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HEC Paris MBA Review

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    Key Takeaways

    Program Overview: The HEC Paris MBA is an intensive 16-month program that emphasizes leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation in business fundamentals while allowing students to customize their education through elective courses, specializations, and hands-on projects.

    Class Profile: The HEC Paris MBA Class of 2023 is composed of 290 students from over 60 nationalities, ensuring a rich diversity of perspectives and experiences. The average age of students is 30, with an average of 6 years of work experience. Women make up 34% of the class, reflecting the program's commitment to gender diversity.

    Tuition Fees: The tuition fee for the HEC Paris MBA program is €78,000. This fee covers the entire 16-month duration of the program. Additional costs for living expenses, insurance, and other personal expenditures are estimated to be around €24,000.

    Average Salary and Employment: Graduates of the HEC Paris MBA program enjoy excellent employment prospects, with 92% of graduates securing job offers within three months of graduation. The average salary for graduates is €115,000, with many alumni finding positions in top consulting firms, financial institutions, and multinational corporations.


    Attention ambitious students! Are you seeking an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and propel your career to new heights? Look no further than the esteemed MBA program.

    Renowned for its academic excellence, global reputation, and transformative learning experience, HEC MBA stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of business education.

    Whether you aspire to lead multinational corporations, launch innovative startups, or make a meaningful impact in the world of business, MBA equips you with the knowledge, insights, and network necessary to turn your ambitions into reality.

    Program length 16 Months 
    Tuition Fees
    MBA 2024
    Program deadline
    MBA 2026
     18 May 2024
    16 June 2024
    20 July 2024
    18 August 2024
    Intakes 2 (September 2024 and January 2025)
    Application fees €200

    Class Profile

    The Class Profile for HEC Paris MBA reflects a diverse and accomplished group of individuals who bring a wealth of experience and perspectives to the program. Here’s an overview of what you might typically find in such a profile:

    Average GMAT 690
    Average GRE NA
    Average GPA NA
    Average work experience 6 Years
    Average age 30 years
    Pre-MBA industry
    Pre-MBA location
    MBA 2025
    21% - Central and South Asia 
    17%- Asia and Oceania 
    13%- north America 
    17%- Latin America 
    Class size
    MBA 2025
    MBA 2025
    Country Represented
    MBA 2025

    Experience of HEC Paris MBA 

    HEC Paris MBA Rankings

    HEC Paris consistently ranks among the top business schools globally, reflecting its commitment to academic excellence, innovative programs, and impactful research. Here’s an overview of HEC Paris MBA rankings across various renowned publications and rankings systems:

    Rankings Position
    FT European Business Schools Ranking 2022 1
    QS Business Masters Rankings 2023: Finance 1
    QS Global MBA Rankings 2023 5

    Eligibility & Requirements for HEC Paris MBA 

    hec paris mba

    The eligibility and requirements for the HEC Paris MBA program are designed to ensure that candidates have the academic background, professional experience, and personal qualities necessary to thrive in a rigorous and dynamic learning environment. 

    Here are some of the Eligibility criteria: 

    • Minimum HEC paris MBA GMAT score is 690 for 2019 Class 
    • They highly recommend that our applicants provide a GRE score that meets or exceeds the 65th percentile threshold.

    Application Components

    • Completed application form
    • Test scores needed
    • -GMAT/GRE Score (valid for less than five years)
    • -Proof of English Language Ability (TOEFL / TOEIC / IELTS / CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH EXAM / PTE / DUOLINGO)
    • -Application Essays 
    • -University Transcripts (with certified English translation)
    • -Application Fee of £200

    Program & Curriculum of HEC Paris MBA

    hec paris mba program and curriculum

    The HEC Paris MBA is a full-time, 16-month program designed to impart students with an expert knowledge of business and leadership capabilities that are applicable across industries and functions.

    The Fundamental Phase (composed of two semesters) covers fundamental concepts while the Customized Phase supplements this with tailored modules that provide further exposure to specific topics.

    During the Fundamental Phase, which occurs in the first eight months of their education program, students undertake a core curriculum that covers primary concepts pertaining to business.

    The specific HEC Paris MBA course duration & curriculum are intended to provide them with an immaculate grounding in fundamentals and equip them for more specialized lessons they will encounter later on during Customized Phase training.


    • Managing in Organizations:
    • Diversity and inclusion strategy
    • Leading with Savoir-Relier
    • Fundamentals of Negotiations
    • Leading and designing the Entrepreneurial Organization

    Fees and Financing 

    Embarking on an MBA journey at HEC Paris is an exciting prospect for many aspiring business leaders. However, along with the academic rigor and career opportunities, understanding the HEC paris MBA Fees of pursuing an MBA is essential.

    HEC Paris offers a variety of scholarships to support students in financing their MBA education. These HEC Paris MBA scholarships are designed to attract talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and help them achieve their academic and professional goals.

