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How can we 3x your Application?

At MiM Essay, we work together to get you an admit from the World’s Best Universities.

We have a simple objective – improving your chances 3X more than anything you can do yourself or with any other consultant out in the market.

Here is a glimpse of how we do the same:

1. Unparalleled Expertise

All our consultants belong to top B-schools and are master’s graduates themselves and are therefore able to provide you with unparalleled expertise. To make your journey a smooth ride, we connect you to a consultant who would be from your target school and have been through the process himself and therefore could help you in ways no other can.

Further, our team of consultants have worked for the top companies in the industry and have abundant experience of getting clients into top B-schools. Thus, they are in a better position to sort all your queries.

2. In-depth Support

Our role doesn’t end at just connecting you with the right consultant. One of our support agents is always at your side helping you out with each and everything – no matter how small or big the issue is. Also, our founders, with their years of experience in helping out thousands of students get an admit to top B-schools are there to provide you 360-degree support. So, you are ensured nothing but the best of the services.

3. A Full Suite Database

For effective communication and management, we also provide you access to CRM where you will find everything from sample essays to sample recommendation letters, interview questions to FAQs and more, all at one place. Also, it will constantly remind you of the application deadlines.

4. Only the best school suggestions

Our goal is to work for you and get you into the top schools that best fit your profile and sync with your goals. We will always recommend you to apply to only the top schools which can provide you with a better ROI. We will never recommend you to apply to Tier-2 or even the Tier-3 schools, unlike other consultants.

Note: Beware from other consultants who push you towards tier-3 schools. 99% of the consultants have tie-ups with other universities who pay them for getting you admitted and therefore manipulate your choices.

5. The most in-depth consulting process in the market

We believe that a differentiated application makes all the difference and therefore we follow a purely personalized approach, unlike other consultants who use a template-based approach and draft almost the same application for everyone.


  • In-depth Brainstorming: We conduct detailed brainstorming calls to dig into every aspect of your profile so that your life story is presented in the best possible way.
  • Essay Calls for each school– Every school requires different essays and you have to make sure that all your essays are personalized with the values of the school. We conduct essay calls for each school providing you tips on how to write the perfect essay for each school you are applying to.
  • Sample Essays for Reference– To give you an idea of how a perfect winning essay looks like, we provide you sample essays of past students for your reference. 
  • 24×7 Support– Our support is not limited to the regular 9-5 hours. We are available round the clock to answer all your queries via Skype, WhatsApp or E-mails. In fact, you can also ping us on weekends and still expect fast replies.

6. We keep working on edits until you are happy

Essays are the most important part of your application and perfecting them requires skill and numerous edits of course. We focus not only on the grammar but also help you improve the content, the story-line, and readability, which can make your application stand out. Also, we are NOT limited to the number of edits, unlike any other consultancy firm. We keep the edits coming in, no matter the number-even if it’s a hundred, we will be there for you until you are truly happy and that too without any extra charges.

7. Reference material for all parts of the application

Your application is a reflection of yourself and therefore drafting it requires attention to small details. We thereby provide you in-depth reference materials for all parts of your application- Resume, Essays, Recommendation letters, scholarships, etc. This will help you know the exact format demanded by the schools. Also, we will give you tips on how to go about your application, what points needs to be added and the common mistakes that applicants do so you do not repeat them.

8. Detailed Interview Preparation

Preparing for the final round of your application process- Interviews can be intimidating and stressful. To help you calm down your nerves, we provide you with two mock interviews for each school so that you do not mess the actual interview with the Admissions Committee. You are also provided with detailed reference material to help you figure out what kind of questions are asked. Furthermore, we have interview recordings of students who made it through, which will provide you with a clearer picture.

9. 4+ School Guarantee

We value client satisfaction the most and thereby believe in working on a guaranteed approach. We offer you a 10-day money back guarantee if after opting for our 4-school package, you do not get any admit. Although, this is the rarest of the rare cases, but we ensure your acceptance by offering you consultancy for 2-3 more schools absolutely Free.


With so many consultants there in the market offering differentiated services, we assure you that no one can provide services as comprehensive as ours. We have set quality benchmarks and we constantly strive to raise the bars higher every single day. Having said all that, we let our work speak for us loud and clear.

With a record-breaking success rate of 92%, we can surely help you 3x your chances in top B-schools as compared to any other consulting firm.







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