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How does LBS leverage London's Location to provide unique opportunities for their MBA students?

At LBS, they take great pride in fostering a diverse international community, which is one of their true comparative advantages over other top-tier business schools. Known for its diverse student body LBS is often compared to a mini United Nations. Students from different parts of the world come together at LBS to share their stories, traditions, and cuisine. By interacting with classmates from various cultures, students are able to broaden their horizons.

Cultural Connections, Now & Forever

LBS is a mini United Nations, with students from all corners of the globe. On average, a 2024 class has 40+ nationalities represented in a class of around 150 individuals. Interacting with LBS MBA program classmates from different backgrounds is not just about making friends; it’s about gaining completely new perspectives and insights that one would not be able to access through their own experiences.

Sharing stories, traditions, and even cuisine with classmates from around the world broadens your horizons and helps you love and appreciate the global community surrounding you at LBS.

Looking beyond the time you spend on campus, the connections you make at LBS extend far beyond graduation. You will join an alumni network spanning the globe, and you’ll have access to a diverse pool of professionals in virtually every industry and geographic location.


Experience firsthand the real benefits of our London location, where you can find major multinationals, tech start-ups, luxury and high fashion retailers, and NGOs, providing a dynamic and exciting environment to apply your skills. Our innovative LondonCAP (London Core Application Practicum) module is designed to capitalize on our connections with the London business community.

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During the program, you will have the opportunity to implement newly developed skills and create business solutions across different sectors as part of an extended group project. You will also be able to create value and deliverables for dynamic London-based organizations while interacting with businesses to enhance your learning. This will help you extend your personal and professional network while making new contacts and developing existing relationships.

Global Exchange: Broaden Your Business Lens

The global exchange program is your ticket. It allows students to spend a term at top-notch schools around the world, joining a diverse group of students eager to share their perspectives. Students of LBS MBA soak up new cultures, learn in different settings, and seriously boost their global network. This program offers a great opportunity for students to broaden their business lens and enhance their career prospects.


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