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Everything about the MIM

What is Masters in Management?

MiM or Master in Management is a premium post-graduate degree targeted towards individuals who have just graduated or are young professionals. It is a degree providing comprehensive knowledge about varied management streams such as Finance…

MBA vs Masters in Management

The Comprehensive Guide: Curious to know the differences between the MBA and the Masters in Management (MiM)? Want to understand which one among the two would be a better fit for you? Check out our detailed report on ..

Know All About The MSc Degree

MSc or Master of Science is a degree awarded for completion of graduate-level study in a science or technology related field. Typically, an MSc degree program lasts 18-24 months and there is a wide palette 

MiM Application Roadmap

How should I go about the MiM Application? Where should I start? What should I keep in mind? Learn all this & more via the MiM Application Roadmap

MiM Student Profile

How much does the GMAT count for?What about extra curriculars? Am I too old for the MiM? We built the MiM Student Profile by asking 120+ MiM students about these questions exactly.

Masters in Management Rankings

Which are the top MiM schools? What is special about them? How are they different? Learn all this & more via Masters in Management latest rankings

Is Masters in Management Worth It?

While the concept of MBA revolutionized business education in the 1980s, the last decade has ushered in an era of “ Re-Thinking The MBA”…?

Masters In Management Deadlines

The clock is ticking fast and the second round deadlines for the Masters in Management program are fast nearing. You will never realise how the days pass when you drown yourself in the….

Average Salaries after Masters in Management Degree

Despite the globally competitive and challenging job market,a MiM degree remains very reputable among potential recruiters. As a MiM….

Masters in Management in Canada

Canada along with the US is leading the pack, and almost all top Canadian schools are offering the Masters in Management in their degree portfolio. Hence a Master of Management in …

Masters in Management in USA

Thunderbird, and Duke were some of the first schools to offer Masters in Management in the USA, but now over 50 schools are offering this degree under various names….


Australia has frequently been voted in the world’s top ten most liveable countries. High standard of living, stable economy, excellent work prospects, easy visa process ….

Jobs After MiM In Europe

Like millions of students all over the world, you have finally completed your undergraduate degree and are now working at a top MNC. 

Masters in Management Career Progression

Long gone are the days when the MBA was the first step towards getting a career in Management…..

MSC in Management in UK

MSc in Management or Masters in Management(MiM) has a deep relation with the European continent and the UK……


MSc in Management or Masters in Management(MiM) has a deep relation with the European continent and Germany is one of the countries which boasts a number of schools offering the degree.

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