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Best 17 Free GMAT Practice Tests to Download

The GMAT test is a standardised exam used by various schools and universities to determine graduate school admissions. Although a GMAT score is not the one factor that universities consider in their admissions decisions, it can be a significant one, so you should study for it and attempt to do well on it.

The test evaluates your analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative abilities, and verbal skills. You’ll need a strong balance of these skills to get into and succeed at a competitive business school.

GMAT practice materials

To prepare for an exam of such calibre, candidates need to prepare strategies and a plan of action. Taking practice exams is one of the most effective strategies to prepare for a test. Newcomers, who have never appeared for a competitive exam like this, should start with free GMAT practice tests. It will help them understand the exam’s content, like the paper pattern, different sections, duration, questions types and more.

Today, we have listed down the 17 best GMAT practice tests available online for all the GMAT aspirants. These tests are free to download and can help you familiarise yourself with the actual exam. 

GMAT Practice Tests: What Are the Options?

GMAT Official website

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the authority that conducts the GMAT exams, also offers the practice tests on their official website. These official exams are the most accurate representations of the real exam since they use the same algorithm for scoring and adaptive testing system.

Free online material

Numerous additional websites offer free GMAT preparation materials. This article includes a list of 17 best practice tests. Collect all of the free tests, and you’ll have plenty of practice exams to get you ready for the exam. These websites can also assist you in making your preparation decision by providing paid courses that will help you further improve your performance.

Paid Courses material

Practice exams will only get you so far. To get a perfect GMAT score, you’ll need to improve on your shortcomings and make the most of the time you have to prepare. Many experts recommend that candidates should take the complete preparation course. However, you should check out the free material before making any final selections. You can concentrate on other study materials after you know the material you are most comfortable with.

free GMAT practice tests

What Makes a Good GMAT Practice Test?

While preparing this list, we have considered the following points. A good GMAT practice test must include these elements.

  • Sample Questions from all the section
  • Answers key along with the explanations
  • A practice test that resembles the real exam
  • Performance report and analysis
  • Exam kit and resources

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Official GMAT Practice Materials

A starter kit containing two practice exams is available for free. It includes two full-length adaptive practice examinations that allow you to design custom practice sets based on the types of questions and their difficulty levels. The exam pattern and scoring algorithm are the same as on the real exam that simulates the experience of taking the actual GMAT exam. The starter kit also helps you measure your progress, target your study efforts, and keep track of your performance and time management.

Establish a time and score baseline with the Starter Kit. Create practice exams to help you concentrate on the areas where you need to improve. After you’ve mastered the free practice tests, add further Practice Exams. With the help of these resources, you can create your collection of full-length practice examinations and custom practice tests.

GMAT practice

Unofficial Free GMAT Practice Test

1 – Kaplan’s GMAT Test Practice

You can take a free full-length GMAT practise test at any time. You will receive a thorough score analysis to help you understand your strengths and areas for improvement.

For further practice, you can check out the Qbank section at Kaplan. The Qbank is a unique practice problem tool that allows students to customise personalised tests depending on factors such as topic, question type, and difficulty. The Qbank has over 2,300 questions and is a wonderful way to identify your weak spots. 

To assure improvement, you might build specific practice problem sets and ratchet up the pressure using timed restrictions. In the Qbank, there is a written explanation for every problem with each question to help you with the answer. These explanations break down the problem, evaluate the components that make it complex and explain why each option is correct or incorrect. Overall, these explanations are well-written and understandable. Such tools are essential for helping you improve on your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

You can try it for free for 7 days. Kaplan’s curriculum is extensive, their online content is top-notch in terms of content and delivery, and they offer a wealth of study resources.


2 – Veritas

Veritas Prep’s GMAT practice tests are completely computer-adaptive, just like the real test, ensuring that you obtain the most realistic GMAT questions and the most accurate results possible. Computer-adaptive scoring provides you with a precise score projection and real questions closely resembling what you’ll see on the real GMAT. It will help if you get a detailed explanation of the questions commonly asked in the exam, where you’re making mistakes, and how to prevent them in the future for each question. The assessment reports detail every facet of your performance, from question type success to pacing on each exam part.

Veritas Prep’s practice tests are meant to be as close to the official GMAT as possible, both in terms of question quality and algorithm that calculates your skill level. GMAT practice exams are built from a database of over 1,400 real-world GMAT questions, each of which is scored on numerous criteria.

You will get one practice test for free, which includes in-depth solutions. You can also get the first lesson of the GMAT course for free.


3 – Manhattan Prep Practice Test

Begin your GMAT preparation with free GMAT resource tools. Everything you need to get started, from a full-length GMAT practice test to interactive tutorials to a day-long live Foundations of Math workshop, all free of cost.

