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Our Client Case Studies

Common Profile Problems and how we Strategised to Solve them

Everyone has a unique story to tell, and it is only via a well-told story that the attention of top B-schools can be captured.

Any consultant worth their salt can help an applicant land a good school if they have a 740 GMAT, glowing academics and excellent extra-curricular activities.
But it is the tough cases, the clients who have those not so perfect profiles – the ones with low test scores, an OK profile and average academics, that test the mettle of a good consultant.

The understanding of the person, their profile, why they chose particular activities and how they handled the repercussions, is what makes a good application.
It is the skills & qualities highlighted via these activities & struggles that schools truly value.

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At MiM-Essay, we aim to look beyond the obvious and dig deep into your profile to take out those hidden experiences, which make you unique and differentiate you from the rest.

Here are a few of our Client Case Studies, where we did just that.

A gap of 2 years post graduation - No work experience


Science Student Struggling to make a connect in Business


An average GMAT coupled with an average profile



Indian Engineer struggling to Differentiate


Final Year Student with low work experience & average academics



A mix of low GPA & limited extracurricular experiences


Gap in studies, random jobs and inconsistent experiences


3 Rejects with a 700 GMAT, good CGPA & extracurriculars


Multiple previous year rejects, low morale, and hence targeting schools below caliber



No conventional work experience or good brand, inconsistent extracurriculars



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It is no secret that the competition for top B-schools is no cakewalk and having helped over 1800+ applicants get into their dream school, we’ve come to realize that Application problems such as

  • A low CGPA
  • Mediocre extra-curricular activities
  • Gaps in education
  • No work experience
  • Average or conventional work experience

and many others….. are very common, but working with clients from all over the globe has shown us, that almost everyone tends to have experiences which can counter these weaknesses & help put forward a more comprehensive application.

We, at MiM-Essay know exactly how to help you do this, and by digging deep into your profile we will bring out those activities & experiences, that highlight your unique skills! 

Above were just some of our client stories, click the link below to read more about the experiences our clients had with us.

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