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Best GRE Books You Need To Ace the Exam In One Go: Must Have GRE Books

Best GRE Books You Need To Ace the Exam

The Graduate Record Exam, or GRE, is known by its full name and is one of the most well-known exams for individuals wishing to pursue postgraduate courses overseas. For most colleges, applicants must get a specific GRE score to be considered for admission. Test takers must have scores equal to or greater than the GRE cutoff to be considered for admission and eligible for any scholarships offered by the institution or an organisation.

Preparing for the GRE might seem overwhelming if you need help knowing where to begin, what books to buy, or which internet resources to employ. It would be particularly challenging for students with tight budgets to buy several study guides, flashcards, and other study materials. Let's face it, getting a good score on the GRE requires more than just one GRE book or resource.

To help our readers get the GRE scores they want, we're going to concentrate on the top GRE study materials in this post, including GRE prep books, the best books for GRE preparation, the best GRE books for self-study, and the best GRE books for 2022 for all GRE parts.

Best GRE Prep Books Summary


Preparing for the GRE is a critical step in starting the graduate school application process. Your preparation time and effort will significantly influence your final score and, consequently, the graduate institutions to which you are admitted. You may raise your GRE score by working hard and using the correct prep book. To start studying sooner rather than later, look at one of the top GRE prep books listed below.

Our in-depth review lists the top GRE Books to help you ace the test and just be admitted to the graduate programme of your choice.

Magoosh GRE Prep

Magoosh GRE Prep is another option for your GRE study material. When studying for the GRE, you should be aware of the prep book by Magoosh, produced by one of the country's top online test-prep organisations. More than 1,000 sample test questions, full-length exams, hundreds of lectures, and videos explaining each question and answer are available online for this thorough GRE pre guide.

I received statistics for each practice question in Magoosh's GRE prep book, giving me a sense of the difficulty level and a full-length practice exam with an answer key and thorough explanations. I was pleasantly delighted to find that it also gave me some pointers and questions to help with my practice writing GRE essays. When you choose Magoosh's GRE prep book, you will get even more practice with the online full-length practice exams, personalised questions, and GRE prep video lectures.

This year, a new addition to Magoosh's GRE prep book is test-taking guidance from authorities who assisted in developing the GRE. It also has a study schedule to help you prepare for test day and a list of simple methods and suggestions to help you ace any question type you could encounter on the test. This book includes 130 practice problems, answers, explanations, and courses covering quantitative, verbal, and analytical principles.

Kaplan GRE Prep Plus

When you have the Kaplan GRE Prep Plus step-by-step instructions, preparing for the GRE is simpler than ever. This study guide by Kaplan, one of the top exam preparation providers, is no different. There are several tested test-taking tactics in this book. The fact that you receive a year's worth of access to the Kaplan online practice tests and courses, along with purchasing this GRE book struck me as a huge plus and will provide you with more study options.

This GRE prep book includes five full-length online practise exams, one of its most valuable components. This practice material is offered in a computer-based manner to help you prepare for the actual exam. A full-length GRE practice exam and more than 1,700 questions with thorough explanations are also included in this study guide. With the help of the performance reports in this study guide, I could easily customise my study schedule.

Additionally, you may use the 500-question online Qbank to tailor your GRE preparation. With this GRE test preparation book, written by instructors with years of expertise at Kaplan, you receive the complete package, including professional advice, access to stress-reduction techniques, and test-taking tactics.

Test Prep Books GRE Prep

Test Prep Books were developed by professionals specifically for test takers wishing to raise their results. A comprehensive description of the GRE, including what to anticipate and how to prepare, is provided by GRE Prep. It also offers helpful test-taking tactics. This manual also offers practical advice on reducing exam anxiety and developing a GRE study schedule. One of the top GRE preparation books will provide additional experience in the GRE's subject areas, such as analytical, verbal, and quantitative reasoning.

I got access to in-depth answer explanations for every to practise question in this GRE prep book, allowing me to pinpoint my areas for growth. This study guide also contains a thorough overview for you to consider both before and after completing the practice exams. The best test-taking advice and analyses of the kinds of questions and material you will encounter on the exam set this GRE test guide apart from the competition. In addition to GRE preparation resources, this prep book includes exam-taking advice and sample test questions. This is one of the top GRE preparation books to raise your total score.

