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12 Ways GRE Test Sample Can Help You Survive the scorching exam: GRE Practice Test


The GRE exam is an abbreviation for Graduate Record Examination that is conducted by the Educational Testing Agency, or ETS, based in New Jersey. It is a standardised test that is accepted by almost all universities in the United States and Canada, as well as in several universities in Europe and Australia. Students must register themselves for taking the exam once on the ETS website with a fee of $205. 

It is a computer test with a total of 6 sections, which consists of Multiple Choice Questions that need to be answered in 3 hours and 30 minutes approximately. The scores for the GRE test are valid for up to 5 years from the date when it is taken. 

As already stated, the test is expensive, and it requires $205 to take the test once, and this is exclusive of any official study material. If one wants to buy official GRE guides, then they must be purchased separately from the application itself and will cost the candidate up to another $100. Several online resources are available at a much cheaper cost to the candidates to help them with their preparation. Some of them are also available absolutely for free. As the person preparing for this exam, you should be well-aware of the importance of practice tests which are really important for obtaining an impressive score (310+). The GRE test samples are important because they help you ascertain your position and identify your weak areas.


Here are 12 ways GRE Test samples will help you survive this exam. 

1. Remove GRE anxiety

The first and most important advantage of taking GRE test sample tests is that you will be able to accustom yourself to the anxiety and pressure of the exam day. This is a very underrated advantage, but it is of utmost value. With no anxiety about performance and a clearer mind, you will be able to perform better and score a decent score to get admitted to your desired university.   

2. Strategic guessing

Practising GRE questions will help you handle your panic about an unknown question in hand. When you read a question and you’re unsure of the correct answer, you’ll learn not to panic. Learning the process of elimination to eliminate as many incorrect answers as you can is a technique you’ll learn while solving GRE questions. Even if you don’t identify the correct answer with certainty with the help of elimination, you’ll increase your odds of guessing correctly.


GRE Test paper includes questions where doing estimation is beneficial rather than making a complete series of calculations. For instance, some answer choices will be eliminated just because of a quick estimation. This technique is very useful in multiple-choice questions, which is this exam’s pattern. This elimination technique will help you gain a lot of leverage over others in terms of less time consumption as well. 

3. Planning GRE practice exams properly.

At the beginning of your GRE preparation, you need to take your first practice test to gauge what you need to work upon. You can accordingly decide your study plan, i.e. you want to take your exam after 3-months or 6-months. Plan accordingly. If you plan to work on a 3-month GRE study plan, you should take six more full-length practice tests after the first GRE sample test online. Take GRE practice tests to measure your progress, become more familiar with the test’s timing and format. After each test, invest a few hours in reviewing the answer explanations, as they will help you in increasing your knowledge. 

4. Examine after GRE practice tests

It does not matter if you scored close to your target or not; reviewing your result is an important part. Remember that practice makes you perfect, and your score can only go up with practice. 

5. Review every question and every answer choice

Standardised tests are made up of exam-based patterns. You need to recognise the patterns by reviewing the questions on the GRE test sample and your answers. During your test analysis, consider the following parameters:

  • Please focus on what question types did you perform well?
  • Areas of the exam which were most difficult for you to attempt?
  • For all the incorrect answer selected, what traps did you fall into?

You need to look deep into these areas, as discussed above because only then you’ll be able to improve upon your score.  

6. Properly analyse your test experience.

You need to consider the following into consideration. 

Were you nervous during the exam? 

Were you surprised by the exam format? 

Did you feel anxious? 

Were there sections you didn’t complete and were not able to even read the questions? 

Take some time to reflect on your GRE test sample and use this self-analysis of your exam as a basis to learn more about the exam itself so that you can perform better the next time you take the exam. Then develop a personal strategy for controlling your pacing and attacking every section of the exam. Remember, there is no need to take the questions on each section in order. Become familiar with the exam tools and learn how to harvest easy points, and prioritise different question types to your advantage.

7. Plan your studies going forward

Organise your study plan by focusing first on sections where you struggled the most, but also remember to check the frequency of each question type. You don’t need to master everything to do well on the GRE, so pick your battles. Statistics don’t really matter, for example, unless you require more than a 160 in Quantitative. Focus your energy on high-yield areas of the exam, then come back to other areas if you still have time before Test Day. Remember to alternate your Verbal and Quantitative prep.

8. Build a good strategy for test

By giving GRE test sample papers, you will understand where you need to target your hard work. Please make sure you build a strong testing strategy to channelise the hard work. Giving such GRE sample test will help you manage your time better, but still, if you face problem in dividing your time into different sections appropriately, then approach a mentor with experience, or you can even take help from various free online resources available on the Internet. The amount of time that you have left before the exam plays a crucial role in planning.  

A simple Google search about GRE test sample and free resources can get you many such results, which will aid you in your preparation and scoring you better. 

While you must always fill the loopholes in your knowledge first, do not make the blunder of ignoring the parts that you are familiar with and have a good hold of. Only constant practise is the only thing that will help you achieve a high desired score. Make sure that you plan accordingly divide your time equally between both the sections for best results.

9. Review incorrect answers

The essential part of the whole preparation process is reviewing your GRE test sample you gave and understood where you went wrong, reviewing your wrong answers thoroughly and then making strategies so that you don’t make those same mistakes again. Please make sure that you don’t read the explanation immediately after the sample test but instead try solving it on your own first. It is important to understand that more than understanding which answer is correct, you need to know the reason why other options to the question are not correct. This is imperative for you as most of the options are very closely related to each other, and hence you must be careful while selecting the correct answer and ensuring you do not make the same mistake again.

10. Maintain a note of all your test shortcuts and errors

This might not look like it, but it is the most important tips on the list. What you can do is maintain a notebook where you can write down every mistake you made during the sample test practice. Also, note all the strategies you employed that might come to help you later in similar questions. This exercise is really important as it will keep all your mistakes and strategies organised in one place. When exam day comes, you can go through the notebook as a revision exercise and make sure you don’t repeat these mistakes again in the real exam. 

These strategies will be immensely helpful for your GRE preparation because these have been developed by you, and hence they are to the best of your understanding. 

11. Must go through the explanations

It is important to go through explanations for each answer. This is not just for incorrect answers but for correct answers as well. Sometimes, your answer to the question might be correct, but if your approach is wrong, then you need to look back at the concept, as the wrong approach might prove fatal for you on exam day. Hence, read the explanations to the questions thoroughly and understand what is being said and where you went wrong in your approach if you did. Since the patterns of questions are usually repeated in the actual test, your familiarity with them will give you an edge over the other test-takers.

12. Consistency

GRE test sample gives you consistency in your preparation. You must always remember that the key to scoring high in the GRE test is not just pure hard work and practise, but consistency also plays a great role. Make sure that you study according to your plan in small chunks at regular interval every day. Remember that the GRE test is not a test of your intelligence but of your consistency, basic knowledge and hard work. Hence, you must make sure that you be in touch with your books and your course material.


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You should practise the GRE test sample as much as you can from the resources available online. Also, do not forget to have fun during the whole process of preparation. It is important for you to remain confident throughout the entire process of taking GRE Test samples and believe in yourself and your preparation. See GRE in the bigger picture and not just as a test. Do not miss out on your college activities and classes, as these are some of the best years of your life. Have fun with your friends and stay positive. Also, you must remember that your GRE score is just one part of your application. Almost every school looks at an applicant’s overall profile and not just their GRE scores.

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