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HEC ESCP MiM Interview Questions

HEC ESCP MiM Interview Questions

One of the best way to prepare for the Master in Management interviews is to have loads of mock interviews and enact the different scenarios that could take place.

It is also a good idea to be prepared for a stress test or be ready to face really rude behavior.

Below is a list of  HEC & ESCP Masters in Management Interview Questions, and an interview transcript of one of our founding members. Knowing some probable MiM interview questions will definitely help you get an edge over the other candidates.

We have also added questions asked in an HEC MiM/Msc in Management Direct Interview as well as questions asked in ESCP MiM direct interview


HEC MiM ESCP Interview Questions ( Format)


Format: Skype interview

Time Frame: 15-25 minutes

Panel: The HEC ESCP interviews are usually taken by 3-4 panel members. My interview took place in Mumbai, India and was presided by 3 people. 1 gentleman who was an alumni from Audencia Nantes and was now starting a company in Pune. The other 2 were French ladies, one was a French teacher settled in India while the other was a professor from one of the SAI business school.

Interview Breakdown: 

Normal: For some of the interviews, the format  was pretty much the normal type with the panel members shooting questions while you try to answer the same to the best of your abilities.

Stress Test: But, there have been instances of other interviews when panel members have a stress test. In such a scenario, a panel member asks a question and when the interviewee tries to answer, another panel member cuts him off before he can finish.

The questioning is then picked up by another panel member and so it continues.

It is basically to see how long can the candidate conduct his composure and not freak out. The best strategy to have in these kinds of interviews is to be calm and keep answering the questions even though you are kept getting cut you off. Try to draw connections between the different questions in a way such that you are able to indirectly answer all the questions asked. The questions being asked would be framed in such a way that if a little thought is put in answering them, a connection can be easily drawn. Being rude in any way, getting tearful or getting flustered and closing down, will only hurt your chances. One needs to remember the interviewers are just doing their job of selecting the best candidates, they are not inherently bad people.

Spiral: Another type of interview technique that was used on one of our clients was that she was asked to give her thoughts on a particular topic, for example, European economy. After answering the question she was asked a more detailed follow up question, such as why is Greece being such a problem child. On answering the question by referring to fiscal policies and inflation, she was asked how does currency work exactly? And so on, until the interviewee is out of answers and is freaking out. This technique is another form of a stress test. Even though our client thought that the interview went really bad and she wasn’t able to answer all questions properly, she remained calm and composed and always had a smile on her face. When the final result came out she had secured a place at both ESCP and HEC.



Some questions asked in SAI MiM interviews are as follows:


  • Please introduce yourself
  • Why do you want to pursue this degree?
  • Why not an MBA?
  • Which of the 5 colleges do you want to target & why?
  • Will you be able to cope up with the pressure of a hectic school schedule?
  • How is your French?
  • How do you plan to manage in France with such a limited level of French?
  • Tell us about a time when you handled a difficult situation between co-workers
  • Tell us something about the economy of France
  • Tell us some French companies you admire or are interested in.
  • Oh, so you are interested in Energy ( can be any sector)? Do you know the CEO of EDF or Areva?
  • What are your future plans?
  • How will a degree from our school, help you in your future?
  • What do you think would be your key take away from this degree
  • Do you have any questions for us? (The last chance to impress them!!)

Also if you are from a very different background such as Arts, Languages etc. be prepared for a number of questions concerning whether you would survive in the fast paced environment of business studies and manage your course work.

Verdict: Well for our client the interview lasted around 20 minutes and went fairly well.
When the results came out she had an admit to both HEC and ESCP! To make things sweeter ESCP was with a scholarship.

NOTE: Apart from the SAI admission process both ESCP and HEC have their own direct route of admission.

To make your life easier here is a list of questions asked in one HEC direct admission interview and one ESCP direct admission interview.

Format: Skype interview

Time Frame: 15-25 minutes

Panel: 2-3 members in the panel, it can range from professors to alumni to ad com members.

You have an option to go to HEC and do a personal interview as well.

Type of questions are pretty straight forward, with some questions 

Some HEC MiM interview questions

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Working in a company which I can image is surrounded by my men, how did u manage? What were your challenges? 
  3. What was your work there?
  4. What were your achievements at your workplace?
  5. Your referee wrote about your work in social service. What work did u do there?
  6. Do you think is CSR is important for a company?
  7. Anything u want to ask us?

Verdict: An admit to HEC!

ESCP MiM Interview Questions

Format: Skype interview

Time Frame: 25-40 minutes

Panel: 2-3 members in the panel, it can range from professors to alumni to ad com members.

Some ESCP MiM Interview Questions

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Why ESCP?
  3. What all campuses you want to study in ?
  4. Why London in specific?
  5. Do you know French?
  6. Did you have colleagues from other nations at “GE” (company name)?
  7. What are the current news topics that you follow ?
  8. What do you do apart from academics?
  9. Which is your favorite football player and why ?
  10. We have seen your GMAT report , you have sent your score to a lot of colleges, where all you are applying ?
  11. Why ESCP above ESSEC, IE and LBS ?

Verdict: An admit along with a 50% scholarship!

Looking for more questions? Check out our HEC MiM Questions Sample Pack.

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