The Princeton Review GRE Prep

Utilise The Princeton Review GRE Prep, one of the top GRE prep materials available, to fully prepare for the test. The Princeton Review has added more online practice test questions, in-depth subject studies, and four full-length practice exams to their GRE prep book. You also get a $100 credit toward a Princeton Review-affiliated online GRE course when you buy this prep book, which is a little extra.

This prep guide is brimming with advice on how to ace the GRE and raise your score. With practical strategies and thorough examples of how to approach each question type, you may learn how to pace yourself while making the most of your time and improving your understanding of the GRE topic areas. Each test component is well reviewed in this study guide, and I found the practice on arithmetic and reading comprehension helpful. The comprehensive vocabulary list and essential concepts in The Princeton Review GRE prep book impressed me.

Use the practice questions for each exam segment in this book while you study to raise your GRE score. Analytical writing, verbal, and mathematical content are all addressed. Step-by-step instructions, two full-length practice exams (one in the book, one online), and two full-length practise tests are all included in this study guide. Access detailed score reports offered with the online examinations after finishing the practise exams.

Manhattan Prep 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems


With the Manhattan Prep 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems, you may ease the burden of your GRE exam preparation. This top-selling GRE Books comes with an interactive learning platform, a lesson library, and practise tests online. This study guide also contains a handy cheat sheet of important math rules to help you brush up on your knowledge and sharpen your quantitative abilities, as well as micro drills and new mixed timed sets to help you understand how to pace yourself throughout the test.

The 1,800 practise questions that cover every area on the test are the main component of this 5-pound GRE Books. I thought this was perfect for me. I learn best by doing, thus the more practise problems there are, the better in my opinion. Each practise test question was created by specialists at Manhattan Prep to help students deepen their comprehension of the material covered on the GRE. With each of the practise problems in this book, full explanations, solutions, and step-by-step implementations are provided. When studying for the GRE, the on-demand learning platform that comes with this practise book gives you even more tools to help you learn from your errors and hone your test-taking abilities.

ETS Free GRE Full-Length Practice Tests

The organisation behind the GRE test is called ETS. Two free full-length GRE exams that you may do by creating a free account are one of the nicest things they provide on their website. Additionally, these GRE practise exams are not just any tests; they are actual GRE examinations that have been discontinued and are still available for practise. Nowhere else can you receive more genuine free practise.

Key characteristics:

  • Know what is being tested
  • Learn the different sorts of questions.
  • Learn how to use the testing tools, such as the on-screen calculator.

ETS Free GRE Review

On their website, ETS provides a free GRE math study that may be downloaded. This math refresher will acquaint you with the mathematical principles and methods necessary for problem-solving and quantitative reasoning on the test's quant part.

Key characteristics:

  • Math, algebra, geometry, and data analysis are all covered.
  • Each subject and subtopic has an example.
  • Lessons that are well-written and simple to grasp.
  • 100% free of cost.

ETS Free GRE Math Conventions

To become more familiar with the numerous mathematical symbols, notations, and terminology utilised in the GRE quant portion, check out this excellent free resource. The most of these are standard at the high school level, however this might be useful because various nations may use different symbols and phrases.

Key characteristics:

  • Discover all the mathematical etiquette that the GRE employs from ETS.
  • Study math concepts such as mathematical expressions, symbols, and variables.
  • Recognize geometric shapes.
  • Discover more about the Coordinate system.

ETS Free GRE Math Test

You also receive an additional math test on top of the free assessments I've previously provided in this post. A pdf version of this official GRE math test is available for download. As I have stated, there is never enough practise, so feel free to download this.

Key characteristics:

  • Authentic GRE questions.
  • Free of charge.
  • Get acquainted with GRE questions.
  • Learn about your advantages and disadvantages.

ETS Free GRE Verbal Test

Like the last one, this free GRE exam includes the verbal portion. You will get insight into the format of the GRE's verbal sections, their difficulty or ease level, and the questions that you find most challenging.

Key characteristics:

  • Free of charge.
  • official practise exam for the GRE.
  • Analyze your present speaking abilities.
  • Get a sense of how the Verbal Section is organised.

Khan academy

Millions of students across the world have benefited from what began as a modest YouTube channel ten years ago and has now developed into a non-profit educational institution that does not charge for its services. The website offers a wide variety of courses, but its STEM courses are its most well-known offerings.

