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HEC MiM Essays


The HEC MiM Essays are aimed at providing you with a brief analysis of what HEC Paris is expecting from its Masters in Management essays, and how you can improve your chances by delivering them with just that.

You can check HEC MiM Review, for more info on the MiM degree offered by HEC.

HEC recruits its international students via two different methods:

We will cover the essays of each method.


Direct Application to HEC

The direct application of HEC is pretty comprehensive, containing 8 "short" essays.

Though on first glance the 1000 character limit does not look too formidable, but think again.

It will force you to think & restructure your essays in a fashion such that you have to make sure every word you put in adds value to your application.

It is always easier to have a 300-word limit to talk in detail about your accomplishments, but with just 1000 characters which make around 150 words, the task becomes exponentially difficult.

An added advantage of applying via the direct method is that you can apply for 2 degrees, that is you can give 2 choices.

So for example, if Masters in Management is your first choice, Masters in Finance can be your second.

Be wary, though, as you have to write another set of 8 essays for the other masters you are applying as well.

But you can always copy most of the general essays, only essays which pertain to the particular degree, have to be edited accordingly.

 HEC Masters in Management Essays


What are the HEC MiM Essay Questions?

HEC Paris MiM Essay Questions - RED

HEC Paris MiM Essay Analysis - BLUE

1. Describe, in descending order, your 3 most important interests (be they academic, professional or personal). Justify your answer. 

This is the question that most people have a tough time figuring out.

What exactly is the school looking for?

What should I write that makes the best impression?

Well, as the questions ask, your interests can be academic, professional or personal, and we suggest you give them one of each as that will highlight your holistic personality.

Also just mentioning the interest is not enough, you need to back it up with relevant content.

Talk about why this interest in particular? What has it helped you to achieve?

2. Which personal achievement are you most proud of (studies, professional life, sports etc)? 

Another tough but important essay.

Try to highlight something that showcases some specific strengths of yours. If they are related to the business world or highlight relevant skills such as leadership, teamwork; it is even better. 

Some activities in which you feel you really shined or were able to create a huge impact.

Be descriptive and talk about what happened, & what you did to save the day.


3. Please describe a situation where you failed and what you have learned from it. 

This is a very tricky question, and a simple mistake can raise a number of red flags.

Touch on topics such as teamwork, leadership, and cultural issues. These are skills that schools value a lot, and if they think you do not exhibit them, it can be game over for you.

We would suggest sticking with a safe topic, describing what happened, why it happened and finally, what you are doing to make sure it never happens again.

If you are creative enough you can use this essay to again highlight something unique that you did, which might not necessarily have worked out.
Schools know that you are human and make mistakes; more importantly, they want to know how you learn from them and grow with experience.


4. Please give us an account of your last work/internship experience (accomplishments, what you have learned).

This is a relatively straightforward essay, but what you have to take care is making sure you don't repeat the same things you have written in the resume.

This is not a recap of your job responsibilities; they want to know what you learned. 

How is the internship connected to your career-plan? 

Did you create any impact, or not? 

Also, remember- they are asking about your "Last" internship/work ex, so mention in detail only one. Some people tend to miss this and end up trying to explain their complete work-profile.


5. What are your reasons for choosing this program? 

To answer this, focus on answering the following-

Why is Master Management an important step for you?

Why now?

Why HEC?

What will it help you obtain in the future? & so on....

Try to think along these lines.


6. Please describe your short-term career goals after completing the Master course. 

Time to talk about your future plans.

Try to be consistent and choose something which fits in your skill set or is in conjunction with what you have talked about till now.

Talk about where you would like to work? Why there and what would you like to accomplish by doing so?


7. Are you applying to other programs than those of HEC Paris? If yes, please state to which programs other than those of HEC Paris, you are applying to and why? 

Be truthful, talk about which schools you are applying to & why? What's special about them?

Schools have a sneaky way of testing some key things via this questions.


8. Is there any additional information you would like to share with us? 

We would suggest making the most of this extra space given to you.

You may use it to give an explanation for a low CGPA or low GMAT, if that is the case.


Highlight a skill/quality/activity which you have not yet touched upon in the essays, and which can showcase you in a positive light.



HEC is a very competitive college, with 1000's of applicants applying in each single round.

A competitive GMAT is not enough to get you through, you need to make the admission committee understand the strengths of your profile & how you will add value to the school.

By applying the suggestions given above you already are ahead 50% of your competitors.

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HEC MiM Essays
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