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ESMT Berlin MBA Essays - Specialized Tips to Create Essays

Since ESMT is one of the most prestigious schools in the world, it's not surprising that only the best students apply to its MBA program. One important part of this selection process is a very amazing essay, which gives students a chance to show off their unique skills and experiences. In our blog, we'll talk more about the ESMT Berlin MBA Essays standards and give tips on how to write essays that stand out. We'll also talk about what admissions committees look for in applications.

ESMT Berlin MBA Essays 

Essay 1:

Describe your specific career aspirations and your reason for pursuing an MBA at ESMT Berlin.

When addressing this essay question, start by clearly stating your specific career aspirations, focusing on the industry, role, or impact you aim to achieve. Then, highlight why you have chosen to pursue an MBA at ESMT Berlin specifically. Emphasize the unique opportunities, resources, and learning experiences offered by the program that align with your career goals. Discuss how the school's reputation, faculty expertise, and industry connections will equip you with the necessary skills and networks to succeed in your chosen field.

Essay 2:

Failures are rich learning opportunities and help us grow. Tell us about a setback in your life (personal, academic, or professional), your reaction to the setback, and how it changed you.

To tackle this essay question, start by describing a setback from your personal, academic, or professional life. Then, briefly explain your initial reaction to the setback, whether it was disappointment, frustration, or confusion. Finally, highlight how the setback served as a catalyst for personal growth, emphasizing the lessons learned and the positive changes it brought to your character or mindset.

Essay 3:

You can invite one guest for dinner, be they living, dead, fictional, or other. Who would you invite and why?

When answering this essay question, consider selecting a guest that has had a profound impact on your life or someone you admire greatly. Begin by introducing the chosen guest and explaining their significance. Then, delve into why you would invite them to dinner, highlighting the potential for engaging conversation, learning from their experiences, or gaining insights into their accomplishments. Express your genuine interest in connecting with them and the valuable lessons you anticipate deriving from the encounter.

Specialized Tips for ESMT Berlin MBA Essays

As much as you want your ESMT Berlin MBA Essays to be real and all about you, they must also be relevant. If you don't prepare your Essays to meet the ESMT values, the result may not be very good. Since ESMT is one of the top MBA schools in Germany

  • Pay close attention to the writing prompts:  Answers should be carefully thought out before putting pen to paper or fingers to the computer. Before writing anything, think about the question and possible ways to answer it.
  • Be clear and to the point. Admissions officers get a lot of applications, so it's important that your writing is clear and to the point. Don't use words or phrases that are too hard to understand, and get right to the point for ESMT Berlin MBA Essays.
  • Use specific examples: It's important to give detailed examples from your personal or work life to make sure that your answers to essay prompts are valid. This not only brings writings to life but also shows skills and knowledge.
  • Show how much you care: ESMT Berlin wants to know why you want an MBA and how it will help you reach your job goals. In your writings, be sure to show that you care and are interested. Include this point for writing ESMT Berlin MBA Essays.
  • Be yourself: ESMT Berlin wants to know what makes you different and values difference. Don't be afraid to use your own style and personality in your essays. Be who you are and let your attitude show.
  • Edit and proofread: After you finish your writing, it is important to check them carefully for spelling and grammar mistakes. Make sure that your compositions are well organized and follow a sensible flow. 

ESMT Berlin MBA Essays Tips for Indian Students

Applying Indian students to the ESMT MBA program should highlight their individuality and demonstrate how their goals and aspirations fit with those of the institution. Therefore, make the most of this chance to explain things clearly by writing thoughtful ESMT MBA essays:

ESMT Berlin MBA Essays

1. Highlight your unique perspective

Enrich the ESMT community with your unique cultural and professional background as a student of Indian descent. Apply your knowledge and describe how your past experiences have influenced your goals for the future after completing your MBA. This will improve the ESMT Berlin MBA Essays.

2. Exhibit a worldly perspective

You get a leg up on the competition as an Indian student because ESMT values students with broad worldviews. Tell us about any time spent working or traveling abroad that has influenced your professional goals.

3. Exhibit your ingenuity as an entrepreneur

Do you want to start your own business, or have you already done so? In your application ESMT Berlin MBA Essays for the MBA program, be sure to highlight your innovative spirit and relevant work experience. Taking advantage of this course to hone your abilities is also highly recommended.

4. Connect your prior experience to your future goals

The admissions staff at ESMT is interested in learning how your life experiences have prepared you to succeed in your graduate studies. Make sure to show the big picture by relating your past successes and skills to your desired future position.

5. Highlight your potential as a leader

Students with strong leadership skills are highly sought after at ESMT. Talk about your background and how the leadership development resources at ESMT will help you achieve your post-MBA goals. These will help you to form strong ESMT Berlin MBA Essays.


The ESMT Berlin MBA Essays give applicants a one-of-a-kind chance to highlight their experience, goals, and skills for the MBA program. It's crucial to provide answers that are in sync with the institution's stance while also standing out for their depth and insight. Students can set themselves apart from the increasingly competitive admissions pool by selecting this option during the application process.



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