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HEC Paris MBA Fees & Expenses

HEC Paris MBA Fees: Tuition fees, Living Expenses & Scholarships

Opting to embark on the journey of pursuing an HEC Paris MBA fees can undoubtedly unfold as a profoundly enriching investment in shaping the trajectory of your future career. Nonetheless, gaining a comprehensive comprehension of the multifaceted dimensions tethered to this commitment, including the fiscal considerations intertwined within, and the spectrum of avenues availing financial support, emerges as quintessential.

HEC Paris MBA Tution Fees

Tuition fees for the September 2024 MBA intake at HEC Paris are € 98,000.

Upon moving forward on an MBA journey, making the decision to pursue a degree from the HEC Paris MBA program can be quite significant. While it may seem costly at first glance, remember that you are investing in your future and securing quality education. The school's tuition fees match up favourably with those of other prominent schools around the globe. It is only logical as it is among the best MBA colleges in France.

The tuition is €98,000 for the 2025 enrollment. This charge includes all HEC Paris MBA fees, books, and other program expenses.A deposit of €9,000 is required for each intake as part of the tuition fee, which is repaid in installments.

Although the tuition fee is a sizable outlay, it's important to keep in mind that there are other costs involved in pursuing an MBA. Accommodations, meals, transportation, and other living expenses must also be taken into account. We'll go through these costs in more detail and discuss what you can budget for while attending HEC Paris in the following section.

hec paris mba fees

What your tuition fee includes

This HEC Paris tuition fee covers more than just the academic courses. It encompasses access to the school's state-of-the-art facilities, extensive career services, and a range of extracurricular activities and clubs. This holistic approach ensures that students gain not only academic knowledge but also practical skills and a robust professional network.

NOTE: The tuition fee covers the full length of the 20-24 month program and is not affected by your chosen exit point.

Navigating Living Expenses in France

Expense Cost (annual)
Tuition Fees €98,000
Accommodation €9,925
Food €6,000
Transportation €4,700
Miscellaneous €3,200

There are other expenses to take into account in addition to the tuition when attending an MBA program. You must include the cost of lodging, food, transportation, and other living expenditures in your budget while calculating HEC Paris MBA fees. Here are some things to remember:


The cost of accommodation at HEC Paris varies based on the type of room you choose. The estimated accommodation cost for 16 months ranges from €9,925 for an individual room to around €32,000 for MBA students living with their partners on campus.


You can expect to spend around €6,000 on meals during your time at HEC Paris, although this can vary based on your dietary preferences and eating habits.


You'll need to budget around €4,700 for transportation, which includes the cost of public transportation and occasional taxi rides.

4.Miscellaneous expenses

Other expenses such as books, health insurance, and leisure activities can add up, and you should budget around €3,200 for these costs.

It's essential to consider all of these costs when planning your budget for attending the HEC Paris MBA program.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

HEC Paris is committed to making the journey toward an MBA as accessible and straightforward as possible. All admitted students are eligible for scholarships, with the HEC Foundation currently providing 1,000,000 euros annually in aid. In addition to those granted by our alma mater, other opportunities exist such as scholarships bestowed by institutions catering specifically towards nationals of specific countries or government-backed loans provided through banks.

hec paris mba fees


Some of the available scholarships to manage HEC Paris MBA fees include:

  • HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Excellence
  • Forté Scholarship for Women Candidates
  • HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Diversity
  • 30% Club Scholarship
  • ARD/HEC Paris Scholarship
  • CMA CGM Excellence Fund for Lebanon
  • L'Oréal Scholarship
  • Paris Saclay Innovation Cluster Scholarship
  • Serge Bellanger French-American Business Student Scholarship

HEC Paris MBA Fees: ROI

According to the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2021, graduates of the HEC Paris MBA program earn an average salary of $128,589 three years after completing the program, with an average salary increase of 97%.

