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How Important is Sentence Correction in GMAT ?

Sentence Correction in GMAT


GMAT sentence correction is the essential part of the GMAT syllabus. GMAT syllabus has four sections (AWA, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative reasoning and Verbal reasoning). These sections comprise sub-sections. Sentence correction (SC) is part of the Verbal reasoning section of the GMAT syllabus. Apart from sentence correction Verbal reasoning consists critical reasoning and reading comprehension section. Sentence correction makes 40 % of the verbal reasoning section. That is why one should prepare oneself in the right direction for the sentence correction section. It investigates the candidate’s language skills.

 In the GMAT sentence correction, one finds questions based on the error that can be grammatically incorrect or structurally incorrect. Sentences are there, and some of the parts of the sentence are underlined. One has to find error from the underlined part and choose the option that can replace underlined part of the sentence. We can say that sentence correction is part of verbal reasoning that focuses more on language proficiency and skill. Sentence correction part consists of 11-16 questions. One needs to study all the significant topics of Grammar to master sentence correction.

Sentence correction has questions from the following major topics:

Pronouns: Pronouns are those words that replace the antecedent of the sentence. For example, despite saying “Rohit is preparing for GMAT examination”, one can say “he is preparing for GMAT examination”. In this way, the pronoun helps to prevent the repetition of a noun in a sentence. In the sentence correction section, there can be grammatical errors based on the pronoun. one needs to check the pronoun used according to the noun. Apart from this, there can be many other grammatical errors in the sentence.

Subject-Verb Agreement: According to the subject-verb agreement, the Verb should be according to the sentence’s subject. If the sentence’s subject is singular, then a singular verb is appropriate there and vice versa. Many questions can be on a subject-verb agreement. The examiner can give an error and add a plural verb with the singular subject or singular Verb with a plural subject.

Verb and tenses: Verb and tense are the fundamental and significant part of Grammar. Verbs justify the action, whereas tense reflects when the action occurs, and both verb and tense work simultaneously as one determines action. The other examines the time of the work done. It includes questions based on the proper use of Verb and tenses according to the conveyed meaning of the sentence.

Modifiers: These are adjectives and adverbs. They generally provide supplemental meaning to the sentence. Sentences has errors with the displacement of the adjective and adverb from their rightful place.

Comparison: It is essential to compare the same subjects rather than comparing the different subjects in a sentence. Sentence also has error with this concept of Grammar.

Good Writing (According to GMAC)

AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) is the writing part of the GMAT exam pattern and has sub-sections: Argument essay and issue essay. It is the first section of this exam. In this section analytical and writing skills of the candidate are checked. One must practice good writing to gain the perfection in writing part.

Some important elements which can make one’s essay writing up to the mark are:

  • Firm grip on the language
  • Support the argument with relevant and robust ideas
  • Provide examples to support one’s ideas
  • Structure one’s sentences logically and grammatically correct
  • Most important is to present the ideas and examples logically and clearly.

There is something about the writing section which one must know, and that is about the Scoring procedure of the AWA section by GMAC. AWA essays are marked or checked two times; initially, it is marked or checked by the expert. Secondly, it is marked by an automated essay scoring engine. It is a computer program which marked the essay of the candidate out of 6 points. Moreover, there are different criteria based on which computer program marked the essay out of 6 points for each point.

Intended meaning Vs Grammatical meaning

Intended meaning refers to the meaning that the sentence is intended to convey. grammatical meaning is the meaning formed by the sentence’s grammatical structure, and grammatical meaning should be conveyed according to the Intended meaning of the sentence. Alternatively, the meaning which the sentence wants to convey and many errors related questions can be formed with this concept of intended meaning and grammatical meaning.

 For example, in the sentence “Rahul likes ice- cream more than Rohit”, this sentence’s intended meaning is that Rahul likes ice cream more than Rohit likes ice cream. However, the grammatical meaning of the sentence is that Rahul likes ice cream more than Rahul. Hence, one must clear the concept of intended and grammatical meanings as it can change the original meaning of the sentence. While attempting GMAT sentence correction, one finds the error in the sentence based on this concept.


How to do GMAT sentence correction practice?

Here are GMAT sentence correction tips :

  • Understand the meaning of the sentence properly
  • Follow the systematic approach to find the error in the sentence
  • Make all Grammar concepts mentioned above clear in one’s mind
  • Reading habit makes the strong command on the language, read books and novels to understand the correct structure of sentences during the preparation
  • Use elimination method
  • Check pronouns and verbs according to the subject of the given sentence
  • Check whether the intended meaning and Grammatical meaning of the sentence are the same or not
  • Work on Vocabulary and Idioms
  • Create a schedule and practice regularly
  • Improve basics of the Grammar
  • One can practice sentence correction online by using online sources


One must focus on sentence correction to score good in verbal reasoning section.  One can practice sentence correction with the help of GMAT sample paper.Apart from sentence correction, there are other sections in GMAT syllabus. AWA section is the another significant part of the GMAT syllabus.