There are several excellent GRE tutorials available on Khan Academy. Visit the website, create an account, and you're all set.

Key characteristics:

  • absolute freedom
  • Any math or science topic conceivable is covered in videos.
  • Learn at your own speed with a personalised learning strategy.
  • Track your progress, finish the practice problems, and gain access to additional resources.

Magoosh flashcards

One of the best free internet tools for the GRE verbal section is without a doubt this. The software allows access to the Magoosh GRE flashcards from both a PC or laptop and a smartphone. There is no need to register, and everything is simple. Start utilising the website by going there.

Key characteristics:

  • totals 1000 words in this offering.
  • includes examples of the many components of speech
  • a user-friendly interface
  • three levels of difficulty
  • follows your development
  • provides fill-in-the-blank activities

Best Books for GRE Physics Subject Test

One of the six GRE topic examinations you may take is the physics test. The GRE topic examinations are distinct from the main exam. These are specialist exams that gauge how well you comprehend the core ideas of a subject and can use those ideas to address issues.

The first three years of undergraduate physics are used to create the material for the Physics GRE test. Exams are given to students in areas such as quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetic, optics, and wave phenomena.

There are about 100 questions in a multiple-choice style on the exam. Diagrams, graphs, experimental data, and descriptions of physical circumstances can all be included in questions. Here is a selection of the top physics books for your GRE physics test preparation.

Conquering the Physics GRE

Yoni Kahn's Conquering the Physics GRE is a fantastic first resource for your GRE physics study. You will find a number of hints and strategies to aid with problem-solving as well as a thorough review of every subject evaluated on the Physics GRE. Additionally, the book includes three complete practise exams.

Key characteristics:
  • A comprehensive review of every GRE physics topic.
  • Several methods, techniques, and advice help you answer questions more rapidly.
  • walk-through of the test's layout and organisation.
  • 3 comprehensive practise exams for the GRE in physics.

Schaum’s 3,000 Solved Problems in Physics

After you finish your first preparation, this book is ideal. 3000 solved problems with thorough, step-by-step solutions are included. For easier comprehension, the book has clear diagrams and images. This book covers almost all of the GRE physics subjects.

Key characteristics:
  • 3,000 issues were resolved
  • issues from all branches of physics
  • clear pictures and diagrams
  • exhaustive index
  • suitable for all physics courses in high school and college
  • Detailed responses to issues
  • Numerous practice issues with an abundance of questions on each subject

Fundamentals of Physics

David Halliday's Fundamentals of Physics is a timeless classic that has stood the test for more than 30 years. You can discover solved questions and concise explanations of basic physics ideas.

Key characteristics:
  • To assist the reader in resolving issues and avoiding typical mistakes, problem-solving techniques are offered.
  • The end-of-chapter problems in this revised version have been rewritten thousands of times to make the presentations and solutions more concise.
  • Each chapter begins with a Chapter Puzzler, a fascinating application or query that is clarified or addressed throughout the chapter.
  • A full discussion of subjects for the Physics GRE.

Introduction to Special Relativity

This book on special relativity, which is covered in-depth in the GRE's physics section, is not an all-encompassing guide to physics. The ideas of special relativity at the undergraduate level may be learned through this book.

Key characteristics:
  • A succinct and well-written exposition of one of contemporary physics' most important theories.
  • It is especially suited for self-study because it is replete with examples.
  • Time dilation, the twin paradox, momentum and energy, particles with zero mass, the relativity postulate, classical relativity, electric and magnetic fields and forces, and other subjects are covered.
  • All special relativity ideas are covered fully, as examined in the GRE physics.

Classical Electromagnetism

Electromagnetism makes up about 20% of GRE Physics subjects, and Jerrold Franklin's classical electromagnetism is the best resource for understanding the material.

Key characteristics:
  • It covers all GRE physics topics, including the Lorentz force, induction, Maxwell's equations, electromagnetic waves, AC circuits, etc., as listed on the ETS website.
  • From the fundamental principles of electricity and magnetism, the text moves on to classical electromagnetism in a quantum environment.
  • Focuses on fundamental ideas and associated physics and math topics.
  • When necessary, precise diagrams and drawings.

