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ESSEC Business Analytics Review

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    Key Takeaways

    1. Class Profile: The program attracts a diverse group of students from various academic and professional backgrounds. Typically, students have an average of 2-4 years of work experience and come from fields such as engineering, economics, and business.

    2. Program Overview: The ESSEC Business Analytics Master's program offers a comprehensive curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Students gain expertise in areas such as data mining, predictive modeling, and decision science, enabling them to make informed business decisions based on data insights.

    3. Tuition Fees: The tuition fees for the ESSEC MSBA program are approximately €30,000. This includes access to state-of-the-art facilities, career services, and networking opportunities with industry leaders.

    4. Employment: Graduates of the ESSEC Business Analytics program can expect an average starting salary of €65,000. The program boasts a high employment rate, with over 90% of graduates securing jobs within six months of completion. Alumni work in various sectors, including finance, consulting, and technology, with companies such as Google, McKinsey, and BNP Paribas.


    ESSEC Business analytics School holds esteemed accreditations from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. With campuses in Cergy-Pontoise, Paris La Defense, Singapore, and Rabat (Morocco), it enjoys global recognition. The Paris La Defense campus, situated in the CNIT building, focuses on executive education.

    The ESSEC Business Analytics is designed for students aiming for success in the field. It provides a thorough grasp of business analytics and tackles contemporary technological and business challenges worldwide.

    Full-time MSBA Fees 2024 €30,000
    Program Length 1 or 2 years 
    Program Deadlines 2026 January 4, 2024 
    February 29, 2024
    April 23, 2024 

    1 (August 2024)
    2 (September 2024)

    Application Fees €100

    Class Profile of ESSEC Business Analytics

    The ESSEC Business Analytics program boasts a diverse class profile, comprising students from approximately 22 different nationalities, with an average age of 23 years. This diversity ensures that you'll interact with a multitude of young minds hailing from varied cultural backgrounds, enriching your perspective.

    Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers who share your aspirations, fostering the development of your ideas in a supportive environment.

    Average GMAT N/A
    Average GRE N/A
    Average GPA N/A
    Average work experience 5 years
    Average age 23 years
    Pre-DSBA industry
    Pre-DSBA location
    MSBA 2025
    Class size
    MSBA 2025
    MSBA 2025
    Country Represented
    MSBA 2025

    To apply for Online application applicants | Essec Business Anaytics

    ESSEC Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics

    ESSEC Business Analytics Rankings

    ESSEC Business Analytics program holds impressive rankings in various esteemed lists. According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject, it ranks between 21-50. Additionally, in the QS World University Rankings for Masters In Business Analytics,  it stands at 3rd place. These rankings highlight the program's excellence and its position among the top institutions globally.

    Rankings Position
    QS WUR Ranking By Subject 21-50
    QS World University Rankings - Masters In Business Analytics 3

    Program & Curriculum of ESSEC Business Analytics

    Program & Curriculum of ESSEC Business Analytics 

    The ESSEC master in data science and business analytics program offers a deep dive into understanding the challenges of the digital age and mastering the realms of data science and business analytics. With a strong scientific emphasis, the program aims to give students a holistic understanding of these interconnected fields. This equips them to emerge as proficient professionals ready for the demands of the industry.

    • Academic Experience:
      The duration of the Master in DSBA is 2 years (Master 1+Master 2) or 1 year (Master 2 only), depending on your background and latest degree
    • International Experience:
      Students get a chance to participate in an International Study Trip in Europe
    • Professional Experience:
      M2 students should complete an internship of 4-6 months.
      It can take place anywhere in the world and is designed to facilitate students’ professional integration. For M1 the internship is optional
    • Hands-on field experience:
      The HEc Paris Master's program in Data Sciences & Business Analytics emphasizes practical learning. Rather than just studying theories, we encourage you to tackle real-world business problems. You'll gain hands-on experience and delve into the complexities of the business world.

    Master 1 (M1):  A year to grasp the prerequisites of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Management

    Master 2 (M2): A year to master the science of data and the techniques of business analytics, and tailor the program to your specific career goals

    ESSEC DSBA Program in 1 Year (M2) | ESSEC Testimonies-

    Elective course

    Elective courses in the ESSEC Business Analytics program offer students the opportunity to tailor their learning experience according to their interests and career goals. These courses delve deeper into specific topics within the field, allowing students to gain specialized knowledge and skills.

    • Management control
    • Corporate & Tax Law
    • Game Theory
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Environmental Economics
    • International Economics
    • French as a Foreign Language
    • Competitive Advantage in the Age of AI
    • Head of Data 101
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Introduction to Machine Learning

    Research centres

    ESSEC Business School houses several prominent research centres dedicated to advancing the field of business analytics. These centres focus on various aspects of analytics and provide valuable insights and innovations are Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair, Data Oriented Thinking (DOT) Association & Digital Transformation and Innovation Hub.

