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The Graduate Record Examinations, or GRE as they are more popularly known, is a standardized test conducted by the Educational Testing Service, or ETS, based in New Jersey. This test is accepted at the graduate level by institutions all across the world for programs that require a sound knowledge of verbal and numerical reasoning ability. There are three sections in the test – Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning, where students are asked several questions at the high-school level in order to test their basic concepts of math and language. The scores for the test are valid for up to 5 years from the date when it was taken. 

Free GRE Practice test intro

The GRE is an expensive test where candidates must pay $205 to take the test once, and this is exclusive of any official study material. The official GRE guides must be purchased separately and can easily cost the candidate up to another $100. There are several online resources available at a much cheaper cost to the candidates to help them with their preparation. Some of them are also available absolutely for free. Anybody preparing for the test is well-aware of the importance of practice tests that they must take in order to bag an impressive score (310+). They are important because they help you ascertain your position and identify your weak areas.

Listed below are a few online practice tests available for GRE test-takers in 2020. 


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1. Manhattan Prep Free GRE Test

  1. One of the most famous names when it comes to GRE test preparation, Manhattan Prep offers free GRE tests that are often said to be the best unofficial GRE tests out there. The questions are slightly more difficult than in the actual test which may lead to making you feel under-prepared, but there is no reason for you to not take the Manhattan Prep test. The exams are section adaptive just like the actual test and you are also provided with an in-depth answer explanation for each question. You must create a Manhattan Prep account in order to be able to access the test. 

2. Kaplan Free GRE Test

Another extremely popular test prep resource, Kaplan offers free tests to candidates. The one problem, however, is that the tests aren’t section adaptive. With a few off-questions here and there and shallow answer explanations when compared to the Manhattan Prep tests, the Kaplan Test is still a good replica of the actual exam. 

3. Princeton Review Free GRE Test

The Princeton Review offers one free GRE practice test on its website that is accessible for up to 14 days upon the creation of a new account. The computer interface of the test is very similar to the actual GRE test, however, upon completion, though you receive your scores, you cannot go back to the questions to recheck them and neither are you provided with any answer explanation. However, you get a very basic breakdown of the areas you are proficient in and where you need to improve.

Free GRE Practice test 1

4. Powerprep II

The PowerPrep II tools are provided by ETS for GRE preparation. The computer software and interface is an exact replica of the actual exam. Moreover, the questions here are official GRE questions that are prepared by ETS for candidates. Two unique power prep practice tests are available for free in your ETS Account. The only drawback here is the complete absence of an answer explanation. 

5. McGraw Hill Free GRE Test

McGraw Hill offers one free diagnostic test and five additional practice tests. They offer a huge number of practice questions and good answer explanations. You don’t need to create a free account in order to be able to access these tests. However, the questions can be really difficult so it is better to come to these tests in the end, after you have solved other practice tests. 

6. 4tests.com

The practice test at 4tests.com is much shorter than the actual GRE. It consists of 15 analytical reasoning questions and around 24 verbal and quantitative reasoning questions. 

Free GRE Practice test 2

7. Testden

Testden provides 18 minute GRE practice tests that can be accessed upon registration with your name and a valid email ID.

8. CrunchPrep GRE Practice Tests

The CrunchPrep GRE tests are highly recommended as practice tests and diagnostic tests due to their structure which resembles the actual GRE very closely and their comprehensive evaluation of your performance. 

9. My GRE Tutor Practice Tests

My GRE tutor offers 4 practice tests for you to evaluate your preparation, however, the format hasn’t been updated according to the new test pattern and syllabus. Hence, you may find several questions that will not be asked anymore. You may skip them.

The old saying, ‘practice makes a man perfect’ is holds extreme regard when it comes to GRE. The only way to securing your target score and getting into the school of your choice is by practicing as much as possible. Start your preparation early and solve as many questions as you can to take yourself closer to your target. 







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