Best GRE Psychology Subject Test Books

There are six disciplines for which you may take a specific GRE examination known as the GRE subject test, making it one of the most popular standardised exams. The subject test for psychology is one of these topics. In order to increase their chances of being accepted into the programme of their choosing, students take these specialist exams. Your undergraduate transcripts, reference letters, and other requirements for a graduate programme should be supplemented with the GRE subject exam.

It may occasionally be necessary to take a topic test, but this is solely up to the institution you are applying to. A general GRE exam would usually be sufficient, but if you're applying to a school that has a related GRE topic test, taking that test might help the admissions committee get a better idea of your skills.

The best books and tools for preparing for the GRE psychology subject test are listed below.

GRE Subject Test: Psychology by Kaplan

The greatest book for the GRE psychology subject test is this one. Kaplan's GRE psychology study guide includes all the necessary test material, practice questions, and suggestions for improving your score. In-depth reviews of important subject areas and two complete practice exams are also provided.

Key characteristics:
  • Content that is current and in line with the DSM-5, including revised terminology, diagnostic criteria, treatment recommendations, and categories for mental diseases
  • two comprehensive practice exams with thorough explanations
  • Review of major topics in social psychology, developmental psychology, statistics, and other fields in depth
  • Detailed vocabulary and context-specific definitions of key terms
  • sets of drills addressing essential ideas

Princeton Review GRE Psychology Prep

In contrast to "Cracking the psychology subject test," Princeton Review's "GRE Psychology Prep" is intended to provide a thorough analysis of all the psychology subjects included on the test. In-depth courses, three full-length GRE psychology practise exams, approaches, and tactics are all included.

Key characteristics:
  • Three full-length practise exams with in-depth answer explanations—one in the book and two online.
  • Diagnostic answer keys assist you in assessing your development and identifying potential improvement areas.
  • covering all aspect of GRE psychology, including measurement and technique, psychological diseases,
  • physiological and behavioural neuroscience, feeling and perception, and much more.
  • organised by theme to aid in your better assimilation of the knowledge you require.
  • Study advice from the psychology field to give you an advantage.

GRE Psychology (Barron’s Test Prep)

Some of the top exam preparation books on the market are produced by Barron's. Their GRE Psychology study guide includes two diagnostic tests, study tools, a wealth of test-taking tips, as well as a basic review of the exam.

Key characteristics:
  • A summary of the GRE Psychology Test in general
  • Review of all test subjects by subject
  • tips for taking tests and study tools
  • scoring charts that let students assess how they did in each academic area.
  • two diagnostic procedures
  • three comprehensive GRE Psychology exams.

Cracking the GRE Psychology Subject Test by Princeton Review

"Cracking the GRE" approaches the GRE psychology test strategically. It won't include any unnecessary details and will just teach you the stuff you need to know. This book is not intended to be a comprehensive reference; rather, it focuses on employing tactics to answer the many issues.

Key characteristics:
  • Realistic tactics to help you ace the exam and achieve the highest score.
  • specialised strategies to avoid the trap questions that most students fall into.
  • Alternative methods to help you confidently answer the most difficult problems.
  • Strong material presentation and review for the GRE Psychology exam are provided via charts, figures, diagrams, and bulleted lists.
  • Review all test topics for the subject.

GRE Psychology Test Flashcard Study System

All of the subjects covered on the GRE psychology test are covered in these flashcards from Mometrix. Additionally, it thoroughly examines all the pertinent subjects you would need to be aware of. As with the preceding flashcards, don't use these as your main source of study; rather, use them as a supplement.

Key characteristics:
  • They are jam-packed with the essential knowledge you must acquire to ace the GRE Psychology Exam.
  • The GRE Psychology Test Flashcard Study System teaches you how to swiftly break down and address challenging test problems using repetitious study techniques
  • printed on thick, 67 lb. cover material that is dazzling white.
  • They lack jargon and are written in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

Best GRE Math Books and Resources


It can be extremely intimidating if you are unfamiliar with the many question styles on GRE math. Furthermore, I frequently remark that no preparation for the GRE is wasted. The key to getting a good GRE score is practice, therefore pay attention to the calibre of the practice problems a book provides. Your preparation will be more effective the more like the real test the practice questions are. Here is my selection of the top GRE math preparation materials in light of that.

