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What is the HEC Paris Master in Management (MiM) Review?

The HEC Paris Master in Management (MiM) Review is useful for people who want to gain a quick understanding of the Masters in Management program at HEC Paris and understand if it would be a correct choice for them. Apart from a brief review of the school, data about the HEC MiM application process & its essays, the class profile and placement statistics upon graduation are presented.


HEC Paris is a school that needs no introduction. Its MBA is one of the best in the world, and its MiM program is proving to be no less.

Always in the top 5 of the FT rankings, the HEC Paris Master in Management program is one of the most sought after program for young graduates. No wonder its admission procedure is very competitive and demands a really high GMAT score apart from a very strong profile. Its location near Paris coupled with a very strong reputation in Europe and abroad makes it a very desirable school. It has excellent relations with companies in all sectors and boasts a high rate of placement for its students especially in sectors of Finance and Consulting.

 HEC Paris Master in Management



  • 18 months program with the option of gap year after the first year. This allows a student to "try out" a business sector before committing to it.
  • A wide variety of specializations and double degree options. HEC Paris Master in Management (MiM) program also has exchange partnerships with some very strong colleges.
  • Additional certificate programs, which are sponsored by companies. In these programs, one can take specialized courses and do field work in niche fields such as energy, luxury, digital innovation, mergers & acquisitions among others. 9 such certifications are available.
  • Lots of opportunities to network with professionals and other specialized masters & MBA students (they all study on the same campus).
  • A beautiful campus with a variety of sports activities and clubs available.

HEC Paris Master in Management (MiM) Course details -

M1 contains core courses related to general management, it will help you build a strong business foundation.

M2 provides a deep dive with a specialized curriculum offering a wide range of specializations such as Strategic Management, International Finance, Marketing, Economics, Managerial and Financial Economics, Corporate Financial Management, Entrepreneurship, Digital, Project Management.

HEC offers an optional gap year between M1 and M2 in order to enrich your resume with solid professional experience. You get an opportunity to explore the reality of the business world in a specific field of your choice enabling you to sharpen your career goals.

HEC MiM - Certificates offered

Sponsored by a company, Certificates are a set of interdisciplinary courses and other types of field work related to a given sector.

Each student selected for a certificate will be awarded an additional HEC certificate if he/she validates all the requirements of the course.

There are 9 certificates such as Digital Entrepreneurship, Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty, Excellence in Client Experience and so on.

Next, in the HEC Paris Masters in Management Review, we are going to look at the eligibility criteria and application process of HEC Paris.


Admits in 2017
Admits in 2018

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There are 2 ways via which you can apply for HEC Paris Master in Management program, they are

1)  Direct application to HEC

Via this option you send in your application directly to the school for consideration, it is very similar to the normal application procedure for any school

Application Deadlines

  • Round 1 - October 23, 2018.
  • Round 2- January 8, 2019.
  • Round 3 - February 27, 2019.
  • Round 4- April 19, 2019

*For Chinese students of the following universities: Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University.

Constituents of the application package  

  • Online application form.
  • Application Essays - 8 short essays (maximum of 1000 characters each).
  • One page CV.
  • 2 Letter of recommendations.
  • A copy of college transcript.
  • IELTS or TOEFL or TOEIC (may be required, send them a mail to confirm).
  • Application fee of €100.

2) Application via SAI :

The SAI or Service des Admissions Internationales is the common selection procedure for a consortium of 5 schools HEC, ESCP, Emlyon, Skema & Audencia Nantes. Via this application you can directly apply to all 5 schools with the same essays & LOR's. MiM-Essay.com recommends this way of application as it proves to be very efficient and economical for students.

     Application Deadlines

  • Autumn session: October 20, 2018.
  • Winter session: January 7, 2019.
  • Spring session: February 28, 2019.
  • Summer session: April 19, 2019.

    Application Requirements (common for all 5 schools)

  • Online application form.
  • Application Essays - 4 short essays of 500 characters each.
  • One page CV.
  • 2 Letter of recommendations.
  • A copy of college transcript.
  • IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC (for TAGE mage takers).
  • Application fee of €180.

