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GMAT Score for ISB: The Perfect GMAT Score That Will Get You Into ISB

The Indian School of Business, also known as ISB, is one of India’s premier management institutions. The institution was ranked number 24 in the Financial Times’ assessment of the top 100 worldwide business schools. It’s not as easy as it seems to get into this business school, one of the top choices for Indian MBA aspirants. Like any other international business school, you must first pass the GMAT exam to be admitted to ISB. However, it’s crucial to know the minimum GMAT score needed for ISB before you start your exam preparation. If you’re wondering what the GMAT cutoff score is for ISB, you’ve come to the right place.

Top business schools in India include the Indian School of Business, or ISB, which is well-known for its esteemed Post Graduate Program (PGP). This business school has two state-of-the-art campuses, one in Mohali and one in Hyderabad.

ISB’s meticulously crafted one-year programme blends a rigorous, research-based curriculum with practical business applications to develop world leaders. The school provides a fruitful opportunity for professionals in the middle of their careers to grow into global leaders capable of handling issues both today and in the future.

ISB has a major screening requirement, like any other international business school, including the GMAT score.

Your GMAT score determines your academic preparedness for an ISB course. So that you may properly prepare for the exam, it’s important to be informed of the ISB GMAT cutoff scores in advance. See this page for a basic overview of the GMAT for ISB.

About Indian School of Busines

ISB has two campuses in India, one in the southern state of Telangana and one in the northern state of Punjab. Mohali and ISB Hyderabad have relatively the same GMAT requirements. The ISBs are renowned for their specialised graduate business programmes, designed to provide you with a complete and in-depth grasp of business. The ISB programmes provide a rigorous, research-based curriculum and several opportunities to get real-world experience.

Another service offered by ISB Hyderabad is the Post Graduate Curriculum in Management (PGP), a distinctive one-year curriculum that focuses on the international business industry. Obtaining a good GMAT score is essential to get accepted into the renowned Indian School of Business. ISB alumni usually find well-paying professions due to the college’s reputation and extensive recognition, which signals high-quality training and education.

Why is ISB in demand?

The Indian School of Business, also known as ISB, is one of India’s premier business schools. The college has consistently been among the top 25 business schools in the world by the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking, surpassing IIMs, the key participants in the Indian business school landscape. As a result, it is simple to comprehend why Indian MBA hopefuls choose ISB and why the entrance is so challenging.

The GMAT score is one of the most important components of the application package, even if there are several requirements for ISB’s MBA programme. The subject of this article is the GMAT score required for admission to ISB or many of what you may refer to as the Right ISB GMAT scores.

So What is the ‘Right’ ISB GMAT Score?

All applicants must remember that the GMAT is just one of several prerequisites for admission to the ISB. It shows that while a satisfactory score above a threshold is inevitably necessary, a very high score is not a guarantee for admission because applications consider several other variables, including the applicant’s general profile and career experience.

To further understand the GMAT requirement, we need to look at the characteristics of the 2020 class. There are two ISB campuses, one each in Hyderabad and Mohali. The GMAT score varied from 600 to 770 for the class of 2020. The typical GMAT score for the Hyderabad and Mohali campuses was 710 and 708, respectively.

Will Only your GMAT Score Matter?

Given the numbers, there isn’t much to choose between the two campuses. What particularly stands out about GMAT results is their wide range! The range is wide since it shows the highest and lowest scores accepted, which is crucial to remember. This might not present a clear image because of the existence of outliers. It implies that a candidate representing their country in an athletic competition may have been admitted with a score of 600. A second applicant with a 770 was also approved. If we go back to the average, knowing that a class score is between 80% and 85% is beneficial, even though it does provide a decent idea.

Given the numbers, there isn’t much to choose between the two campuses. What particularly stands out about GMAT results is their wide range! The range is wide since it shows the highest and lowest scores accepted, which is crucial to remember. This might not present a clear image because of the existence of outliers. It implies that a candidate representing their country in an athletic competition may have been admitted with a score of 600. A second applicant with a 770 was also approved. If we go back to the average, knowing that a class score is between 80% and 85% is beneficial, even though it does provide a decent idea. An applicant who scored 760 was rejected.

Average GMAT score at ISB

The average GMAT score for the ISB class of 2019 is 709. Given that the average GMAT score for ISB has consistently been around 710 over the past five years, we can reasonably predict that this trend could persist.

At the macro level, we employ a simple 5-step process to determine an acceptable score for admission to ISB. Using this strategy, we add 20 points to the average GMAT score of the most recent batch to produce a safe bet for any B-school. This means that to be approached for an ISB interview, a GMAT score of 730 or above is required.

We will further evaluate candidates’ test results for the class of 2020 to establish the scores that enhance the chance of receiving an interview invitation and, subsequently, increase the likelihood of getting admitted to ISB.


We will evaluate the information from applications, interviews, and eventually approved candidates from the applicant pool for the class of 2020 to establish the optimal GMAT score for ISB. We found this information on the ISB decision tracker page on the gmatclub website, where several candidates have updated the status of their applications. We’ll look at the class of 2020 application pool in this post, considering the test results of the candidates who were accepted, waitlisted, and selected.


