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HEC Paris MBA Salary

HEC Paris MBA Salary: Sectors, Locations & Opportunities

One of the primary reasons students pursue an MBA degree is to enhance their career prospects and increase their earning potential. Therefore, knowing the average HEC Paris MBA salary from a particular institution is an essential factor that students consider before choosing a program.

Average Graduate HEC Paris MBA Salary

Average graduate HEC Paris MBA salary of class 2021: $128,628 (over INR 1 crore)

According to the HEC Paris MBA Employment Report 2021, the average salary of graduates who completed the program in 2020 was €97,000. The report also revealed that 95% of graduates secured employment within three months of graduation, the numbers should not come as a surprise as HEC Paris is among the best MBA colleges in France.

The salary figure mentioned above includes base salary, signing bonus, and other guaranteed compensation, on average, employers are willing to pay MBA graduates more than those with a bachelor's degree. Nonetheless, the stipend may vary depending on sector location and previous experience.

HEC Paris MBA Salary: Sector-wise

hec paris mba salary

When it comes to considering an MBA program, one of the critical factors for prospective students is the return on investment, and an essential part of this equation is understanding the potential salary outcomes. HEC Paris, a renowned business school, not only boasts an excellent academic reputation but also provides a remarkable launching pad for high-earning careers. The HEC Paris MBA program is recognized for its ability to prepare students for various sectors, including consulting, finance, technology, energy, and more. In this article, we explore the top five sectors that offer the best salary packages to HEC Paris MBA graduates.

Whether you're a prospective student aiming to maximize your ROI or a business enthusiast curious about salary trends, you'll find valuable insights here. We'll also touch upon how the HEC Paris GMAT score plays a role in securing these lucrative opportunities.

1. Consulting

The field of consulting is a popular choice among HEC Paris MBA graduates, with average salaries nearing $116,559. Leading firms such as McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, and BCG have all been known to be actively recruiting in this sector; those considering a career change may want to consider this field when making their decision.

2. Finance

Finance is a highly sought-after profession for HEC Paris graduates. With an average MBA salary of upwards of $85,020 per annum, it appears to be the prime choice among these students. Top recruiters in this sector include J.P Morgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse - all leading organizations within the finance industry.

3. Technology

As technology continues to shape human existence, the demand for MBAs in the technology sector has skyrocketed over recent years. At present, an average salary of around $109,000 is typically offered to individuals who obtain these degrees; leading companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

4. Energy

The energy sector is also a popular choice among graduates, and the average HEC MBA salary offered in this sector is around $121,805. Top recruiters in this sector include Total, Shell, and ExxonMobil.

Consulting $116,559
Finance $85,020
Technology $109,000
Energy $121,805




HEC Paris MBA Salary Across Different Locations

hec paris mba salary location

When considering pursuing an MBA at HEC Paris, one of Europe's premier business schools, understanding the potential salary outcomes in various regions is crucial. Your choice of location can significantly impact your post-MBA earning potential.

HEC Paris MBA Salary: Country-wise  

Beyond the world-class education and unparalleled networking opportunities, the potential for lucrative salaries upon graduation is an attractive draw. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of HEC Paris MBA salary statistics across different continents, drawing data from sources such as Glassdoor. Whether you're considering Europe, Asia, the Americas, or even Africa as your post-MBA career destination, we're here to provide you with valuable insights into the potential earnings and opportunities that await.

Let's explore how HEC Paris opens doors to global success, one continent at a time.


Europe is the most popular location for HEC Paris MBA graduates, with 64% of graduates securing employment in Europe. The average salary offered in Europe is around $113,357.


The demand for MBA graduates in Asia is increasing, and 24% of HEC Paris MBA graduates secure employment in Asia. The average salary offered in Asia is around $124,800.


The demand for MBA graduates in America is relatively lower than in Europe and Asia, and only 8% of HEC Paris MBA graduates secure employment in America. The average salary offered in America is around $133,413.


Africa's emerging markets and expanding business sectors make it an increasingly attractive destination for HEC Paris MBA graduates. The salary in this region is competitive, reflecting the growing demand for well-trained business professionals. The average salary offered in Africa is around $120,000

Other Opportunities Along With Salary

Apart from salary, HEC Paris MBA program graduates also benefit from other opportunities, such as networking, leadership development, and career advancement. The HEC Paris MBA salary and program provide students with the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and top executives from different sectors, which enhances their network and career prospects.


Is HEC parish worth it? The HEC Paris MBA program helps students develop their talents and maximize career success. Candidates who successfully complete this educational endeavor have been employed and paid handsome HEC Paris MBA salaries by top corporations around the globe in a wide range of sectors - ranging from consulting to finance and technology-related roles; with placement opportunities for graduates spanning across all industries available to them upon graduation

Whether you aspire to work in consulting, finance, technology, or any other industry, the HEC Paris MBA can be your gateway to achieving your professional dreams and securing impressive salaries. With a strong commitment to student success and a focus on equipping graduates for the real-world challenges, HEC Paris continues to be a powerhouse in the world of business. HEC Paris MBA program, as evident on

What is the average post-MBA salary for HEC Paris graduates, and how does it compare to Indian MBA programs?

On average salary of HEC Paris MBA graduates to $128,628, competitive salaries. However, it's important to research the specific industry and location you plan to work in. Comparing this with Indian MBA programs can provide valuable insights into potential earning differentials.

Do HEC Paris MBA graduates have good opportunities to secure employment in India after completing their studies?

HEC Paris MBA has a strong global reputation, and its alumni network can be beneficial in securing positions in India. However, it's advisable to explore the specific industries and companies that have a presence or interest in hiring from HEC Paris in India.

Are there differences in salary potential for HEC Paris MBA graduates depending on their chosen specializations or fields of study?

Yes, the salary potential may vary based on your chosen specialization. High-demand fields such as consulting or finance may offer higher initial salaries, but your personal skills and experiences will also play a significant role in determining your salary.

How do currency exchange rates affect the salary of Indian students working abroad after their HEC Paris MBA?

Currency exchange rates can impact the value of your salary when repatriating it to India. It's advisable to stay informed about exchange rates and explore financial strategies to mitigate currency fluctuations.

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