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ESCP is the oldest business school in the world and features among the top 3 Grand Ecoles of the French educational system, which are known for its high standards of education and strict admission policies.

As a result, ESCP is known to cater only to the best of the best students and hence the unique set of ESCP MiM Interview Questions are their way to test your potential and to see if you could be a good fit for their school.

 Below is a list of  ESCP MiM direct Interview Questions. Knowing some probable MiM interview questions will definitely help you get an edge over the other candidates.

ESCP direct interviews are pretty formal. In general, you can expect the interviewers to ask you around 6-8 questions over a Skype call. Be ready for any profile specific questions.

ESCP MiM Interview Questions

Format: Skype interview

Time Frame: 20-25 minutes

Panel: 2-3 members in the panel, it can range from professors to alumni to ad com members.

Some ESCP MiM Interview Questions

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Why ESCP?
  3. What all campuses you want to study in ?
  4. Why London in specific?
  5. Do you know French?
  6. Did you have colleagues from other nations at “GE” (company name)?
  7. What are the current news topics that you follow ?
  8. What do you do apart from academics?
  9. Which is your favorite football player and why ?
  10. We have seen your GMAT report , you have sent your score to a lot of colleges, where all you are applying ?
  11. Why ESCP above ESSEC, IE and LBS ?

Verdict: An admit along with a 50% scholarship!

Also, here is another list of ESCP Master of Management Studies Interview questions sourced from another one of our accepted clients.

  1. Why France and why ESCP?
  2. How are you going to finance for this program?
  3. Did you apply for any other college?
  4. What are your Short term goals?
  5. What according to you is most relevant current affair?
  6. Have you ever lived in any other country?
  7. Have you had any sort of interaction with people from different country?
    Verdict: An admit to ESCP!

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I was super happy with the ESCP Interview List, proved to be really helpful. I even went on to purchase the ESSEC one which was great as well.

Thank you for the answer list. It proved out to be the most helpful resource in my interview prep for the ESCP interview.

The answer list gave a jumpstart to my preparation process. Such succinct answers and a pivotal point of reference. It even gave direction to the research I was supposed to undertake for the interview.