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Top 5 BEST courses at HEC Paris

École des Hauts et des Commercial de Paris, founded in 1881, shares  Grand Ecole title with ESSEC and ESCP. Moreover, the Paris Chamber of Chamber founded this b-school; wherein 1921, it finally adopted a case-based approach to the Harvard Business School. Significantly enough, HEC Paris enjoys a long tradition of educating leaders at the business forefront. Above all, the school has graduated more CEOs of Fortune Global 500 companies than any other university in Europe. Consequently, HEC Paris holds a commendable figure of a prestigious network of around 60,000 alumni.

HEC Paris

1. Grande école Master in Management Program

Highly regarded one of the best masters in management program globally, the HEC Paris MIM program is also named Grand Ecole, part of the Grand Ecole trinity with ESSEC and ESCP. This program is available to the French students who attend a class préparatoire to learn managerial sciences in the first year. These courses are economics, finance, accounting, law, psychology, sociology, mathematics operations research, and statistics).

Moreover, during this first year, students also get an opportunity to study a semester in a foreign university. For example; Bocconi University, Trinity College, Dublin University of British Columbia). In addition to this, they are also offered with a choice to enrol in a specific one-year program to get a bachelor’s degree from a French university. However, for international students, direct admissions take place for the second year, where they begin a business intensive program. Hence, the main courses include corporate and market finance, accounting, marketing, law, mathematics, management, human resources supply chain. Likewise, second-year students can also to spend one semester in a foreign university.

Most importantly, the students are expected to complete an 8-month internship to graduate. However, since this is usually difficult for students during the summer, many students generally take a semester or year off for their internship, generally between the second and third years. Above all, HEC Paris carries many double degree agreements with French and foreign institutions. Such as Sorbonne Universités Sciences Po Paris ENS Paris École Polytechnique in France and Yale University HKUST FGV. Some of them only make partner institution’s degrees available to HEC students. While others also enable selected partner institution students to graduate from HEC. 

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2. MSc in International Finance (MIF)

MSc in International Finance ranks No. 1 globally for Pre-Experimental Programs (2020 FT Rankings). Furthermore, this program offers a comprehensive course structure to high achieving students who want to pursue a career in finance. Moreover, you get the opportunity to interact and learn from world-renowned practitioners. They add a new dimension to the traditional curriculum by providing students with an edge to stand out. The first semester carries core and advanced core courses. Meanwhile, the second semester at HEC Paris MIF program allows students to choose from various free choices. Besides, through this program, students will get an opportunity to take advantage of the graduate placements rampant in this program.

Additionally, it provides various workshops and programs with banks and multinational companies, including a study trip to London, designed to enhance networking and job opportunities. As a result, the program’s enrolment rate within three months of graduation is 99%. With 68% of students working abroad with an average salary of $66,000. Speaking of the courses, students can choose between Business Track: Designed for students with a background in business, finance or accounting. The second option is to choose the high-speed track. This track is designed for students with backgrounds in quantitative fields such as math, engineering, physics, and econometrics.

Henceforth, the Business track and high-speed track students have access to the same pool of choice in the spring term with similar career opportunities at the end of the program. In addition to this, the students will have access to a range of core and elective courses to choose from. Although the main highlight of the first semester has been dedicated to basic and advanced introductory courses, the second semester allows students to choose from various free choices.

3. TRIUM Global Executive MBA

HEC also offers the Triumph Global Executive MBA program in conjunction with the Stern Story School of Business NYU and LSE. Most importantly, the six modules of this course covers five international business locations over 16 months.

MBA from HEC Paris

4. MBA

When it comes to the question of which business school is the best in Europe? The answer is HEC Paris! This design of the program is made to last for 16 months which is longer than the standard duration of 12 months. As a result, the students receive a much more comprehensive study program that will lead to better career opportunities. In this respect, the school offers career workshops and an impressive roster of company visits. Along with an  opportunity to join an internship or two. The best part about the MBA program of HEC is their emphasis on helping their students transition geographically, sector-wise and even individual growth. Thus, students begin the basic art phase for the first semester of the curriculum. This curriculum is usually an MBA course that includes essential business and management elements.

Customised Curriculum:

Furthermore, after eight months, the school says that students move on to the more desired customized phase in which they become “experts in the field of their interest.” The inclusion of selection, a fieldwork project, and a wide selection of international exchanges are to say. Therefore, the students can choose from seven specialities; Entrepreneurship, Finance, Advanced Management, Strategic Marketing, Strategy, Digital Innovation, or Sustainable and Disruptive Innovation. Moreover, HEC recently added Creative Destruction Lab to its growing list of emerging business opportunities.  Besides, the Seed Phase program, available in only nine locations worldwide, allows students to work directly with a wide range of scalable startups. 

Career Advancement Opportunities

What’s more, HEC works closely with Station F, the world’s largest startup campus. The HEC Incubator is located right there, and students benefit from access to France’s most successful entrepreneurs. Moreover, the students can also take advantage of the school’s participation in the Paris Scully Innovation Cluster (called “Silicon Valley in the Valley of France”), surrounded by some of France’s best research institutes, high-tech businesses and startups. Therefore, the business chain provided under the MBA program is responsible for 20% of graduates starting their own business.

The HEC MBA program also has an MBA tournament in its curriculum. Additionally, HEC is a hub for the “MBA Olympics”, a sporting competition between 1,500 MBA students from schools across Europe. Thus, with a budget of half a million euros, this is a great leadership opportunity for students running large-scale event financing, marketing, logistics and operations. HEC also offers a “dual degree”, meaning students can complete an MBA in 12 months and spend a second year pursuing a master’s degree at institutions such as Yale, the National University of Singapore, or the London School of Economics. Most importantly, HEC holds two MBAs each year, for a total of 300 students, 90% of whom are non-French. In other words, this MBA serves as the springboard of employment in Europe, with 60.66% of graduates after an MBA.

5. Executive MBA

In 2020, the Financial Times ranked HEC Paris the rank one business school in Europe and ranked 3 globally for the international executive MBA program. As a result, the program is famous for changing the pace of your career, whether you want to join the C-Suite, change sectors, or start your own business.

The course structure of the program is designed to last between  15-18 month, which consists of four main components. These are core courses, leadership development, specializations and a Capstone project, which allows you to generalize, customize and master the program to meet your specific goals. The program focuses on leadership, strategy, and the global business environment. This way, the students gain an in-depth understanding of the social, economic, and environmental aspects of international business and the skills needed to put their vision into practice.

Besides, the international mobility option is another excellent feature of the executive MBA program at HEC. It enables you to complete part of the program in industry centres worldwide while simultaneously encouraging you to learn how to analyze company dynamics and put corporate functions in context through case studies and strategic audits. Discover decision-making and change management, and develop new business strategies, models and processes.


The HEC Paris is one such Business school that is the pinnacle of business and management education in Europe. Most significantly, its top five programs, as summarized above, are some of the most sought-after programs one can find. The programs can be regarded as the European counterparts of the American business schools; for instance, Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, MIT, and Chicago Booth. Therefore, not surprisingly, HEC Paris has come this far with its quality of education and reputation in the education realm. 

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