Next, in the HEC Paris Master in Management Review, we are going to look at some relevant details about the MiM program as well as the employment opportunities after graduation.


Duration: 18 months.
Location: Paris (outskirts).
Tuition Fees: €33,800 for EU students.
€37,800 for non-EU students.
Merit-based scholarships are available.
Also, the French government offers a number of really great scholarships such as Eiffel & Ile de France. These are worth applying to.

Additionally, there are several scholarships which vary depending on the country the applicant is from.

Cost of living is around €1000/month, it covers food, housing, compulsory health and civil liability insurances, sports and leisure.

HEC MiM Class Profile

  • 60 nationalities in the program.
  • 40% women.
  • Healthy mix of different backgrounds ( Engineering, Business, Economics, Humanities, Sciences).
  • Average age: 22-23 years.

Post-Graduation opportunities

Average starting salary of €57,000.

97% found employment within 3 months of graduation.

Major sectors students were placed in:

Sector% Placed
Corporate Finance21%
General Management6%

Top recruiting companies at HEC-

Finance: Goldman Sachs, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley.

Consulting: McKinsey, BCG, A.T Kearney, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Accuracy, Deloitte.

Corporate Sectors: Google,  L'Oreal, LVMH, Unilever, P&G, Rocket Internet.

Read the full placement report for the batch of 2016 here.

Lastly, in the HEC Paris Master in Management Review, we are going to look at the application essay questions.

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As mentioned earlier you can apply for HEC Paris Master in Management program via 2 ways, the direct method or through SAI. Though to our knowledge, there is no specific advantage of one method over the other. The SAI process is advisable as it is more economical and you get to apply to 5 good schools with a single application, this way you can keep HEC & ESCP as target schools and the other 3 as backup options. Also, you can apply to HEC only via one of the 2 methods, you cannot use both methods in the same application year.

Direct Application to HEC

If you apply for this form of application, you will have to submit 3  essays. Each essay has a different word limit so you have to make sure you can fit in all the information you want to put forward in that word limit.

The essay questions are:

  1. Why are you applying to HEC Paris and this program? Please include your career goals in this essay (450 words max)
  2. What is Leadership to you and how do you recognize a great leader? Please include personal example(s). (600 words max)
  3. In recent weeks, what business issue or news topic have you found inspiring? (300 words max)

As you can see it is a pretty varied bunch and covers different elements of your life, make sure each essay highlights different skills of yours and the essays do not overlap much. In the end, all the essays should merge together seamlessly to portray a stellar image of yourself. HEC essays can make or break your case, so you really want to put in a LOT of time making sure each and every word is perfect & the essays paint you as a strong candidate for admission.

You can check out HEC Sample Essays for deeper insights on how to write the specific MiM essays for HEC Paris.

Application via SAI

Via the SAI process, you can apply to 5 schools (HEC, ESCP, Emlyon, Skema & Audencia Nantes) via the same application. At an application fees of €180 that is a very good deal, considering the fact that usually, single college applications are well over €100.

The SAI process is a very efficient one with clear guidelines and a transparent application procedure.

It requires 4 essays of 500 characters each.

The 500 character limit makes the job of fitting in all your life's work in that tiny space, very difficult.

You really need to make sure that each & every word that you include is benefiting your application. Another thing to consider is whether the overall picture that you are presenting is well rounded or not.
Hence it is a very good idea to spend hours if not days perfecting your essay and having it edited by a number of different sources so that it is an easy and smooth read.

The 4 essay questions are:

  • Which personal achievements are you most proud of? 
  • Describe a situation where you failed. What lessons did you learn from it?
  • Why is your application an added-value for the SAI member schools?
  • Describe your extra-curricular activities over the last few years (leisure time, social life, clubs, volunteer work, etc.) ?

The strongest advice for these essays would be, make each and every word count. Also, utilize the LOR's to fill in any gap that may have been left in the essays.

We hope the HEC MiM Review was able to provide you with ample information about the MiM program offered by HEC Paris. All information has been sourced from the HEC website, for more information you can visit the official website of HEC Paris.

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