The GMAT practice examinations offered by Manhattan Prep are extremely accurate in predicting a student’s GMAT score. The realistic calibration gives you a test-taking experience that is similar to the actual GMAT. Question content that is up to date represents the reality of what you’ll see on test day. Your scores will help you determine whether you’re ready to take the real test and attain your target score.

Create individual Assessment Reports for each exam you take to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Review the detailed answer explanations to help you study more effectively.

Get a detailed analysis of each question you answer, including information on the level of difficulty, topic, subtopic, and more. You can choose whether to take your test timed or untimed by changing the timing options.

After completing all six tests, you can choose to reset the question pool and take more practice tests with Optional Exam Reset.

Test yourself for free, get a free full-length GMAT Practice Exam.


4 – Princeton Review

Princeton Review not only provide you with a free GMAT practice test, but it also invites you to attend an info session at just $0. Additionally, you will get a 14 day free trial for the online tools that power their GMAT prep programmes.

The free practice test is a full-length, question-by-question computer-adaptive test that closely resembles the real GMAT. You’ll leave with a realistic grasp of the test and your chances of passing. A detailed, interactive score report that gives you precise feedback on how you’re spending your time and where you may improve.

You can access interactive video lectures and adaptive tips on the following topics:

  • Plugging In: Popular tips for turning tough algebra questions into simple arithmetic.
  • Data Sufficiency: Using the Pieces of the Puzzle method, you’ll be able to analyse statements for data-sufficiency questions.
  • Subject-Verb Agreement: Learn the guidelines and a basic method for this widely encountered issue in Sentence Correction.
  • Critical Reasoning: Learn how to locate the essential aspects of the argument and the features of incorrect solutions.

The GMAT trial begins right after you join and lasts for 14 days.


5 – 800score test

The 800score GMAT test series has been the most popular downloaded GMAT computer-based test series, and most GMAT prep organisations use it. You can give free sectional tests on their websites. You will have access to the first exam’s Quant parts. Upon upgrading, you can access the remaining sections of the exam.

The 800score GMAT prep course is widely popular because of the following reasons.

  • Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT): Questions are chosen from a pool of questions categorised by difficulty level to fit your ability level, much like on the real GMAT.
  • Tutor Support and a Built-in Forum: Many questions on the test are linked to GMAT Forums staffed by GMAT professionals.
  • Performance Analysis: With detailed explanations, you can learn from your incorrect answers. Analytical graphs and performance analyses are included in the tests.
  • Video Explanations: Over 40 video and flash movie explanations for the most difficult problems are included in the tests.

Test Pacer instructs you on how to complete the test on time and serves as a training wheel for learning pacing tactics. It will notify students of common mistakes they make. Test Pacer has helped students with their strategic errors like taking an excessive amount of time to answer a question, or making a poor decision due to haste, changing a correct response option or failing to answer all of the questions.


6 – Prep Adviser Test

Under the Prep Adviser Test, the Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal components of the GMAT examination are included. The IR section was recently added. So, you’ll need to take it separately before moving on to the Quantitative and Verbal sections rather than taking them altogether.

The exam includes some good free GMAT practice questions, although they are often easier than those found on the real GMAT. You’ll see a timer and a question tracker while taking the test. You can also take a break from the test and come back to it later.

The AWA component is not included on the Prep Adviser free GMAT exam. You will have to do it yourself, separately, which you might start by picking one of the official AWA prompts and setting out 30 minutes to write an essay.


7 – McGraw-Hill

McGraw-Hill website has 6 practice tests available for free. Full-length GMAT practice tests to monitor your progress and familiarise yourself with the test structure. McGraw-free Hill’s GMAT tests are available in both timed and untimed formats, and you can log out and save your progress at any time. You’ll be able to see how many questions you got correct in each part on the score reports, and you’ll be able to look over answer explanations.

Additionally, free Problem-Solving Videos demonstrate how to answer common GMAT Quantitative and Verbal questions. Topics covered under video solutions include Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency, Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction. The author’s present step-by-step solutions to the Quantitative and Verbal problems you might expect to see on the test in each video.

8 – GMAT Club Test Practice

GMAT club’s in-house tests were created to push anyone to their limits. The most difficult questions on the market. Over half of the 1,614 questions are 700-level or higher. These questions are designed to assist you in obtaining the Q51 score by identifying shortcomings that are exploited by the GMAT’s most difficult questions.

You will not only receive all possible inputs regarding each question, but you will also receive intuitive and useful reports that will assist you in identifying flaws, identifying patterns, and maximising your return on investment of time. Then, based on the questions you marked, guessed, failed, or took more than 3 minutes to answer, utilise the analytics to create a bespoke quiz for you.