  • A startling 82 people were admitted to ISB with scores between 710 and 740.
  • Most candidates (58) and interview invitees (52) were recorded with a score of 710.
  • All applicants who scored 740 or higher received an invitation to an interview, and the majority of candidates also received an acceptance letter.
  • The score of 740 had the greatest acceptance percentage (82%), with 9 out of 11 applicants receiving admission letters.
  • They sent out invitations to interviews for a sizable proportion of GMAT scores between 690 and 740. (156)
    Scores of less than 710 have a much lower admittance rate than 680 and above, which have an invitation rate of more than 70%.
  • Even those who this year obtained noticeably lower ratings were invited. As we can see, 4 of the nine candidates with a score of 650 who received a call for an interview were chosen.
  • Additionally, this esteemed business school accepted two candidates with scores of 610 and 620.


The statistics, as mentioned earlier, indicate that a GMAT score between 710 and 740 is optimum for being invited to an ISB interview.

A score in this area will also be extremely helpful for the final admissions offer because the conversion ratio in this range is higher than 65%.

When you get to this point, you should concentrate on creating a solid web presence and doing admirably in interviews.

A small number of candidates with scores under 700 were also granted consideration for interviews showing that even applicants with low scores may succeed with great performance on other application-process criteria.

If your score falls between 710 and 740, the path to ISB gets easier, but only if your application stands out in a crowded field of candidates.

GMAT Score Required for ISB Admissions

Knowing the cutoff score from the previous several years is important for understanding the GMAT score that ISB requires. Look at the ISB GMAT cutoff scores from the last five years.

Year Average Score For ISB Score Range
2020 710 600-770
2019 709 600-780
2018 707 600-780
2017 704 600-770
2016 700 600-700

The ISB average GMAT scores from previous years make it clear that you may need to earn a score of 700 or over to get admitted, even if ISB hasn’t explicitly established a specific GMAT cutoff number. A GMAT score of 600 continues to be required for ISB admittance. Even though a score of 710 or above will surely help you land an interview call from ISB, the higher your score is above the average GMAT score for ISB, the more probable it is that you will obtain a final acceptance letter.

It is also interesting from the data mentioned above that the ISB GMAT cutoff for 2020 was 710+, given that the average GMAT score of the incoming class of 2020 was 710+. You’ll be glad to learn that you may discover the ISB GRE cutoff by converting your GRE results to GMAT scores. If your GRE score falls within the range of the usual ISB cutoff GMAT score, you may submit an application using it. You can submit your GMAT exam results to the school using the ISB GMAT number N2DJ501.

One of the numerous factors examined throughout the admissions process is your ISB average GMAT score. In other words, although admission is dependent on a high score, admittance is not guaranteed by this. Consider, too, that you have a stellar record in other domains, such as academic excellence, professional experience, volunteer work with non-profits, etc. A poor GMAT score won’t prohibit you from being admitted to such a situation.

We have answered your questions on the minimal and ideal GMAT scores for ISB, so you now have a better grasp of the usual GMAT scores required to apply for the ISB postgraduate programme in management. The GMAT is undoubtedly an important factor in ISB admissions, but it isn’t the only requirement. Consequently, it would be best if you started preparing for the GMAT. To find out any additional requirements, visit the ISB website.

GMAT is only a part of the selection process.

To say that the GMAT is not significant would be untrue. It is, without a doubt, a crucial step in the procedure. But a whole bundle is far more enticing! ISB Dean Rajendra Srivastava talks about their diverse approach to the admissions process in his interview with Poets and Quants.

He claims that the typical GMAT scores for MBA programmes are merely helpful for the application screening process. He asserts that candidates with a 750 score have regularly been turned down due to their weak communication abilities. He feels the interview procedure is much more significant because it is challenging to pass for another individual.

Average GMAT scores are achievable!

The aforementioned average scores might seem intimidating, but they are doable. Many people made consistent, organized efforts to get to this position.

The committee is looking for three key criteria in addition to a strong GMAT score:

  • leadership capacity
  • Academic achievement and credentials
  • character qualities
  • Strong or unusual origins are undoubtedly advantageous since they add to a diversified cohort.

Numerous candidates from the engineering and financial sectors have applied to ISB. Therefore, if you fall into this group, you must devise a technique to set yourself apart. Academic excellence is the ideal approach to do it. Consider Shobhit Saxena as an example (class of 2020, ISB). You can only be jealous of the profile of this “financial guy,” as he is known. Throughout his academic career, Shobhit’s high brilliance and flexibility were evident. He was the recipient of several accolades and prizes, yet he always managed to stand out from the pack. His GMAT score of 710 was sufficient to persuade the institution even more.

What is a good GMAT score for ISB?

While a GMAT score of 730 or better would significantly boost your chances of earning the final acceptance letter, any score above 710 can help you get an interview call from ISB.

You better be ready for the following steps of the application process if you have a GMAT Score of 730 or higher and have applied to ISB.


Is job experience a requirement for admission to ISB’s PGP programme?

Yes, having job experience is one of the most important requirements for admission to the ISB PGP programme. You must also fulfil the qualifying standards by having at least two years of full-time job experience and your GMAT scores.

What is the cost of the PGP programme at ISB?

The total cost of the ISB PGP programme, including tuition and housing, is INR 36.3 Lakhs.

Is ISB offering a postponed MBA programme?

ISB does indeed offer two delayed MBA programmes. The Young Leaders Program and the ISB early admission option are the two options.

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