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ESSEC Business School MiM Application

Tips & suggestions to perfect your ESSEC Masters in Management Application

| About ESSEC

Recent graduates who want to make their career in management apply for this 24-month Master of Management program at ESSEC. Through a flexible curriculum, you’ll get to choose your own academic, professional and international curriculum achieved through the network of academic and corporate partners. Working with an international peer group and our world-renowned faculty, you’ll be able to design your own learning path. So if you are looking up to fast-paced and challenging curriculum this program is for you.

| Class Profile

Recommended GMAT Score

  • Doule Degrees: 30
  • Average Age: 23 years
  • Nationalities: 98
  • Female : 46%

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ESSEC MiM Essays

The ESSEC MiM application comprises of one-page Motivation Letter and four short essays.

ESSEC MiM Resume

There is One Resume required.
The curriculum vitae must be written in English.You can use either the university’s style template or your own CV


2 Letter of Recommendations;
one academic & one professional

ESSEC MiM Essay Questions and Answer Tips

Motivational Letter (1 page) 

ESSEC school follows a free format for its Motivation letter. A Motivation letter is the most crucial document enabling the admissions committee to understand who you are and what motivated you to make all the substantial decisions that formed the basis of your current status both academically and professionally. Consider this document as part of your application over which you have the most command.  It serves as a platform to convey your achievements in a distinctive yet competitive style. You can begin drafting your letter of motivation by briefly introducing yourself and then sequentially talk about your endeavors that followed throughout your college and professional years. Ideally, we advise students to break down their SOP into paragraphs and quote their significant instances of accomplishments and participation eloquently. A good SOP substantiates all the skills and accomplishments stated. Since you have two more essay questions to answer, you certainly need to preserve ideas for them as well and be cautious of not spilling everything in your SOP.   Moreover, ensure a distinctive yet engaging tone while writing your essays to avoid giving it a redundant look.

Q1: What matters most to you, and why?
Tell us the values and experiences that have shaped the person you are. 
(maximum 400 words)

A: Although the question may seem simple, answering it proves to be challenging for many students. This question is at the heart of ESSEC and most often entangles the applicants’ thoughts while they come up with brainy answers. To write for this essay, you shall rack your brain on a person, event, or experience that has incredibly impacted you and then speculate on what morals, values, and lessons you had accumulated. Furthermore, you should also highlight your views on these experiences by aligning it with your personal and professional development. Remember to mention and orient your thoughts in a way that resonates with your values and experiences, which the ESSEC Business School foresees in its incoming batch.

ddQ2: Provide to the Admission Committee any relevant additional information.
(not already detailed in the rest of your application)(maximum 400 words)

A: Answering this question requires strenuous effort since nearly all your profile has been revealed through the SOP and first essay question. This is your opportunity to take the lid off from your unrevealed experiences and present it in a way which showcases your strengths while subtly adhering to a few weaknesses or challenges that you were able to overcome. Alternatively, you may also talk about some achievements or experiences in detail that you feel highlights a particular aspect of your personality. Many students overlook the context of the question and end up sharing monotonous incidents. Your answer should reflect the true potential and extent of your demeanor which will ultimately serve as a catalyst in making a sound impression on the school admission committee. Therefore, we recommend applicants to bear in mind that schools appreciate unique essay answers. 

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