The HEC Paris MBA program is undoubtedly an expensive undertaking. However, the program can provide a significant return on investment (ROI) in terms of future career prospects and financial gains.

These impressive statistics reflect the quality of education and the reputation of HEC Paris as a leading business school. Employers recognize the value of an MBA from the school, and graduates are in high demand in various industries. The program offers students the opportunity to network with peers, alumni, and industry leaders, which can provide valuable connections and open doors to new career opportunities. This ultimately make the MBA fees worthwhile.

The significant salary increase after completing the HEC Paris MBA program is another testament to the value of the program. The increase in salary indicates that the knowledge and skills gained during the program are highly valued by employers, resulting in more significant financial rewards for graduates.

Opportunities for Part-Time Work

Part-time employment is permitted for up to 20 hours per week for students at HEC Paris, which can be a fantastic opportunity to supplement your income and gain experience. It's crucial to remember that a part-time job may not be enough to pay for all living expenses (let along HEC Paris MBA fees) and shouldn't get in the way of your academic pursuits. 

When it comes to considering your HEC Paris MBA( one of the top MBA Colleges in France) salary potential after graduation, it's important to note that the program's strong reputation and alumni network can significantly enhance your career prospects.

  1. Teaching Assistant: HEC Paris may offer opportunities for students to work as teaching assistants, helping professors with grading, preparing course materials, or leading discussions. This can be a great way to earn income while gaining valuable teaching and leadership skills.
  2. Freelance Consultant: HEC Paris is known for its strong focus on entrepreneurship, so students with specific skills or expertise may be able to work as freelance consultants for local businesses or startups. This can be a great way to gain practical experience and earn income at the same time.
  3. Language Tutor: As an international business school, HEC Paris attracts students from all over the world. If you are a native speaker or proficient in a language other than English, you may be able to work as a language tutor for other students. This can be a flexible and rewarding part-time job.
  4. Event Staff: Paris is a city with a vibrant cultural scene, and there are often events and festivals happening throughout the year. Students at school pursuing and paying HEC Paris MBA fees may be able to work part-time as event staff, helping with set-up, ticket sales, or other tasks.
  5. Research Assistant: HEC Paris has a strong research focus, and students may have the opportunity to work as research assistants for faculty members. This can be a great way to gain experience in academic research and earn income at the same time.

HEC Paris MBA is one of the best universities for pursuing an MBA. When it comes to interview questions, applicants can expect a wide range of topics, including their motivation for pursuing the program, leadership experiences, career goals, and how they plan to contribute to the HEC Paris MBA community.


Enrolling in an MBA program at HEC Paris will entail a sizeable financial commitment, but there are a number of funding options available to assist defray those expenses, the most obvious being HEC Paris MBA fees. MBA students can plan for their future jobs and financial security by understanding the tuition costs, living expenditures, scholarships, ROI, part-time job opportunities, and visa work hour constraints.

What are the tuition fees for the HEC Paris MBA program for international students?

Tuition fees for the HEC Paris MBA program for the 2023-2024 academic year are approximately € 53,200. This cost typically covers the entire duration of the program, but it's essential to check for any updates or additional fees.

Are there any scholarships or financial aid options available for international students at HEC Paris?

Yes, HEC Paris offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid options for international students based on merit, financial need, and specific criteria. It's advisable to explore their official website or contact the admissions office for detailed information on available scholarships.

Are there additional costs besides tuition fees that international students should consider when studying at HEC Paris?

Yes, in addition to tuition, students should budget for living expenses, textbooks, accommodation, health insurance, and other personal expenses. The total cost will depend on your lifestyle and accommodation choices while studying in Paris.

What is the refund policy for tuition fees if a student needs to withdraw from the program for unforeseen reasons?

HEC Paris typically has a refund policy that considers the timing of your withdrawal and the reason for it. It's important to contact the admissions office or review the official policy to understand the specific conditions and any potential refund options.

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