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IE MBA Review

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Table of Contents

    Key Takeaways

    1. Program Overview: The IE MBA is a one-year, full-time program that focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability. The curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals while fostering critical thinking and leadership skills. Students benefit from a diverse range of electives, international immersion experiences, and practical projects that prepare them for successful careers in a variety of industries.
    2. Class Profile: The IE MBA Class of 2022 consists of 399 students, representing over 50 different nationalities. The class is diverse, with a balanced gender ratio of 41% women and 59% men. Students come from various professional backgrounds, including finance, consulting, technology, and healthcare, bringing a wealth of perspectives to the classroom. The average GMAT score for the class is 680, reflecting the program's competitive admissions process.
    3. Tuition Fees: The tuition fee for the IE MBA program is €82,300. This fee covers the cost of tuition, course materials, and access to the school's extensive resources and facilities. Additional costs for living expenses, health insurance, and other personal expenses are estimated to be around €24,000 for the duration of the program.
    4. Average Salary and Employment: Graduates of the IE MBA program enjoy excellent career prospects, with an average starting salary of $80,000 to $120,000. Many alumni secure positions in top consulting firms, financial institutions, and multinational corporations. The program boasts a strong employment rate, with 93% of graduates finding employment within three months of graduation. Additionally, the extensive IE alumni network provides valuable opportunities for networking and career advancement.


    The IE MBA program is renowned for its innovative curriculum and global outlook, designed to prepare future leaders for the complexities of the modern business world. This one-year, full-time program combines rigorous academic training with real-world experiences, ensuring that students are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of today's dynamic business environment. With a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, technology, and sustainability, the IE MBA offers a transformative educational experience that empowers students to drive change and create value in their chosen fields.

    Program length 11-15 months
    Tuition Fees
    MBA 2024
    Program deadline
    MBA 2026
    No deadlines
    Intakes 2
    Application fees 150€

    Class Profile of IE MBA

    The IE MBA program boasts a diverse cohort with an average of 5 years of professional experience. The class includes students from over 60 nationalities, ensuring a rich cultural exchange and broad perspectives. Additionally, the program maintains a balanced gender ratio, enhancing the collaborative learning environment.

    Average GMAT NA
    Average GRE NA
    Average GPA NA
    Average work experience 6 years
    Average age 29 years
    Pre-MBA industry
    Pre-MBA location
    MBA 2025
    Class size
    MBA 2025
    MBA 2025
    Country Represented
    MBA 2025

    To know more the Student experience -IE International MBA

    IE MBA Rankings

    IE Business School is recognized as a top institution in various global, subject-wise, and regional rankings for its MBA program. As per QS Global MBA Rankings 2024, IE Business School is ranked 8th globally whereas it ranks as the number one business school in Spain. Likewise As per Financial times ranking 2024 source, the school is on 7th position in Europe.

    Rankings Position
    QS Global MBA Rankings 2024: Spain 1
    QS Global MBA Rankings 2024 8
    Financial times Global MBA Ranking 2024: Europe 7

    IE MBA Eligibility & Requirements

    Are you ready to start on a transformative journey towards global business excellence?

    Look no further than the IE Business School MBA program. Renowned for its prestigious reputation and commitment to academic rigour, the IE MBA program offers a gateway to unlocking your leadership potential. In this article, we will explore the eligibility criteria, application requirements, essential documents, and the importance of the IE Business School MBA GMAT score and the MASTER'S ADMISSIONS TEST

    General Admission Process at IE Business School

    Application components:

    Applying from IE Business School International MBA application process requires fulfilling several essential criteria. Applicants must provide comprehensive academic records, standardized test scores, and various supporting documents. These basic requirements ensure that candidates meet the academic and professional standards set by the institution.

    • Online Application Form
    • Academic Records
    • GMAT/GRE Score or IE Global Admissions Test (ieGAT) score
    • English Proficiency Test (if applicable)
    • CV
    • Two Letter of Recommendation
    • SOP
    • Online Assessment
    • Personal Interview
    • Application Fee 150€ (Non Refundable)

    You can refer to official page to learn more on: To start your journey: Apply Here

    Program and Curriculum of IE MBA

    ie mba program and curriculum

    The IE Business School International MBA is a comprehensive program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the global business environment. The International MBA program structure into four main terms, each focusing on different aspects of business management and leadership.

    Term 1: Core Business Fundamentals: Financial,Managerial, Corporate Finance, Marketing Management,Operations and Supply Chain Management, Strategy, Data Analytics and Decision Making

    Term 2: Advanced Business Topics: Digital Transformation, Global Economic Environment,Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Negotiation and Conflict Management

    Term 3: Experiential Learning and Labs: Social Impact Lab, Startup Lab, Tech Lab, Business Impact Lab

    Students work on real business problems, interacting directly with company management to apply their learning in practical scenarios. There is also an option to undertake internships for hands-on industry experience.


    IE Business School offers a wide range of elective courses that allow students to tailor their MBA experience to their specific interests and career goals. These electives span various disciplines and industries.

    • Fintech, Digital Finance & DeFi
    • Digital Marketing, Social Media, Mobile & Analytics
    • Artificial Intelligence for Business
    • Geopolitics for Business People
    • ESG Performance Reporting

    Research Centres

    The mission of IE Business School research centers is to produce a pragmatic and innovative line of research that can be immediately applied to all areas of activity at IE.

