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What is HHL MiM Review?

The HHL MiM Review is useful for people who want to gain a quick understanding of the MSc in Management program offered by HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Apart from a brief review of the school, data about the institute, the curriculum followed, eligibility requirements, application process, the class profile and placement statistics upon graduation are presented.


HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, formerly known as Handelshochschule Leipzig, is a private business school based in Saxony, Germany. Established in 1898, it is one of the world's oldest business schools. The school is accredited internationally by AACSB and locally by ACQUIN.  The school was founded in 1898 upon an initiative by the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce. In 1946, it was integrated into Leipzig University and regained partial independence in 1969. After the Fall of the Iron Curtain, the school was re-founded under private management in 1992, again, through an initiative of the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce.

The English-language Master in Management Program (M.Sc.) at HHL was ranked among the top of its kind in Europe according to the latest Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking. The program provides a basis for future management tasks and covers a wide variety of economic topics. Building on a Bachelor's degree in economics, HHL attaches particular importance to teaching soft skills - courses such as Problem Solving & Communication, Negotiation or International Management Competencies represent an inherent part of the training. The 21 to 24-month full-time program offers eight fields of specialization, i.e. Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Advanced Economics and Advanced General Management. By choosing four electives the students can set a topical focus on the career for which they are aspiring. In addition to a term abroad at one of over 130 universities partnered with HHL, the curriculum of the program also encompasses an internship. Excellent business contacts as well as a professional Career Service provide top career opportunities for the alumni. Students can enroll for this program in spring (March) or fall (September).

HHL MiM Review, HHL Main building

For business undergraduates this 24 month super intensive program is going to provide a brief overview of the management concepts. The MSc Management program is going to offer you a platform to kick start your career in the business sector. The program is also very flexible as it gives you the opportunity to complete the program within 21 months if you choose to write your Master thesis in term six.

Next in the HHL Masters in Management Review we are going to look at the eligibility criteria and application process of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.


Admission Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from a university with a minimum of 180 ECTS-credits or equivalent degree with above average results.
  • Min. of 3 months relevant practical experience.
  • GMAT  score of at least 600 ( to be submitted by the start of the program at the latest).
  • TOEFL (to be submitted by the start of the program at the latest).
  • Knowledge of a second modern foreign language (besides English and mother tongue).

The GMAT score is an essential part of our internal ranking when selecting a partner university for the mandatory term abroad.

Application Documents

Applicants have to submit the following application documents:

  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Letter of motivation.
  • Copy of general qualification for university entrance.
  • Current / final transcript of an above-average Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from a university with a minimum of 180 ECTS-credits or equivalent degree *.
  • Proof of a minimum of 3 months relevant practical work experience*.
  • Proof of very good skills in English (e.g. TOEFL of 96+ ibt) and basic knowledge in a second modern foreign language besides mother tongue*.
  • 2 letters of recommendation*.
  • GMAT result**.
  • Passport photo.

* These documents can be handed in during the admission process.
** Those who have passed the Admission Test at HHL and got accepted without any further requirements may submit their GMAT result by the start of the program.

Application Test Day

Given that your application meets the requirements, you will be invited to the Admission Test Day at HHL. For applicants from abroad we offer telephone interviews as an equivalent to the Admission Test Day.


Admission days: Feb 7 / Mar 9 / Apr 11 / May 18 / June 20 / Jul 6

The Admission Test Day has three parts
1. Interview with an HHL professor (approx. 20 min).
2. Interview with a business representative (approx. 20 min).
3. Short presentation and discussion (5-7 min. + 5-7 min. for discussion).

The competencies focused on during the interviews are
1. Problem solving abilities (analytical abilities, structuring, flexibility, creativity, business understanding).
2. Personality (ability to work in a team, maturity, self-confidence, communication skills).
3. Leadership potential (leadership ability, motivation, and energy, profit orientation).

Regarding the short presentation, the candidate receives two different topics of which one has to be chosen. One hour of preparation time is given. The library as well as the computer labs (with internet access) can be used for preparation.

The following criteria are evaluated

  1. Presentation (problem identification, outline, and structure, synthesis ability, creativity and originality).
  2. Discussion (assessment ability, argumentation, critical faculty).
  3. Personality (appearance, theoretical ability, self-confidence).

HHL’s Admissions Committee usually determines admission immediately on the Admission Test Day. The Committee consists of elected members of the HHL community and the examiners of the test day.

Next in the HHL Masters in Management Review we are going to look at some relevant details about the MiM program as well as the employment opportunities after graduation.

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Program Start: Spring or Fall.

Application Deadlines: June 20/May 30*.

* Earlier deadline for prospective students from Non-EU countries, to allow time for visa processing.

Program Length: 21-24 months.

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or equivalent with at least 180 ECTS credits.
  • Very good skills in English (e.g. TOEFL: 96+).
  • GMAT.
  • At least 3 months practical experience.

Practical Experience

1 mandatory internship (2nd optional).
Student consulting project.

Language of Instruction

100% English.

International Perspective

Mandatory term abroad.
Over 130 partner universities.
Double degree.


Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking 2017:
#48 Master in Management worldwide.
#2 worldwide for Salaries (The Economist Ranking 2017).
Top 10 worldwide for Career Service.

Founder's Association for German Science Start-up Radar 2013:
Germany’s best entrepreneurial university.

Class Profile

Average age: 24.
Age range: 21 - 27.
Class size: 45.
Percentage of woman: 29 %.
Average work experience: 1.5 years.
Percentage of international students: 33 %.
Nationalities represented: e.g. Austria, Cameroon, China, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Italy, Libanon, Norway, Romania, Slowania, Spain.
Under-Graduate Background-
Business Administration 22%.
Business Engineering 6%.
Business Studies 27%.
Commerce 6%.
Economics 11%.
International Business Studies/Management 22%.
Logistics Management 6%.

Career opportunities

In 2016 more than 40% of the M.Sc. graduates started their career in Consulting so it remained by far the most popular sector. Nearly 15 % of the graduates chose an entry position in the Financial Services sector which confirms an increase to previous years. As for the remaining 45%, the sector choice is very diverse in the latest placement statistics which shows that the General Management approach of HHL gives graduates a wide range of career options.

Average starting salary: EUR 61,000.
Employment rate 3 months after graduation: 95%.

Placement statistics of MSc Class of 2015

Consulting 41.7%.
Finance Service 14.6%.
Media 2.1%.
E-Commerce/E-Business 4.2%.
Post graduate studies 4.2%.
FMCG 8.3%.

Lastly, in the HHL Masters n Management Review, we are going to look at the application essay questions.


As a part of application process you are required to write a letter of motivation that will serve as the application essay. In the letter of motivation you have illustrate with real life examples about your goals, strengths, weaknesses and suitability for the MSc program.

We hope the HHL MiM Review was able to provide you with ample information about the MiM program offered by HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. All information has been sourced from the HHL website, for more information you can visit the official website of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.