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SAI MiM Essays

Tips & suggestions to perfect your SAI Masters in Management Essays

ESCP MiM Essays

The SAI MiM Essays & Tips is aimed towards providing you with a brief analysis of what SAI is expecting via its essays, and how you can improve your chances by giving them just that.

SAI recruits its international students via the SAI application process & a direct admission process.

The SAI international selection process is a common selection process used by 5 top MiM schools to their Masters in Management program:

  • ESCP Europe
  • HEC Paris
  • Emlyon
  • Skema
  • Audencia Nantes

Via a common process which consists of 4 application essays, 2 LOR’s and a final interview round, you can directly apply for admission at all the above-mentioned schools. 

To know more about ESCP Europe MiM program and SAI application procedure, check out ESCP Europe MiM Review

In our view, SAI is a very cost effective way to target ESCP, HEC, and Emlyon, which are 3 Masters in Management schools worth considering.

ESCP Masters in Management Essays


The SAI Application Essay Questions

The SAI application essays consist of 4 short questions of 500 characters each (including spaces).

The super tight word limit of 500 characters means that you have to use each and every word to create maximum impact.

In order to write an effective essay, you have to ruthlessly edit any filler material and make sure everything that remains adds value to your application.

What are the SAI Essay Questions?

SAI Essay Questions – RED

SAI Essay Analysis – BLUE

Question 1 

Which personal achievements are you most proud of?

You will have to brainstorm like crazy to find that ONE or two(if you dare) achievement(s) that you can highlight here. The tight word limit makes sure that you can’t describe more than two incidents.

It’s a great idea to explain an incident or what was happening, then follow it up by what you did and most importantly what impact did it create. ( Yeah, all this in 500 characters!)

Remember listing out a huge list of achievements will not cut it until you back it up with relevant background info or explain why exactly is that achievement important to you.

Question 2

Describe a situation where you failed. What lessons did you learn from it?

This is a very tricky question, and a simple mistake can raise a number of red flags.

Be weary of touching topics such as teamwork, leadership, and cultural issues. These are skills that schools value a lot, and if they think you do not exhibit them, it can be game over for you.

We would suggest sticking with a safe topic, describing what happened, why it happened and finally, what are you doing to make sure it never happens again.

Schools know you are human and make mistakes, more importantly, they want to know how you learn from them and grow with experience.

Question 3

Why is your application an added-value for the SAI member schools?

Time to brag, BUT in limits. You have 500 characters to distil your skills, back them up with proven examples or activities, and win the hearts of the admission committee.

The schools want to know, what skills will you bring to the batch of 2016. How will adding you increase the diversity of the student batch.

What kind of new ideas will you bring to the discussion table or what unique perspective will you exhibit.

All in all a very important essay question.

Question 4

Describe your extra-curricular activities over the last few years (leisure time, social life, clubs, volunteer work, etc.)?

Looks like a simple question right? We’ll actually it has the capacity to drill out a number of things about your personality.

Schools want to know if you have a life outside academics.

If yes, what are the activities that you invest your time in and most importantly what do you learn from them.

Are you the guy who plays video games all weekend long or one who reads books and watches TED talks, both personalities exhibit some trademarks and none is per say better than the other. It’s totally up to your writing skills, how you exhibit your persona.


500 characters, and so much to write.

Well, we know it can be a really taxing task, especially when you have the admit to prestigious institutions such as ESCP and HEC on the line.


ESCP Direct Application

Apart from the SAI Application process, you have an alternative option to apply through the Global Admission Test direct application. The following questions are for the direct application.

The Direct application essays consist of 3 essays of 200 characters each.

What are the ESCP Direct Application Questions?

  1. Please comment on an international experience that has influenced you in particular and explain why?
  2. Please comment on your most significant work experience. 
  3. Please comment on the positions of responsibility you have held at school, in clubs and/or societies (Outline hobbies, general interests, and other activities)

There is an optional cover letter you can write as well.