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ISB GMAT Score: The Perfect Score That Will Get You in

ISB GMAT Score: Average, Insights and Trends

If you're considering applying to ISB, understanding the role of the ISB GMAT score is essential. With fierce competition for limited seats, knowing where you stand in terms of GMAT scores would be helpful. 

However, admission to ISB requires meeting specific criteria, including a minimum GMAT score. In this blog, we'll explore everything you need to know about the GMAT cutoff scores for ISB and how to prepare effectively for this critical exam.

So, What is the ‘Average’ ISB GMAT Score?

The typical GMAT score for ISB MBA students in the Class of 2024 is around 720, with most falling between 700 and 800. While the average is 700, admission isn't guaranteed, as candidates must compete with others. To stand out, aiming for a score above 700 is advisable.

A score near 750 shows strong analytical and problem-solving skills, which is essential for MBA programs like ISB. Such high scores often indicate readiness for the challenging coursework. If you've scored well, leverage this advantage in your application.

Some Observations over the years

some observations over the years

  • A startling 82 people were admitted to ISB with scores between 710 and 740.
  • Most candidates (58) and interview invitees (52) were recorded with a score of 710.
  • All applicants who scored 740 or higher received an invitation to an interview, and the majority of candidates also received an acceptance letter.
  • The score of 740 had the greatest acceptance percentage (82%), with 9 out of 11 applicants receiving admission letters.
  • They sent out invitations to interviews for a sizable proportion of GMAT scores between 690 and 740. (156)
    Scores of less than 710 have a much lower admittance rate than 680 and above, which have an invitation rate of more than 70%.
  • Even those who obtained noticeably lower ratings were invited. Four of the nine candidates with a score of 650 who received a call for an interview were chosen.
  • Additionally, this esteemed business school accepted two candidates with scores of 610 and 620.

ISB GMAT Score Insights

As mentioned earlier, the statistics indicate that a GMAT score between 710 and 740 is optimum for being invited to an ISB interview. A score in this area will also benefit the final admissions offer because the conversion ratio in this range is higher than 65%.

A small number of candidates with scores under 700 were also granted consideration for interviews, showing that even applicants with low scores may succeed with excellent performance on other application-process criteria. If your score falls between 710 and 740, the path to ISB gets easier, but only if your application stands out in a crowded field of candidates.

How to enhance your Admission Prospects for ISB

How to enhance your Admission Prospects for ISB

To improve your ISB GMAT score, begin by utilising official GMAT materials and interactive online courses tailored to the test's format and content. Numerous resources provide comprehensive study guides, practice tests, and forums for advice and discussion.

Refer to this GMAT Preparation guide to increase your likelihood of achieving high scores on the exam. Additionally, consider joining study groups or seeking tutoring for personalised support, which can keep you motivated and increase your chances of attaining a competitive score for admission to ISB's MBA program.

Focusing on these aspects and presenting a strong application that highlights your strengths, achievements, and potential contributions can improve your chances of getting into top programs, even if your ISB GMAT score isn't as high.

Analysing the GMAT trends over the years 

Analysing the GMAT trends over the years 

The table presents a comprehensive overview of the average ISB GMAT score from 2019 to 2024. By examining these trends over the years, you can understand the shifting landscape of graduate management education and the evolving performance metrics of test-takers.

Year Average GMAT Score GMAT Score Range
2024 720 600 - 780
2023 720 600 - 780
2022 713 615 - 780 (Mohali), 610 - 760 (Hyderabad)
2021 712 605 - 750 (Mohali), 610 - 775 (Hyderabad)
2020 709 600 - 760 (Mohali), 610 - 770 (Hyderabad)
2019 709 600 - 780 (Mohali), 600 - 770 (Hyderabad)

Does ISB Offer a GMAT Waiver

Unfortunately, no GMAT waiver is available at the Indian School of Business.

If an applicant has taken the GMAT, the school will accept the GRE score. The school looks for GRE scores (both verbal and quantitative) of at least 160. Nonetheless, candidates need to be informed that certain employers might request a GMAT result.

Will Only Your GMAT Score Matter?

While a strong GMAT score is essential and carries weight in the admission process, other factors are also considered. These additional factors include academic background, work experience, essays, recommendations, and interview performance.

The ISB admissions team looks for well-rounded candidates with diverse experiences and leadership potential. While a good GMAT score can enhance your application, other factors influence ISB MBA admissions.

Factors to Elevate Your ISB Application

Factors to Elevate Your ISB Application

Even if your ISB GMAT score isn't as high as you'd like, several vital factors can significantly elevate your application to the Indian School of Business (ISB). Let's explore the essential factors to highlight in your ISB application.

Work Experience

Talk about your job achievements, leadership roles, and how your work has prepared you. Explain how your experience sets you apart from others applying. ISB asks for a minimum of 2 years of work experience. 

Extracurricular Activities

Share what you do outside of work, like community service or leading clubs. Show how these activities demonstrate teamwork and diverse interests, making you a well-rounded candidate.

Focusing on Your Letters of Recommendation (LORs) Can Help

Your recommendation letters are essential for your ISB application. They should come from people who know you well and can share stories about your personality, experiences, and achievements. And the guide for writing the best LORs can help you through this.

Build a Solid Resume

Having a strong resume can give you an advantage. Highlight your promotions, international experiences, leadership roles, and skills.

Focus on your Essays

Talk about what makes you unique and why you'd be a good fit for the program. Use the optional essay to explain anything, like a lower GMAT score, if needed. Writing essays can be challenging, but with the right help, you can meet the school's standards.

Preparation for your interview

The admissions team wants to learn more about you beyond your ISB GMAT score. Get ready for your multiple rounds of interviews, and with the right preparation, you can do well.

To turn your aspirations into reality, you can consult the experts who can help you with your applications.


While the ISB GMAT score remains an essential component of the admissions process, it's imperative to recognise its role within a broader evaluation framework. The ISB admissions committee adopts a holistic approach, considering various factors such as academic performance, professional accomplishments, leadership potential, and personal attributes.

Strategic preparation for the ISB GMAT, coupled with highlighting strengths across multiple dimensions, can significantly bolster an applicant's candidacy. Moreover, showcasing alignment with ISB's values and ethos is pivotal in demonstrating fit with the institution's culture.

Ultimately, ISB aims to foster a diverse and inclusive community of future leaders characterised by excellence, collaboration, and innovation. While the GMAT score holds significance, it is just one facet of the comprehensive evaluation process at ISB.

Is job experience a requirement for admission to ISB’s PGP programme?

Yes, having job experience is one of the most important requirements for admission to the ISB PGP programme. You must also fulfil the qualifying standards by having at least two years of full-time job experience and your GMAT scores.

What is the cost of the PGP programme at ISB?

The total cost of the ISB PGP programme, including tuition and housing, is INR 36.3 Lakhs.

Is ISB offering a postponed MBA programme?

ISB does indeed offer two delayed MBA programmes. The Young Leaders Program and the ISB early admission option are the two options.

Does ISB offer a GMAT waiver for MBA admissions?


Unfortunately, ISB does not offer a GMAT waiver. However, applicants who have taken the GMAT can submit GRE scores as an alternative. The school looks for GRE scores (both verbal and quantitative) of at least 160. Keep in mind that some employers may still request a GMAT result.

What can applicants do to enhance their ISB application if their GMAT score is not as high as desired?


Applicants can focus on highlighting other essential factors in their ISB application, such as work experience, extracurricular activities, strong letters of recommendation, a solid resume, well-crafted essays, and thorough preparation for interviews. These aspects can significantly elevate an applicant's candidacy, even with a lower GMAT score.

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