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Whether you’re visiting the website for the first time or you’re a repeat visitor, this FAQs page will resolve most of your queries.

FAQs about the Client-Consultant Interaction

How accessible is the consultant? Can I ping him anytime I want?

We work round the clock & are available day or night via Skype messages and email.

However, 24/7 support doesn’t equate to instant support.

It sometimes takes time to receive your query and process it. So if you ever have any slightest doubt, you can ping your consultant any time you wish and they’ll happily answer all your queries within 6-7 hours.

What is medium of interactions with the consultants?

The Brainstorming session, Essay Analysis session and the Mock Interviews are via Skype and for the rest of the process, the medium of interaction is Skype messages and Email. We have tested and refined the process over the last 4 years and this combination proves to be flexible as well as effective.

Who will be my consultant and how do you figure if he is the right for me?

All of our consultants are from the Top 5 Schools and have over 1.5-2 years of experience in helping people get into their target schools.

We will always pair you with a consultant who is either from your target school or has experience helping a lot of students get placed there.

How are the sessions conducted? 

You’ll be having multiple hour-long sessions with your consultant and all the sessions will be conducted via Skype.

  • Your first session will be an hour-long brainstorming session where we dig into “the why” behind every life step of yours.
  • In the session after that, we’ll be discussing each of your school essays. For each of your essays, you will be given sample essays and drafts for reference. You’ll receive the reference material via email.
  • Also, the entire conversation will be recorded and sent to you so that you can take reference whenever you want and use it to create an effective essay.
  • After that, we’ll have an exchange of to & fro emails, with successive drafts, until you are assured that the essay you have is the best possible.
  • Parallel to your essays, we’ll be working on Resume, LOR & Short Questions.
  • Once you make it to the mock interviews, we’ll have skype sessions for two in-depth mock interviews.

Congrats! You just got into your target school

Will you be writing the essays for me?

We do not write essays for you.

The consultants who do offer to write your essays have a template-based approach which is highly unoriginal, it is redundant and does not showcase your story and hence is easily identified by the Schools’ Admission Committee. Which, in turn, results in getting rejections from your target schools.

What we will assist you with is –

  • Analyzing the essay questions and helping you understand what the school wants
  • Digging into your profile and highlighting activities which can be used to make a positive impression
  • Helping you figure out the content and structure of the essay
  • Giving you tips on how the readability and flow of the essay can be improved
  • Making sure that every line is personalized and is unique to your profile
  • One of the reasons why we have a huge success rate is because of our personalization – we help you with what exactly needs to be added to your essays, but the writing part should be done by you which we will then edit to perfection.

Do you have an office that we can visit?

We have made a conscious decision to stay digital and because of that, we have been able to have a global presence & help people from all over the world.

Furthermore, it allows us to attend to your queries no matter what the time, via email and Skype. (No 9-5 schedule with us)

So in case you want an appointment with us, we can have a face-to-face conversation on Skype (Its way more convenient than meeting face to face and as effective)

Which service should I opt for?

Each package is customized to meet specific needs

a) MiM Essay Editing: This package is designed for people who want help with just the essays and feel they have a fair idea of how to go about the resume and letter of recommendations. Via a comprehensive brainstorming session, Skype sessions to discuss each essay and five high-quality edits, we will make sure your essays shine and show what value you will bring to the schools.

b) MiM All in One (Recommended): Apart from all the essay editing services mentioned above, the All in One features our expert advice and editing services to perfect your resume, edit your Letter of Recommendations and prepare for your interviews. This way we can cover your application from all sides and make sure that the message being sent to the school is consistent with the brand you are portraying. Further, we offer unlimited essay edits for all your application material to ensure that they are as perfect as they can be. This way we make sure your application reaches the next level.

c) Advanced Support: The Advanced support is for people who don’t want to take any chances & want to finish their applications ASAP. Apart from all the features offered in MiM All in One, the advanced support allows you put an extra edge to your application, by offering you unlimited live essay edit sessions via Skype, a one on one session with an alumni of your target school and super fast turn around time on your edits.

Usually, 80% of our applicants prefer to take the All in One, and we have a 92%+ success rate with the same.

How many schools should I select?

Usually, we recommended taking our packages for 3 schools and above.

