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Master the Art of Persuasion and Secure Your Spot in this Prestigious Program with Specialized Tips!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on crafting an impressive essay for the ESSEC Business School MiM essays 2023-2024 admissions cycle! In this blog post, we'll explore essential tips and strategies to help you distinguish yourself and secure your place in this prestigious program.

At the heart of the application process are the crucial ESSEC Business School MiM essays, serving as powerful mediums through which candidates can express their deepest motivations, career goals, expected contributions to the program, personal experiences, and core values.

ESSEC MIM Application Essays 2023-24

Take a look at the essay questions presented for the ESSEC MIM application. It is crucial to highlight how the ESSEC MIM program resonates with your career ambitions and how you can add value to the school community by leveraging your past experiences and expertise.



Please tell us your motivation for applying to this program. (400 words)

In this essay, you would need to share the circumstances that prompted you to pursue the MIM program at ESSEC, while also highlighting how the program with its unique resources will help you gain certain skills and experiences, that align with your envisioned career path.

ESSEC MIM Essay 1: Personalized Tips

  1. Generally, its best to highlight your recent accomplishments within the professional sector, which would provide a glimpse into your competencies and past experiences
  2. if you are switching domains (for example, if you aspire to follow a career within the management domain, while having no experience within the domain), you can share the motivation in context with your recent work experience, which prompted you to pursue the MIM program.
  3. In case, if you are not switching domains (for example, if you are within the same domain, and wish to climb the corporate ladder), then, you can just highlight your skill gap. You can share how you realized that you lack certain skillsets needed to excel within your targeted domain.
  4. Lastly, highlight how the program with its distinctive opportunities and resources will help you build on the skillset necessary to switch domains or excel within your targeted domain. 

ESSEC MIM Essay 1: Personal Statement Sample Answers

Please tell us your motivation for applying to this program. (400 words)

During my internship in a small yet progressive firm, I delved deeper into issues like gender inequality and limited sexual health awareness. My role involved generating blogs, managing social media platforms, and arranging webinars, allowing me to disseminate crucial information and cultivate an open dialogue within the community. These experiences showed me how businesses could become a medium for societal change and honed my management skills, preparing me for various professional contexts.

During another internship, I had the opportunity to use AI technology to create revenue-earning videos for digital media platforms. This experience demonstrated the vital role of AI in contemporary businesses and the importance of proficient management. I realized that as AI and technology continue to evolve, effective integration becomes paramount for businesses. The need for managers to grasp AI and technology fully further stimulated my interest in pursuing a master's degree.

ESSEC has excellent resources and facilities such as labs that promote interdisciplinary scientific research using data and AI as well as Modules which would help me gain an understanding of my targeted domain. I am eager to contribute my bit to the community and help shape the future business landscape - blending innovation with ethical principles.



How do you envision your professional career? (400 words)

As the question suggests, you will need to highlight your envisioned career path in the essay. As the word limit is 400, you can elaborate on your career aspirations post-master’s degree, while bifurcating your career goals into two parts, short-term and long-term goals. The short-term goal refers to the goal you pursue right after your master’s, while the long-term goal refers to the goal you would like to pursue after a decade or so.

ESSEC MIM Essay 2: Personalized Tips 

  1. If you are within the same domain, and not switching domains, you can start the essay by sharing about your recent work experience or the reason that motivated you to pursue a career in your intended field. In case if you are not switching domains, you can directly share your career goal.
  2. Be as concise as possible, when you mention your career goals, try to add specifications, for example, if you wish to work in the corporate sector, and specify the position you would like to fulfill.
  3. Make sure that your short-term goal and long-term goal align with one another, the domain has to be the same, even with different divisions, it needs to be related to the other one.
  4. When you mention your long-term goal, ensure that the position you mention is superior to the one mentioned in the short-term goal.
  5. Lastly, add a few resources of the program that will help you pursue your career goals, and ensure that the information mentioned in essay 2 does not overlap with the ones mentioned in essay 1.


How will you contribute to this program? (400 words)

For this essay, you will have to highlight how you will be a valuable asset to the school community and cohort apart from benefiting from the same. For doing so, you will also need to briefly share your relevant experiences which can adeptly showcase your expertise and skillset, through which you can contribute to a relevant outlet at the school community, for example, clubs/societies/specific initiatives/projects/events, etc.

ESSEC MIM Essay 3: Personalized Tips 

  1. For the third essay, you will need to ideally share about 2-3 instances, wherein a particular strength of yours can be highlighted adeptly.
  2. Try to showcase a diverse skillset that can attest to your versatility.
  3. While you mention the ways through which you will contribute to the school community and cohort, try to specify the outlets through which you intend to do so, and briefly share your envisioned path of contributing to the school community and cohort.
  4. Also, you can emphasize diversity and inclusion, highlighting any sort of instance that can attest to your ability to foster inclusivity and embrace diversity


Tell us the experiences that have shaped the person you are. You can illustrate these by outlining situations you have encountered in academic, professional, or personal contexts.  (400 words)

In this essay, the scope is vast, you can share any significant experiences of your life that have shaped your perspective and individuality.

ESSEC MIM Essay 4: Personalized Tips 

  1. Here, you can highlight any instances wherein you can share about any instances in context with your personal/professional/academic experiences, and share about how that particular experience influenced you, and contributed to your growth.
  2. If possible, try to incorporate instances regarding diversity and inclusivity, while outlining how you embraced these aspects
  3. You may also share any challenges or circumstances you have encountered, which can showcase certain characteristics of yours.

ESSEC also offers a guide to a standout application, if you are interested to check.

Deadlines for 2024 Entry 


The ESSEC MiM program has set distinct deadlines and schedules for prospective students to apply. The application process is segmented into four rounds, each featuring specific deadlines for submitting applications, interview periods, and notification dates for admission decisions. Essential for crafting compelling ESSEC Business School MiM essays, these dates guide prospective students through the process.

Here are the vital dates for each round: Submit by 12 noon, Paris time

Round Application Deadline Flexible Track Shortlisted Result Intensive & Flexible Tracks(online interview) Admission result
 Round 1 10 Oct 2023 17 Oct 2023 10 Nov 2023 20 to 24 Nov 2023 30 Nov 2023
 Round 2 12 Dec 2023 03 Jan 2024 31 Jan 2024 7 to 15 Feb 2024 27 Feb 2024
 Round 3 15 Feb 2024 28 Feb 2024 26 Mar 2024 4 to 12 April 2024 22 Apr 2024
 Round 4 02 Apr 2024 17 Apr 2024 24 Mar 2024 3 to 7 June 2024 14 Jun 2024

You can check the ESSEC MIM admissions page to get more information.


Crafting impactful ESSEC Business school mim essays for the application is crucial in conveying your motivation, aspirations, and suitability for the program. By understanding the essay questions, aligning your responses with the program's values, and following the provided tips, you can create compelling narratives that highlight your unique qualities and potential. Remember to be authentic and showcase your passion for business, ethical leadership, and making a positive impact in society.

Indian students aspiring to pursue a MiM at leading MIM colleges in France need to craft compelling MiM essays as a critical component of the admissions process.

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