Furthermore, each question has its analytics that shows you information about your own and other test takers’ performance. It includes question difficulty, per cent of users who marked it as a guess, per cent of users who bookmark this question, and per cent of those who found this question helpful to their learning.

GMAT Club has two GMAT practice tests, one computer-adaptive Quantitative and the other computer-adaptive Verbal test. Both are 75 minutes long and include genuine questions and illustrations. There are also separate sets of critical thinking, reading comprehension, sentence correction, and math questions available.

You can start their tests for free.


9 – Test Prep Practice

Test Prep Reviews also lists free online practice tests.

Rather than full practice tests, it divides the Quantitative and Verbal parts into individual practice sections based on the question type. GMAT practice questions for reading comprehension, sentence correction, critical reasoning, data sufficiency, and problem-solving. These questions are ideal for honing abilities and gaining additional experience answering GMAT-style questions.

Many test-takers preparing for the exam spend thousands of dollars on test prep courses when a few study guides and free Test Prep practice tests should suffice.


10- Babson (or London Business School) Practice Test

Babson College is well-known for its top-tier business education programmes and its international and diverse student body. It offers a full-time MBA programme that is designed to help you develop a business mindset. It was also ranked number 1 for the best MBA program in Entrepreneurship. Hence, it is no brainer that the school look forward to uplift those with entrepreneurial spirits. Therefore you can find GMAT sample papers and tips on their official website to help applicants prepare for the exam.

The practice test includes realistic, timed math and verbal components in the assessments. However, it lacks AWA and Integrated Reasoning topics. You can also take a micro exam or a small exam to get a taste of GMAT testing in a lesser amount of time. To take the test, you must first create an account. The free sample GMAT test is provided to assist you in becoming comfortable with the examination and its format.

The London Business School also provides similar free sectional practice tests on their website.

11 – Manhattan Review Practice Test

The GMAT practise examinations offered by Manhattan Review are extremely accurate in forecasting a student’s GMAT score. Furthermore, Adaptive calibration and Select Section Order are used for the practice tests that are identical to the real exam.

The realistic calibration gives you a test-taking experience that is comparable to the actual GMAT. Question content that is up to date represents the reality of what you’ll see on test day. Thus, your scores will help you determine whether you’re ready to take the real test and attain your target score.

Create assessment reports for exams you take to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, get a detailed analysis of each answer, including the level of difficulty, topic, subtopic, and more. Review the detailed answer explanations to help you study more effectively.


12 – The Economist

The online study platform of The Economist GMAT Tutor employs cutting-edge technology, including crowd wisdom and machine-learning algorithms, to identify your learning habits and patterns. It customises practice problems and solutions to have the most influence on your studying and your grade. More than 3000 GMAT practice questions have been developed by a team of GMAT professionals for the Economist GMAT Tutor course. As you proceed through your classes and practice tests, the focused questions will display. The course will recognise your strengths and weaknesses and tailor the questions it offers to your needs, allowing you to improve in your weaker subjects and prepare more effectively.

As a result, the programme operates as your own tutor, taking you through the best sequence of practice problems for you. For preparations, you can visit and sign up for their 7 days free trial with GMAT Tutor. The Economist GMAT tutor provides GMAT Prep resources as well.


13 – GMAT Pill

The GMAT Pill Practice Test is a completely free add-on to the GMAT Pill Online course. Take this chance to sign up and claim a free GMAT practice test. The duration of this test is 2.5 hours, contrary to the 3 hours GMAT test. It does not include the AWA essay. The test focuses on 30 min for IR, then 65 min for Verbal and 62 min for Quant. 

Take one of GMAT Pill’s practice tests to get an experience for the real exam. The test is computer adaptive. You’ll get your final score out of 800, as well as your IR score. Meanwhile, you can also monitor your performance with Industry-first Timing Charts.

Evaluate your speed with a colour-coded table and charts. Find out areas where you’re falling behind and need assistance.


14 – Magoosh practice tests

Although there are no free practice tests on Mangoosh, its GMAT prep course is a low-cost option that gets the job done. The course provides high-quality material for each section of the test, along with 300+ video lessons. There are 1300+ Practice questions and 2 full-length practice tests to improve your GMAT score. Magoosh, unlike other test prep services, provides a video lesson menu for training. You will have a list of all the topics included in the practice material and have the power to start with any topic. Magoosh has organised the training videos into sections, and some of the courses build on one another (Geometry I, Geometry II, to name a few). However, the student is in the driver’s seat when it comes to curriculum structure.