This has the following benefits

  • You can get a higher discount on multiple school packages (up to 25%)
  • Applying to more schools helps us hedge your risk. It is never a wise strategy to bank all your cards on one school
  • We can help you decide which schools you should take on and divide your school list into dream, competitive & safe schools
  • The best practice is to apply to at least 4-6 schools, this ensures maximum chance of success

What are your prices for services offered?

We have a couple of services depending on your requirements. Here’s a list of flagship services we offer along with their pricing –

MiM All in One

1 School – 379$ | Rs. 24,499

2 Schools – 689$ | Rs. 44,499 (Save upto 11%)

3 Schools – 939$ | Rs. 60,499 (Save upto 18%)

4 Schools – 1149$ | Rs. 73,999 (Save upto 25%)

(Service offered for upto 6 schools)

MiM Essay Editing

1 School – 259$ | Rs. 16,699

2 Schools – 479$ | Rs. 30,899 (Save upto 8% )

3 Schools – 659$ | Rs. 42,499 (Save upto 15% )

4 Schools – 819$ | Rs. 52,799 (Save upto 21%)

(Service offered for upto 6 schools)

Aren't your prices a bit higher?

Well, they may look so, but actually, our prices are very competitive and even lower than other consulting groups.

Just do a quick Google search, and you will realize the same.

Most other consultants charge much more and are highly commercial, with a majority just offering one edit after the brainstorming session before declaring your essay done. This leads to a template type approach with un-personalized essays and a high chance of rejection.

Here are some other ways we are different:

  • All our consultants are Master in Management educated themselves and know the degree in & out
  • You get direct 24×7 access to your consultant, this ensures your doubts are resolved fast
  • We have an overall 92% success rate, & our clients love us. Read our testimonials.
  • Our service is highly personalized & via several one on one sessions we ensure your essays are unique
  • Over 35% of our client’s bag scholarships, anywhere between 6k to 25k dollars
  • We are the only company to offer a 100% money back guarantee, this ensures that our service quality is nothing but the best. Read about our refund policy here.
  • Hence you can be assured that you will be provided with the great value addition at an affordable price.

We would be happy to schedule a Skype call and explain the same in detail to you.

What are the different payment methods available and can I pay in partly installment?

You have the option to pay through either Paypal (in US Dollars) or Instamojo (Instamojo is an online payment portal via which you can pay in Indian Rupees).

And yes, for packages above 2 schools we do have EMI options (via Credit card) as well, so you can consider taking that route too.

When would be ideal time to start?

Usually, we suggest having 15-20 days per application/school. This allows you to work on the drafts at your own pace and gives you enough time to handle other commitments you may be having.

In fact, the earlier you start the better (we have clients who start 2-3 months in advance) this way you can handle your GMAT prep in parallel to your application creation, and even delay your GMAT as late as a week before your application deadline.

Also, in case you have 10 days or lesser to your deadline, please contact us ASAP so that we can help you create a timeline and ensure that we can make the most of the time remaining, and meet the oncoming deadline.

Is this service applicable only for the MiM? Because I am applying to another course

Though we started off as specialised in the Master in Management, with time and increasing demand, we have expanded into a lot of different degrees, and have helped people with everything from the Management side (MBA, MFin, Masters in Business Analytics) to the Engineering side (MS, MEM), all with an impeccable success rate.

So if you have any other application requirements or need help with any other degree, feel free to get in touch with us and we can explain in-depth how we will help you out.

What is the process to become an MiM-essay client? Where do I sign up for the same?

Well, the process is really simple. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with us and once you’re convinced that you want to take up our services, you can make the payment on the respective service page listed on the menu. We will then start the process within the next 12 hours. To schedule an appointment, click here.

General FAQs

What is your succes rate? How many have you placed in Top 10 B Schools?

We have helped 800+ applicants from over 32 nationalities, with a great success rate of 92%! And a majority of them have been placed in Top 10 B Schools of their choice.

Do you cater to clients from specific geography?

Not at all. Over the years, we have placed clients from 32+ Nationalities (Americans, French, Italians, Indians, Chinese, Germans, Vietnamese, etc) into Top Business Schools of their choice.

Which programs are in most demand? How many clients have you had for the same?

Apart from MiM, MBA, MS programs which are pretty popular among applicants worldwide, we regularly receive clients interested in pursuing –

Masters in Finance (MFin),
Masters in Engineering Management (MEM),
Masters in Data Analytics/Data Science/Business Analytics.
In fact, 30% of our client list consists of applicants interested to pursue these new popular programs.

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