    Here are some of the key research centers are Center for Families in Business, Center for the Governance of Change (CGC), IE Africa Center, Center for Health, Wellbeing, and Happiness, Center for Transport Economics and Infrastructure Management IE & EY Global Corporation Center, Loyalty Chair.

    Leading Research and Innovation in Management

    Fees & Financing

    Understanding the costs involved and the financing options available is essential for planning your educational journey. IE Business School offers various payment plans and financial aid options to help manage these costs.Payment plans allow students to spread the tuition fees over several installments, and financial aid packages, including scholarships and loans, are available based on merit and financial need.

    Step 1: Find out How to Apply step-by-step

    Step 2 Ready to start your application?

    Tuition Fee (Class of 2024) €82,300
    IE Foundation Contribution €1,200
    Application Fee €150

    Note: The tuition fees covers 11 months MBA program. To know more, Check out: IE Business School MBA Fees

    Employment Upon Graduation

    ie mba employment and placement

    The MBA program in IE is highly regarded for its quality education and strong employment prospects. Students who pursue an MBA in IE are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the business world. In this report, we will provide information on the average starting salary for IE MBA graduates, placement statistics, and the overall employment report.

    Average salary
    $80,000 to $120,000
    Offer accepted upon three months of graduation 93%
    Offer received upon three months of graduation 95%
    Reporting rate 90%
    Post-program job locations Europe 54%
    North America 20%
    Asia 12%
    Latin America 8%
    Middle East & Africa 6%
    Post MBA industries
    Consulting 30%
    Financial Services 20%
    Technology 15% Consumer Goods 10%
    Healthcare 8%
    Others 17%

    Know more at: Career Path | IE Business School

    IE MBA Application: Essays & Interview

    IE MBA Application: Essays & Interview

    The MBA program at MBA requires two essays as part of the application process. These essays are an opportunity for applicants to showcase their personalities and professional goals and fit with the program. The IE Business School MBA essays are evaluated as part of the holistic review process, which considers academic credentials, work experience, and other factors.


    The IE MBA application includes several essays that allow candidates to showcase their unique qualities, experiences, and career aspirations. These essays are crucial for the admissions committee to understand your motivations and how you align with the program's values and goals. 

    Essay 1

    The first essay prompt for the IE MBA program is generally a personal statement, which allows applicants to introduce themselves and share their reasons for pursuing an MBA degree. The prompt may vary from year to year, but applicants can expect to be asked about their background, motivation, and goals. This essay should be well-structured, concise, and showcase the applicant's unique perspective.

    Optional Essay 2

    The second essay is an optional essay, which allows applicants to explain any gaps in their application, address weaknesses in their academic or professional background, or provide additional information that may help the admissions committee better understand their candidacy. It is recommended to use this essay only if there is something significant to add.

    Interview Questions

    Here are the IE Business School MBA Interview Questions for you to rehearse before your interview round at the college: 

    Admission Interview & Final Decision

    Who attends the IE MBA program:

    • You should be adventurous learners seek unique transformation opportunities.
    • You have to be entrepreneurs want tools to start new ventures.
    • You shoul be align careers with personal purpose.
    • You have to be innovators like aim to future-proof their skills.
    • Aspiring leaders seek top-tier professional knowledge.
    • You should have network builders to connect with global peers and experts

    Why IE is Unique?

    Why IE is Unique?

    Is IE Business School MBA worth it? Absolutely, as these unique features provide a comprehensive, globally-minded, and practical business education.

    • Diverse Community: IE Business School boasts a highly international student body and faculty, fostering a global perspective.
    • Innovative Learning: The school integrates cutting-edge technologies and teaching methodologies.
    • Entrepreneurial Focus: Strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, with numerous resources and support for start-up ventures.
    • Flexibility and Customization: Programs are designed to be flexible, allowing students to tailor their learning paths to their career goals.
    • Real-World Experience: Opportunities for hands-on learning through projects, internships, and labs.

    Useful Links

    IE Scholarship application Scholarship application for master programs
    IE Admission Process International MBA Admission pocess
    Business School | Apply Start your application form
    IE Alumni Alumni community and events
    Contact IE Intenrational MBA Program


    IE Business School’s (as one of the best MBA colleges in Spain) MBA program stands out with its 11-month intensive format, focus on experiential learning, and robust career support. The strong global network and specialized tracks ensure graduates are well-prepared for leadership roles across various industries. Choosing IE Business School means committing to a transformative education that paves the way for a successful career in business.

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    Is the formal interview conducted online or in-person?

    Generally it is good to give the interview in-person. However, if you are in a different country or cannot reach the campus due to some unforeseen circumstances. Then you can give an online interview through Skype.

    How much time does the admissions committee takes to evaluate a student application?

    Students can expect a reply after first revision from the university after 1 to 3 weeks of applying. During this time, the university wil inform you about any pending documents if any. Once your profile matches to the school’s expectations you will be invited for a formal interview. The final decision will be declared in between 1-3 weeks, however this time can increase in the holiday season.

    There are how many admission intakes for the Interantional MBA program at IE Business School?

    All students can apply twice in one academic year. Students can apply for intakes in September and Janurary.

    What is the placement rate at IE business school after doing International MBA ?

    Around 95% of the International MBA graduates from IE business school got placed at top-notch companies like Barclays, Amazon, Salesforce, BGC, and many others within 3 months of graduating.

    What is the average GMAT score required to get an admit in international MBA program at IE business school?

    Students must have at least a Median GMAT Score of 686, to get an admission in international MBA program at IE business school.

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