    Fees & Financing

    The tuition fee for the 2024 ESSEC Business Analytics program is €30,000, plus a €100 application fee. A non-refundable deposit of €5,000 is required within two weeks of admission and will be deducted from the total fee.

    ESSEC provides scholarships and loans for international students to support academically outstanding candidates with leadership potential.

    Tuition fee for the class 2024 €30,000
    Service Fee €2,080
    Application Fees  €100

    Employment Upon Graduation

    essec master in data science and business analytics

    The ESSEC Master in Business Analytics (MSBA) program not only teaches advanced analytical skills but also effectively assists students in securing rewarding employment opportunities after graduation. Graduates often receive job offers before completing the program.

    Within three months of graduation, a significant majority of ESSEC DSBA students have secured employment. This remarkable success underscores the program's ability to thoroughly prepare students for thriving careers in data-driven decision-making.

    Average Salary
    Offer accepted upon three months of graduation N/A
    Offer received upon three months of graduation 95%
    Reporting rate N/A
    Post-program job locations Europe: 85%
    Asia and Middle East: 19%
    Americas: 6%
    Post MBA industries
    28% Consulting  
    21% Banking / Insurance / Finance
    15% IT Industry 
    13% Digital Services 
    10% Energy/Environment 
    13%   Other


    DSBA Alumna | ESSEC Testimonies

    ESSEC Business Analytics Application: Essays & Interview

    ESSEC Business Analytics Application: Essays & Interview

    The Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics program at ESSEC is a highly selective course for top candidates with strong academic backgrounds in Engineering, Sciences, Business, or Economics.

    They are looking for applicants who excel academically, are open-minded, internationally focused, aware of global issues, and show leadership potential.


    Candidates are advised to use essays to express their achievements, aspirations, and how they fit with the program they're applying to. Essays give an opportunity to showcase past achievements, outline future goals, and articulate experiences. 

    Interview Questions

    When preparing for your ESSEC Business Analytics interview, take the opportunity to showcase your unique experiences, skills, and aspirations that align with the values and objectives of the program. Approach each question with authenticity and a forward-thinking mindset, emphasizing how you can contribute to the dynamic ESSEC community.

    Who attends the Essec Business Analytics program:

    • Applicants should demonstrate the ability to think critically and analytically. 
    • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, R, or SQL, and familiarity with data visualization tools and software are essential.
    • A solid foundation in mathematics, statistics, and data analysis is crucial. 
    • Effective communication and leadership skills are important. 
    • Prior work experience in analytics, consulting, finance, or technology is advantageous for understanding real-world business analytics applications.

    Why ESSEC is Unique?

    essec master in data science and business analytics

    The ESSEC DSBA program has several unique features that set it apart from other similar programs. Some of the key unique features of ESSEC master in data science and business analytics are:

    • Practical focus: The program has a strong emphasis on practical applications of business analytics in various industries and contexts.
    • Global perspective: The program provides opportunities for international study and internships, offering a truly global perspective.
    • Industry collaboration: The program collaborates with industry partners, providing access to real-world datasets and projects.
    • Flexibility: The program offers a flexible structure, with a range of elective courses and opportunities for specialization.
    • Soft skills development: The program places importance on the development of soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership, in addition to technical skills.

    Useful Links

    Admissions Essec Business Analytics | Admissions
    Costs & finance Program Cost
    Ranking Highlights Essec | Ranking
    Campus Life Community Life
    Next Events Events | Meet us
    Alumni Essec Alumni
    About Essec Working at Essec 
    Contact Phone: +33 (0)1 34 43 30 00
    Fax: +33 (0)1 34 43 30 01


    The ESSEC Master in Data Science and Business Analytics program in MSBA colleges in Europe in is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the field of business analytics.

    The program has a strong focus on practical applications of data analysis and technology in various industries and contexts. It is a highly flexible program with a range of elective courses and opportunities for specialization.

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    How does ESSEC support the career development of Indian students in the MSBA program?

    ESSEC is committed to fostering the career development of all its students, including those from India. The school has a dedicated career services team that provides guidance, workshops, and networking opportunities to enhance students' employability.

    What are the specific admission requirements for Indian students applying to the ESSEC MSBA program?

     Indian students applying to the ESSEC MSBA program should hold a bachelor's degree from a recognized university, and a competitive GPA is generally expected. Additionally, submitting GMAT or GRE scores is typically part of the application process. 

    Can Indian students expect cultural support and integration assistance while studying at ESSEC in France?

    Absolutely. ESSEC places great emphasis on creating a diverse and inclusive environment. Indian students, like all international students, can expect cultural support services and integration assistance.

    How does ESSEC facilitate the internship or job search process for Indian students after completing the MSBA program?

    ESSEC has a dedicated career services team that assists students, including those from India, in their internship and job search endeavors. The school's strong ties with global corporations and its alumni network provide valuable connections and opportunities.

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