Official GRE Super Power Pack by ETS

The fact that these books were created by the folks who designed the real GRE is what distinguishes them from all the other GRE publications. You can't go wrong with this bundle if you want to practise on the most real GRE practice questions available. Over 150 actual math problems are included in the quantitative reasoning book that is part of the Official GRE Super Power Pack.

Key characteristics: 
  • The most accurate GRE math problems on the market.
  • complete-length practice exams.
  • 350+ genuine math thinking problems.
  • a thorough summary of the AWA section.
  • detailed justifications

GRE Math Strategies by Manhattan Prep

A great resource for learning GRE math subjects is Manhattan Prep's GRE Math Strategies. It includes in-depth math lectures as well as methods for each sort of question. It has a variety of drill sets and comprehensive answer explanations.

Key features: 
  • Comprehensive Math tutorials that cover every GRE subject.
  • strategies for different question kinds that save time, such as quantitative comparison and data interpretation.
  • Complete overview of the GRE material with numerous examples to help you confidently grasp the material
    suited for learning mixed drill sets.
  • 300+ Exercise inquiries
  • The top 1% of teachers have produced in-depth response explanations.

Magoosh GRE Prep

You may access the hundreds of online video courses in the Magoosh GRE prep course from a PC or a mobile device. It provides access to many full-length practice exams and a total of 1400 practice questions. This course's math component is quite thorough. All of the various math GRE subjects and question styles are covered.

  • Detailed video tutorials for each sort of topic.
  • Study from a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or desktop anywhere.
  • 1400 practise questions altogether.
  • access to comprehensive exams.
  • individual study plans.
  • Score predictor with accuracy.

Book of GRE Practice Problems

Over 1800 GRE verbal and math practise questions are included in Manhattan's 5 kg book of GRE practise questions. Out of all the books on the market, this one will provide you the most practise. It is a great resource for GRE practise, even though some of the quantitative problems don't exactly mirror real GRE questions.

Key characteristics:
  • 1000+ practise problems in math.
  • Actual GRE questions are mirrored in the questions.
  • unique online learning resources.
  • Diagnostic Test to evaluate your degree of expertise.
  • Consult an authority.

Cracking the GRE Premium by Princeton Review

The finest strategy-based GRE book for beginners is Cracking the GRE by the Princeton Review. This book offers precisely that if you don't care about the specifics of any of the GRE math areas and would like to understand the various strategies rather than the ideas.

Key characteristics:
  • Techniques for test-taking and preparation to help you achieve your best score
  • Techniques and shortcuts to quicken the pace and improve accuracy
  • Acclimate to three-dimensional difficulties with the help of simple diagrams.
  • A comprehensive practise exam to get you used to the GRE's exam patterns
  • You may fully learn the subject with over 200 drill questions for individual practise and clear explanations.

Best GRE Study Material (online)

Greatest GRE resources 2022: Forget the best GRE books; let's look at the top online resources for the GRE.

POWER PREP Test Preview Tool (FREE)

You may better understand the question kinds, test features, and useful tools that will be present on the actual GRE General Test by using the POWER PREP Test Preview Tool. This free resource may be accessible in your ETS Account's "My Test Preparation and Services" section. You may access this practice tool on the official ETS-GRE website for free.


The two free practise exams in the POWERPREP Online mirror the real test and include the same user-friendly design elements that you will find on test day, such as the ability to go back and forth between questions, change your answer within a section, and use the on-screen calculator. Additional accommodations offered by POWERPREP Online include extra breaks, extra time, screen magnification, customizable colours, screen readers, and refreshable braille compatibility. You may access this practise exam module on the official ETS-GRE website for free.

POWERPREP PLUS Online ($39.95 USD per practice test)

The POWER PREP PLUS Online consists of three authorised practice exams (sold separately), each of which contains a unique set of never-before-seen real test questions. These exams simulate the test environment and offer results for all three measures in just a few minutes, along with explanations for the right answers, a score report that sums up your performance, and more! Additional accommodations offered by POWERPREP PLUS Online include extra breaks, extra time, screen magnification, customizable colours, screen readers, and refreshable braille compatibility. Each online practise test module costs $39.95 USD, and you may access them on the ETS-GRE website.

