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Tips & suggestions to perfect your ESSEC  Master of Management Studies Essays



The ESSEC MiM Essays & Tips is aimed towards providing you with a brief analysis of what ESSEC Business School  is expecting via its Masters in Management application, & how you can improve your chances by effectively portraying those skills in your essays & Statement of Purpose.

ESSEC recruits its students via a direct application through its own portal.

You are required to submit

  • 1 main Statement of Purpose (SOP) – This has to be sent via post
  • 2 Essays on the online portal
  • 2 Letter of Recommendation’s – In sealed envelopes, to be sent via post

ESSEC is an excellent business school, which really takes care of the quality of students it admits. With an average GMAT acceptance score of 680+, you can be assured that competition would be high and the quality of your essays would be a determining factor.


Skills which ESSEC is looking for

ESSEC has a very prestigious & well ranked Masters in management program, and is on the lookout for talented candidates who exhibit the following skills:

  • International Mind-Set
  • Open Minded
  • Leadership Oriented
  • Creative
  • Ambitious
  • Motivated


ESSEC Masters in Management Essay Questions

As already mentioned ESSEC requires one SOP and 2 essays.

There are also separate sections in the online application where you fill additional information about your extracurricular activities, professional & international experience.

You have a pretty long leash on the essays with a 400 & 300-word limit while there is no such limit mentioned for the SOP. Though it would be a good idea to limit it to a page, or max 1.5 pages. You really don’t want the reader to lose interest,

What are the ESSEC Masters in Management Essay Questions?

ESSEC MiM Essay Questions – RED

ESSEC MiM Essay Analysis – BLUE

ESSEC Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose is a Free format letter which is employed by ESSEC to give you a portal to

  • Introduce yourself in a brief paragraph 
  • Talk about Why ESSEC, Why the MIM program & How it can help you to achieve your career goals

It’s a good idea to break the SOP into paragraphs and write your SOP with a specific timeline in mind, start with your childhood in earlier paragraphs and then move on to school, college and what you did after graduation.

Of course mention all the skills you developed during this time.

Don’t forget that you have 2 more essays to write, so maybe just give a brief description of your achievements in the SOP and then follow up on them in detail while writing the essays

Be careful nothing is repeated in the essay’s or else it will become a redundant read, use each and every line to deliver maximum impact.
We would advise sticking to a formal tone for the SOP and letting your creativity unleash in the other essays.

ESSEC MiM Essay Question 1

What matters most to you, and why?
Tell us the values and experiences that have shaped the person you are (maximum 400 words)

You have the choice to go for a formal tone or let your creativity run riot here.

Brainstorm for a few key skills you want to highlight and mention them in this essay, back them up with examples.

Remember to mention skills which truly make you who you are and orient them in such a manner that they resonate with the values and skills that ESSEC wants in its incoming batch.

This essay really checks if you are a good fit for the school, don’t for a minute take this lightly.

ESSEC MiM Essay Question 2

Provide to the Admission Committee any relevant additional information (not already detailed in the rest of your application)
(maximum 300 words) 

This essay proves to be a challenge, as most of the information regarding your profile has already been covered by the other essays and short questions.

Hence, it is a good idea to mention a particular experience which you feel would add value to your profile or talk about some weakness that you think needs addressing. E.g- Low grades, gap year

Alternatively, you can talk about some achievement in detail or some experience which you feel highlights a particular aspect of your personality.


As with all schools ESSEC gives a lot of emphasis to its essays so it is a good idea to spend a lot of time perfecting them, & making sure all your strengths and unique skills are properly highlighted.

Remember to prove that you are that perfect fit for the school. That is very important.

Lastly, in your SOP mention in concrete terms WHY ESSEC? Don’t be generic here, do your research well, as the school really wants to know why are you applying there.

We know it can be a tough job to write such open-ended essays,

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