    Tuition fee for the class 2024 €98,000
    Application Fees €200

    Employment Upon Graduation

    hec paris mba employment placement

    Graduating from HEC Paris MBA is a remarkable achievement that opens up a world of opportunities in the global business landscape. With its prestigious reputation, rigorous curriculum, and diverse student body, HEC Paris equips graduates with the skills, knowledge, and network necessary to excel in their careers and grab a great HEC Paris MBA Salary

    Average salary
    Offer accepted upon three months of graduation 92%
    Offer received upon three months of graduation NA
    Reporting rate NA
    Post-program job locations Africa 
    Latin America 
    Post MBA industries

    For better information, please refer MBA Employment Report 2022

    HEC Paris MBA Application: Essays & Interview

     The HEC Paris MBA application process is a rigorous and competitive journey that requires careful preparation, thoughtful reflection, and a strong understanding of the program's values and goals. Two crucial components of the application process are the essays and the interview, which play a pivotal role in showcasing a candidate's qualifications, experiences, and fit for the program.


    The application process, particularly the HEC Paris MBA essays, serves as a gateway for candidates to showcase their unique experiences, aspirations, and readiness to thrive in a globally renowned academic environment.

    Essay 1

    Why are you applying to the HEC MBA Program now? What is the professional objective that will guide your career choice after your MBA, and how will the HEC MBA contribute to the achievement of this objective? (500 words)

    Optional Essay

    Is there any additional information you would like to share with us? (900 words)

    Interview Questions

    Interview is conducted by HEC Paris  MBA Alumni. Each interview carries equal weight and follows a similar format: a 10-minute oral presentation on a topic you choose, followed by a detailed discussion about your application. It's all in English, and we schedule these interviews about two weeks before our final Admissions Jury. Keep that timeframe in mind when planning your availability.

    If you want to get a better information about Interviews, please refer HEC Paris MBA Interview Questions

    What makes HEC Paris MBA students different

    - Our MBA students are leaders who inspire their teams and strive for excellence.

    - We seek applicants with a strong drive to succeed and make a positive impact.

    - Key criteria for admission include:Academic excellence

    • Professional experience and career growth
    • Demonstrated leadership potential
    • International exposure
    • Clear motivation for pursuing an MBA and defined career goals
    • Strong interpersonal skills and a compatible personality for our program.

    Why HEC Paris MBA is Unique? 

    hec paris unique

    Is HEC Paris MBA worth it?  HEC Paris MBA is known for several unique aspects that set it apart from other MBA programs:

    • Global Reputation: HEC Paris is one of the most prestigious business schools globally, consistently ranked among the top MBA programs. Its strong reputation attracts renowned faculty, top-tier companies for recruitment, and a diverse cohort of students from around the world.
    • Strong Alumni Network: HEC Paris boasts a robust and influential alumni network, with over 60,000 alumni spread across the globe. This network provides a valuable resource for career opportunities, mentorship, and networking, offering extensive support to MBA graduates throughout their professional journeys.
    • Leadership Development: The HEC Paris MBA places a strong emphasis on developing effective leaders. The program incorporates various leadership development activities, including leadership seminars, coaching, and real-life team projects, to enhance students' leadership capabilities and prepare them for future managerial roles.
    • Diverse and Collaborative Learning Environment: The HEC Paris MBA attracts a highly diverse cohort, with students representing more than 50 nationalities. This diversity enriches the classroom discussions, promotes cross-cultural understanding, and fosters a collaborative and global learning environment, preparing students to excel in an increasingly interconnected business world.
    • Customizable Curriculum: HEC Paris offers a flexible curriculum that allows students to tailor their MBA experience to their career goals and interests. The program offers a wide range of elective courses, concentrations, and specialized tracks, enabling students to deepen their knowledge in specific areas such as entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, or strategy.

    Useful Links

    Eligibility & admission process Admissions MBA
    Costs & finance Fees and Funding 
    HEC Alumni Alumni Profiles
    Learning  MBA- Learning Experience 
    Contact HEC Paris MBA  Program
    +33 (0) 1 39 67 97 13 


    HEC Paris MBA stands out as (one of the best MBA colleges in France) a top-tier business school renowned for its global reputation, strong alumni network, and commitment to developing effective leaders. The program's diverse and collaborative learning environment fosters cross-cultural understanding and prepares students for success in today's interconnected business world. 

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    What are the admission requirements for the HEC Paris MBA?

    To apply for the HEC Paris MBA, you need a bachelor's degree or equivalent, a valid GMAT or GRE score, a minimum of two years of work experience, English language proficiency, two recommendation letters, and a completed online application form.

    Does HEC Paris offer scholarships for the MBA program?

    Yes, HEC Paris offers a range of scholarships to support MBA candidates. These scholarships are based on various criteria such as academic merit, professional achievements, leadership potential, and financial need. Applicants can explore the available scholarships and their eligibility criteria on the HEC Paris MBA website.

    How are placements at HEC Paris?

    The placement rate of HEC Paris MBA is 93%. Students of this course get jobs in the best companies and are offered high starting salary with great career opportunities.

    What career support does HEC Paris provide to MBA students?

    HEC Paris has a dedicated Career Center that offers comprehensive career support services to MBA students. These services include career counseling, networking events, industry panels, interview preparation, access to job postings and internships, and connections with a vast alumni network. The Career Center works closely with students to help them achieve their post-MBA career goals and offers resources for career exploration and advancement.

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