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Serious about getting into a Top Business School?

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A Personal One-On-One Strategy Session with the Head Consultants of MiM-Essay responsible for mentoring
2000+ Applicants to get into Top Business Schools


Ever wondered why a guy with a 640 GMAT got into LBS but one with 700+ did not?
We have the Answers – All you need to do is to Book Your Strategy Session with us to find out.

Get Here’s An Outline Of What We Will Cover During The Call

An In-Depth Resume + Profile Analysis

Resume Analysis

As a part of our Pre-Session process, our team will meticulously analyze your resume to give you a breakdown on your profile strengths and weaknessess.
We will start the call by giving you a detailed analysis on where you stand with respect your

– Academics
– Extra-Curriculars
– Work Experience
– GMAT/GRE scores

Profile Analysis: 
We will also brainstorm on the Qualitative ascpects of your profile –
– Do you belong to the over-represented catagory of applicants?
– Are there any differentiating elements of your profile ?


School Recommendations
(Tailored To Your Profile)


Post your profile analysis, we will be sharing a preliminary list of Dream, Competitve and Safe schools that you can target.
These schools will be recommendend based on your current profile, career goals and country preferences.

Profile Improvement Plan

(Specific To Your Target Schools and Deadlines) 

Realistic and Implementable Action Steps on how to improve your profile, within the Application Deadlines that you are targeting.

Cutting Edge Preparation Resources

Get exclusive access to our comprehensive resources on studying abroad. These include E-Books on – 
-How to build your profile for 2021 Applications
-How to get into schools even with profile Weaknesses like low GPA and Low GMAT
– How to fund your study abroad Program
…and more!

Q & A Session


Get detailed answers for any lingering query you may have with respect to your profile, application and target schools.

Why Should You Be Talking With Us ?


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Admits in Top Business Schools

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Top business schools have an average acceptance rate of 16%
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