Finance d’entreprise (French) Finance de marché (French) Go to market (English) NEW HR Leadership and talent management (English) NEW Option E Entrepreneuriat (French) Information financière et audit (IFA) (French) Innovation (French) International business development (English) Internet of things (English) NEW Management Control (English) NEW Management des industries culturelles et médiatiques (French) Marketing manager (English) Performance management systems (English) Public management (English) Re-think: Alternative models of organisations and management (English) NEW Research in management (English) Stratégie et conseil (French)
  • Warsaw campus Finance and Accounting (English) NEW Strategic Management (English) NEW

Core Courses

  • Prerequisites Accounting Corporate Law I Costs and Decisions Economics I Finance Information Tools and Skills Marketing Psychology and Management Quantitative Methods
  • Advanced Core Courses Corporate Finance Economics II European Business Law and Taxation Financial Reporting IFRS Human Resource Management International Marketing Decisions Management Control Operations Management Organisation and Management Strategy


ESCP works hard to recruit the greatest students, regardless of their financial situation. As a result, the School offers both need-based and merit-based scholarships. Each year, around 400 awards are given out, totaling €1,500,000.

Extra activities 

With its focus on diverse exposure to its cohort, the program offers multiple extracurricular activity option to its candidates including internships, industry conferences, clubs, speakers, societies etc. 

Apart from general benefits, ESCP promotes inclusion and diversity and hence created a policy for the same. The primary aim of this policy is to fight against discrimination. Furthermore, its pillars are based on concepts such as creating awareness, giving everyone an opportunity to listen, and promoting community and plurality.


10 months of internships, which may be carried out anywhere in the world, are an integral part of the Master in Management experience. All students are required to undertake a minimum of 2 work placements taking place in 2 different countries lasting at least 3 months each. Students with previous work experience (completed before joining the programme) can validate up to 16 weeks toward the total required. On average, MIM students gain 64 weeks (16 months) of work experience before graduation

WorkPlace Objective

  • Gain valuable intercultural experience within a company in any country worldwide
  • Put theoretical management methods and techniques into practice in a real-life corporate environment
  • Reflect on the experience gained, the management methodology used and more globally, the human dimension of the organisations
  • Clarify your career goals

Industry Conferences

Many conferences are being conducted. Some examples being-

  • Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium
  • Conference for Sustainable Innovation- Designing Tomorrow.
  • Agile Project Management.
  • Transformation with you.

Clubs and Speakers

ESCP has a very vibrant student life due to its many clubs like-

  • Junior Enterprise Club
  • Sports and Activities Club
  • Agora

Eligibility and Requirements for Getting into ESCP MiM

escp mim eligibility and requirements


  • Candidates must hold a Bachelor degree and have completed at least 3-years studies in universities.
  • English fluency (level B2 advanced)
  • Internationally-minded students with proven academic excellence

Document Related to the Application

  • High School Diploma
  • University transcripts
  • Certificate of enrollment or Diploma
  • Personal statement
  • CV
  • TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS or Cambridge Scores​
  • GMAT, GRE, CAT, TAGE-MAGE or ESCP Test (on campus*).​
  • Passport or Identity Card
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Cover Letter
  • Application Fee

ESCP MiM Deadlines

Being one of the top programs worldwide, ESCP is known for its rigorous admission procedure. Hence, international students are expected to complete their admission profile as soon as possible. In fact, it would be for the best if you could apply for the early bird seats offered by the program. 

Application deadlines  Interviews Admissions results
15 Feb  24 Feb – 7-15 Mar 27 Apr 
22 Mar  30-31 Mar / 1-4-6 Apr  27 Apr 

Summer Session

07 Apr  14 Apr / 2-10-17 May  16 Jun 


ESCP MiM Employment/Placement

Overall ESCP MiM Placements are pretty good. With top Global firms coming down to the campus for recruitment. ESCP is the top B-School and companies all over the world look for ESCP graduates which is why 97% of the students find jobs within 3 months of graduation.





Top Sectors Hiring ESCP MiM Graduates

Following are the top 3 sectors which hire candidates from the ESCP Europe. These are Consultancy, Finance, Banking & Insurance, and Technology. If we look at the statistics, about 27% of the program’s cohort is recruited by the Consulting sector, whereas about 16% and 15% by the Finance and Technology sectors, respectively. 

Following are the top companies that visits the ESCP campus to recruit their MiM graduates.