Moving forward, the material provided is accurate, and the 340+ lessons cover every major topic and specific subtopics on the GMAT. That is to say, the course includes everything you’ll need to prepare for the exam and improve your score.

You can also sign up for a free 1-week GMAT Trial, which gives you access to over 30 training videos and 30 practice questions.


15 – Test Masters

Thousands of students have used Testmasters GMAT prep courses to get into their dream graduate business school. The instructors are experts in their fields and have received considerable training in GMAT test preparation. Several educators with an in-depth understanding of specific areas lead Testmasters GMAT classes. Instructors at Testmasters are qualified to assist students in identifying and improving on their areas of weakness. Testmasters GRE course material includes hundreds of pages of sample questions with detailed explanations. It is based on actual exams, and they include unique strategies and suggestions to help you succeed on test day. The Testmasters GMAT prep course ensures at least a 100-point boost on your GMAT score.

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GMAT preparation

How to Make the Most of GMAT Practice Tests

1: Take a Practice Test Every Two to Three Weeks

Now that you have collected more than a dozen free practice tests and related materials, it is time to utilise those resources to your best advantage. Practice tests are an excellent way to keep track of your progress. Use the GMAT exam to diagnose your starting score, then on to the next practice test to track your progress. You’ll see if you’re on track to accomplish your objectives and what you can do to improve your study habits.
Although there is no set amount of practice exams to take before the exam, you should take one test every two to three weeks. You don’t want to take too many since you’ll become burned out, but they can help you see how you’re progressing and acquire experience taking the test. Perhaps you’ll become so comfortable with the exam that the real GMAT will feel like another practice test.

2: Measure your Progress after Every Practice Test Given

If you merely take a practice test and move on, you won’t gain much out of it. As previously said, you should take time to record any errors, determine the source of your errors, and determine what you need to do to correct them. Analyse how you performed in each segment and on each type of question. Examine your pacing to see if you need to quicken or slow down. Consider your strengths and weaknesses, and utilise this information to alter your study strategy as needed.

3: If Missing, Add and Score Your Own AWA Section

The AWA part is not included in some free GMAT examinations since a computer cannot grade the essay. There is no scoring for this section as well. You should include your own AWA part before Integrated Reasoning to achieve the most authentic test experience.
Pick a prompt from the list and set aside 30 minutes to plan and type your response. You may also try using the AWA rubric to score your essay, or you could switch essays with your exam partner and rate each other.

4: Time Management & Accuracy is the Key

“Time management is key,” according to the GMAT creators. Your timing skills could increase or decrease your score by 100 points. Because the test has specific pacing requirements, timing abilities are essential.
Practice tests can help you reinforce skills and concepts, but they can also help you manage your time better. To perform well on the GMAT, you must complete all of the questions before the time limit. You only have two minutes per question on average.

If you need to be extremely precise with your timing, several practice GMAT tests allow you to specify a time limit for each question. Many of them also show you how much time you spent on each question at the end.
You might establish goals for yourself, such as having answered slightly more than half of the questions in a section at the halfway point. Check if you’re meeting those criteria throughout the segment, not just at the conclusion, while you take practice tests.

5: Keep a Question Log

Keep a question log and jot down any questions you got wrong or you were unsure about. Examine the answer explanations to determine what caught you up. You can take precise steps to correct your mistake by identifying the source of your error. Practice exams allow you to identify your weak areas to improve them for the next time.

6: Consider Official GMAT Practice Tests With Purchased Material

Finally, you might want to consider purchasing GMAT prep materials to augment these free GMAT practice tests.
Official exams and questions are the most realistic, and they are graded in the same way as the GMAT. Official GMAT questions, more than any other free practice exam, are the most similar to those you’ll see on test day. For a price, many of the test mentioned above prep websites offer additional practice examinations. You should buy these practice exams if you want to stick to a specific structure rather than jumping between websites.
Overall, you should have enough testing experience to hone your skills, establish a test-taking routine, and feel confident on test day.


Although the GMAT is costly, GMAT practice exams are free. There are many high-quality, free computer-adaptive GMAT practice exams available online.

The free GMAT Prep Software from GMAC, which includes two sample examinations and 90 practice questions, should be your first call. You can take these exams as many times as you like.

Take unofficial GMAT practice tests to track your progress as you prepare. These tests can provide important information, but keep in mind that they don’t employ the same scoring method as the official GMAT exam. The scores can give you an idea of where you stand in your current score range, but they aren’t always accurate.

Taking sample GMAT tests is an excellent approach to get GMAT experience before the real test. You can work toward mastery of this difficult exam by pacing yourself and examining your findings.

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