GRE Study Material: Alternate Methods


  • The POWERPREP PLUS Online consists of three authorised practise exams (sold separately), each of which contains a unique set of never-before-seen real test questions. These exams simulate the test environment and offer results for all three measures in just a few minutes, along with explanations for the right answers, a score report that sums up your performance, and more! Additional accommodations offered by POWERPREP PLUS Online include extra breaks, extra time, screen magnification, customizable colours, screen readers, and refreshable braille compatibility. Each online practise test module costs $39.95 USD, and you may access them on the ETS-GRE website.
  • Thousands of student-made flashcards on the GRE, including those covering vocabulary, arithmetic, and writing, may be found on the website Quizlet.
  • Manhattan GRE Practice Exam - Given that Manhattan is a trusted source for GRE preparation, this practice test is of a high calibre and includes explanations for every question.
  • The whole pool of assignments from which your essay prompt will be chosen is accessible in the ETS Topic Pools, Argument and Issue section. This implies that one of these subjects will be covered on the test itself.

GRE Preparation Tips 2022

To attain their intended outcome, candidates who want to score well on their GRE test must use a sound GRE preparation method. This essay aims to give our users the greatest GRE preparation materials for 2022. Continue reading to learn how to use the GRE study guide to ace your next GRE.

Like any test preparation, you can opt to study independently or enrol in a coaching facility to be ready for the GRE exam. You must determine whether you have adequate time and resources for both before making the choice. Newer study techniques, including online GRE prep, are becoming more and more popular. Both self-study and coaching classes are included. You enrol in an online course and study from the convenience of your home.

How to choose the Best GRE Preparation Books for you?

The abundance of GRE preparation resources accessible online frequently overwhelms applicants. So how should applicants go about choosing the finest GRE study guides and materials for themselves? To effectively gain access to the top GRE preparation resources, candidates must do the short procedures listed below.

  • Always get going early All good preparation tactics must begin early.
  • Utilize only reliable sources: Frequently, considerable effort and resources are devoted to shady websites.
  • Candidates must only use reliable study materials.
  • Candidates are urged to use the GRE official website as their holy book when preparing for the exam.
  • There are several GRE preparation methods, therefore you should have your own strategy. The ideal method for self-study may not be to follow GRE planners blindly.
  • Exercise Exercise and Exercise

Preparing for the GRE


Being well-prepared for the GRE can guarantee your admission to graduate school and open your future. Your preparation for the test and achieving your goal score will be greatly aided by these top GRE prep books.

Regardless of your preferred study method, it's crucial to create a study schedule. You will need a few months to study each week to prepare for the exam diligently. Establish a timetable and follow it. Inform your loved ones about your schedule so they can help you in your endeavours. Check out GRE sample papers to better prepare for the exam.

At the start of your study, take a practice exam with time limits. This will give you a sense of the testing structure and a starting point for your score. Review your practice test findings carefully, and then use them to create a study plan that focuses on your weak points.

Make use of all the tools at your disposal, including those in your GRE preparation books, classes, apps, and online. Your vocabulary skills can be greatly improved with the use of flashcards. You can create your own flashcards or use GRE vocabulary lists you discover online or in your GRE preparation tools.


Books or not, you have to study for a GRE test. GRE is not something you can master in one night or a week. Out of all the study materials, books are most recommended because of their form. Instead of providing topics and questions, a book is a little guide. With the best GRE books, you can prepare for the test without any concern. You would not be needing anything else for the test. Get your hands on the best GRE books, score big and get admission into a big university abroad.


1- Which book is the best for studying for the GRE?

The most recent ETS GRE Preparation book, which is accessible on the official ETS website, is indicated for candidates. The most accurate and current information in accordance with the most recent GRE curriculum and GRE exam pattern would be available from ETS, the organisation that administers the GRE exam.

2- Is 3 months adequate for GRE prep?

The GRE test should always be well studied for by applicants. However, candidates who have a foundational understanding of the English language and the quantitative ability parts will be able to study for the GRE in three months.

3- What GRE score is needed to attend Harvard University?

Your desired course at Harvard University will determine the GRE score needed. Candidates interested in learning more about the GRE minimum criteria for Harvard may visit our website.

4- How can I get ready for the GRE test?

Planning ahead is suggested for candidates. Building a timetable that concentrates on weak areas is a good place to start for applicants searching for basic GRE exam preparation advice. One of the best methods to start studying for the GRE is to set aside time to revise and to solve practise questions.

5- When will my GRE scores be available?

Candidates should be aware that their GRE exam results will be accessible to them 10 to 15 days after the test date.

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