Companies Recruiting from ESCP

  • Accenture
  • Mckinsey
  • BCG
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • General Electric
  • EY
  • PwC
  • P&G
  • Michelin
  • KPMG
  •  L’Oréal
  • Microsoft
  • RBS

ESCP MiM Alumni info

escp mim alumni

ESCP has a strong alumni network of 68,000 members in 150 countries worldwide. The ESCP alumni support its members by boosting their careers through developing their network and promoting the ESCP brand. ESCP Europe Alumni have access to over 60,000 job opportunities each year. Most of the placements take place through this network.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Jean Pierre Raffarin, Former PM of France.
  • Michael Barnier, EU Negotiator.
  • Franck Petitgas, Global Head of Investment Banking in Morgan Stanley

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Application Essay for ESCP MiM

The ESCP EUROPE comprises 3 long essay questions. ESCP takes its essays very seriously and uses it as a medium to understand the strengths and weaknesses of prospective students. So make sure your essays are top-notch.

  1. 1 Please comment on an international/ multicultural experience that has influenced you in particular and why? (200 Words maximum)
  2. 2 Please comment on your most significant work experience related to the field of the program for which you are applying. (200 Words maximum)
  3. 3 Please comment on the positions of responsibility held in school, in clubs/ society. Outline your hobbies, general ​interest and other activities. (200 Words maximum)
escp mim application

Letter of Recommendation for ESCP MiM

Like many other MiM programs, ESCP Europe also asks their candidates to submit 2 LORs per candidate. One LOR should be an Academic LOR whereas the other should be Professional LOR. 

The Academic LOR should be written by you,r academic referee or your mentor. The format followed for an Academic LOR should be the regular free format.

Apart from that, the other LOR should be a Professional LOR. This LOR can be written by your professional or internship supervisor, manager, senior etc. This LOR can also be made in the regular free format document. 

Interview Questions for ESCP MiM

Three to four panel members, ranging from professors to graduates to ad com members, conduct the ESCP interviews. Direct interviews at ESCP are somewhat formal. Over a Skype call, you should expect the interviewers to ask you 6-8 questions in general. Be prepared to answer any queries about your profile. The interview can last between 15-20 minutes.


Q. Tell me about a time when one of your strengths was a weakness.
Q. Are you good with numbers and can you get a high GMAT score?
Q. What motivates you to leave your family business?
Q. What motivates you to leave your prior position?
Q. Do you have a certain industry in mind?
Q. What is the most effective technique to motivate people?
Q. Give an example of a “letdown,” and what you did to compensate.
Q. Why are you interested in pursuing a “degree name’>’?
Q. What are the short and long-term objectives?
Q. How can the programme assist you in achieving your career objectives?
Q. What do you see yourself doing in five years?
Q. Why are you interested in studying in a “country name”?
Q. Which other colleges have you applied to? Why?


ESCP is the oldest business school in the world and features among the top 3 Grand Ecoles of the French educational system. Its Masters in Management program is consistently ranked in top MiM schools for several years. Apart from the MiM ESCP offers a very prestigious Executive MBA program and a range of specialised master programs, including a Masters in European Business.



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Is ESCP Europe a good school?

Yes, ESCP Europe is the best school you could get yourself enrolled into.

How to get into ESCP Europe?

ESCP is not just about your grades, they look at your academic background, resume and essays together to see if you fit the profile. They’re looking for mature, independent and future leaders who are ready for a challenge. Maintain your co-curricular along with your academic achievements.

How to get admission to the ESCP Europe MiM program?

Following is the eligibility criteria for the MiM program at ESCP Europe:

  • Holding a Degree obtained outside France after at least 3 years of higher education.
  • Candidates applying for admissions should not be older than 30 years of age.
  • 1 Aptitude test score (GMAT/ GRE/ Tage Mage/ CAT).
  • 1 English test score (TOEFL/ TOEIC/ IELTS)
Is ESCP Europe worth it?

The answer to this question is “of course”.

How hard is MiM in ESCP Europe?

Yes, it is not easy to get admitted to ESCP Europe. But it’s not impossible either. It just depends on the type of profile the applicant holds. You can increase your chances of getting admitted to these schools by ensuring a very strong application to back your profile. Hence, you need to back the application with finely drafted LORs, resumes, and essays that highlight your strengths and overshadow your weaknesses.

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