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What Makes us Different?


In a marketplace where there are tons of consultants, why should you choose us?


We are available day or night via Skype, email & WhatsApp! Every applicant has different priorities; we strive to meet them and offer a 36 hour turnaround time on edits.


Along with a dedicated consultant and our support team, your entire application is supervised by our Founders, who are available to help you as and when needed.


Via in-depth Brainstroming and Essay analysis calls, we go the extra mile to understand your profile and help you frame your drafts. Then via unlimited edits we hone the same to perfection.

A consultant can help increase your chances of getting admission into your target schools exponentially,
but only if you choose the right one.

With so many consultants in the market, choosing the right one to help guide you becomes challenging. There is no point in getting guidance from people who lack inside knowledge into the field since they won’t be able to give you a severe competitive advantage.

Here, we have listed out a few reasons to show why we would be the ideal choice to help you out:

  • Our consultants are all graduates of Top B-schools and Masters programs, putting them in a better position to comprehend your problems and help you through this unfamiliar path.
  • Your consultant would be someone from one of your target school, with plenty of experience of getting clients admits into your set of target schools.
  • Most of the consultants, though educated, may not be an alumnus of top B-schools and have themselves never stepped abroad. As a result, the relatability level is low.
  • They are neither personally familiar with the process nor the different requirements that a school demands.
  • Even before we begin writing a single word, we conduct detailed brainstorming calls and dig out the whys and hows of our client’s profile to present their life story in the best possible manner.
  • A differentiated profile makes the admission committee much more interested in the application, thus increasing your chances of acceptance!
    • Other consultants use a template-based approach and draft almost the same application for all of their clients.
  • A template based approach hardly reflects your strengths and personality, and fares poorly in differentiating your profile from peers, hence you lose major points and subsequently your admission chances drop significantly.
    • A perfect application cannot be drafted in a single edit, so we strive to achieve perfection and keep the edits coming until your essays turn out to be perfect.


  • No matter the number of edits you require, even if it’s a hundred, we’ll be there for you without any extra charges because we believe in treating every application as if it were our own.
    • Other consultants provide a limited editing service, which usually includes 2-3 edits that won’t even bring you close to drafting an ideal essay.


  • You will end up burning a hole in your pocket by extending these editing services.
    • We don’t follow a 9-5 schedule, both our consultants and support team are available to help you at most times of the day.
  • You can drop us any query on the Whatsapp group we create for you and expect a response within hours (if not minutes).
    • Other consultants usually don’t handle client queries beyond their office hours.


  • This can become problematic if you are trying to draft an essay and need immediate help from their end.
    • We offer the most comprehensive service in the industry at an affordable price.


  • Being neither too high nor too low, our unmatched services ensure complete value for money.
    • On one hand, there are consultants who charge an unrealistic sum for their services which makes no sense and are beyond affordability.


  • On the other, there are consultants charging a dime for their services which though may seem lustrous, but wouldn’t bring you close to the desired result. The template-based approach would just reduce your chances further.


  • If you fail to receive an admit after opting for our 4-school package, which is the rarest of cases, we will ensure your acceptance by offering you two schools for free.
    • Other consultants generally do not provide any guarantee and close your account as soon as their deed has been done, which makes this a risky deal to participate in.


  • They will provide extra services but surely at a price to pay.
    • All of our consultants have worked in the best companies around the globe.


  • Having gained an insight into the requirements and working of top corporates, they are in a better position to guide you and help you formulate your future goals and means to achieve them.
    • Most of the other consultants in the industry do not have relevant work experience abroad.


  • Lacking a global perspective, they cannot help you figure out which fields are the best for you due to the limited exposure they’ve received.
  • Our services are not limited to just receiving an admit, but we also offer assistance in making connections at your B-school, attaining scholarships, figuring out loan facilities and much more.
  • Other consultants don’t usually care about their clients on a personal level and part-ways just after the application process ends.
    • Our goal is to work with you and get you into the best schools possible as per your goals and profile.


  • We do not have any tie-ups with any universities and help you choose your dream B-school wisely, and drive all our efforts in the direction of fulfilling your dreams.
    • Other consultants have tie-ups with universities and often do not choose what’s the best for you but push you towards tier 3 schools, who pay them for getting you admitted.


  • They are more concerned about making money and thus, knowingly or unknowingly they end up manipulating your choices.


At Mim-Essay, we don’t boast about being the best in the industry. Rather, we believe in proving ourselves with our work.
We have helped applicants to get into the top colleges such as:

While we started with Masters in Management, with time and the increasing demand, we have branched out into several degrees such as Masters in Finance, MS Analytics, MEM, MSc Marketing, MBA and have an equally high success rate in them with 1000’s of admits into elite top 10 schools.

Our ecstatic client base of 5000+ applicants and a constantly maintained success rate of 97% is proof of our prime services.

Thus you can be sure, we will leave no stone unturned to make sure you land a dream school admit.

Round 1 Applications are open for 2022 session.

Talk to us to know how you can get through your dream school.