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FT MiM Rankings

With the increasing popularity of MiM- Masters in Management amongst young professionals, more and more students are coming up front to acquaint themselves about the newly introduced course and pursue a degree in the same.

Masters in Management is a premium post-graduate degree designed to provide comprehensive knowledge about varied management streams such as Finance, Marketing, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, and many others.

A MiM degree prepares an individual for a strong kickstart to his career. It focusses on inducing versatility among young professionals

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Why consider a MiM degree?


Often referred to as an alternative degree or a precursor to a traditional MBA, pursuing a MiM has its own benefits. Some of them are as follows-

  • Masters in Management are internationally oriented
  • Little or no work experience required at admission
  • Get a versatile study experience
  • Capture insights from leading business leaders across the world
  • Develop a complete set of managerial skills
  • Acquire leadership skills at an affordable price
  • Build a strong alike network

After deciding your course of study, it is crucial to decide which college you would like to attend!

Often we see, students struggle in making the right choice about their college and eventually landing up in a dilemmatic situation.

In order to make it easier for you, we have curated a list of top 20 schools to pursue a MiM degree.

The Ft MiM Rankings for 2019 is the best medium to get a first impression of the school.

The MiM rankings are done by taking into account a number of important variables such as the quality of a college, the international nature of the degree, future placement potential, International diversity of faculty, Median salary expected on graduation etc.

So you can get a pretty good idea about the nature of the school by a quick look at their rankings.

The latest Masters in Management (MiM) Rankings by the Financial times are as follows:

Watch the youtube video for detail analysis of top 5 MIM colleges in the world 

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