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IE MIM Essays: Specialized Tips and How to Create Essays

In this blog, we aim to equip you with valuable insights, tips, and strategies that can distinguish your IE MIM Essays and increase your chances of securing a place in this esteemed program. 

In this blog post', we have dug deep into the intricacies of crafting a persuasive essay. By adhering to our advice and guidelines, we assure a comprehensive understanding and hence, a greater prospect of standing out among the applicants.

IE MIM Application Essays 2023-24

Let's delve into the essay questions for the IE MIM application. It's important to highlight how the IE MIM program and your professional aspirations aligns, while demonstrating how your past accomplishments and gained insights can enrich the school's community.

IE MIM Essay 1

This section is important in understanding who you are, not just as a student but also as a person, in order to grasp the value that you could add to their program. Take this as an opportunity to showcase your unique attributes and personality. There are three formats you can choose to express yourself: a video (max. 3 minutes), a PowerPoint presentation (max. 10 slides), or a written essay (between 250-650 words). Please pay special attention to punctuation, structure, and content.

What is the most important thing that you would like us to know that is not in your resume or application? (maximum 650 words)

In this essay, we need to highlight aspect of your candidature that hasn't been perfectly demonstrated in your resume or any other additional document. Whether you wish to go ahead with the video essay, powerpoint slide or with the essay question, try to highlight the below mentioned aspects of your candidature.

For detailed description of Application, please refer Application Process

Tips And Guidelines

Empowering your organization with efficient web browsing capabilities requires strategic management of tools like Internet Explorer Managed Installation Module (IE MIM). As a vital component in optimizing Internet Explorer deployments, IE Business School demands careful attention to installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance. 

  • Try to highlight any circumstances or background that has contributed to your individuality or contributed to your perspective so far.
  • In this essay, you can also share about any challenges or struggles you have faced so far, and most importantly, try to highlight how you tackled the circumstances, focusing on how these experiences have shaped your perspective and contributed to your growth.
  • Here, you can also, share about your achievements or accomplishments throughout the various phases of your life, that can adeptly showcase your proficiency and competencies in certain areas, aligning with the program;s requirements or the domain you are targeting for post the Master’s program.
  • Make sure to not repeat instances that has been explicitly mentioned in your resume or other additional documents, instead you can share a glimpse into the different aspects of the mentioned instances that can provide a different perspective.
  • Also, you can share about the series of events hat have led you to the decision of pursuing the master;s program, emphasize more on the professional objectives you envision accomplishing through the master’s program.

IE MIM Essay 1: Sample Answers

What is the most important thing that you would like us to know that is not in your resume or application? (maximum 650 words)

From a tender age, I found myself drawn towards the captivating field of finance, inspired by the lively debates between my family elders. This interest was nurtured further as I saw the operational nuances of my father's global commodities business, which I viewed as a place of great learning and incessant fascination. I began to see this field as a reflection of a complex and evolving global economic system. It was this realization and my growing interest in this field that guided me towards a Bachelor's degree in Commerce.

To widen the scope of my learning and understanding, I attended industry events and gained invaluable insights into the decision-making processes involved in global markets. I also had the opportunity to observe the intricate relationship between producers, traders, and retailers. These experiences solidified my interest in the realm of finance and honed my aim of working in M&A divisions. 

With the advent of the pandemic, I established a mobile food franchise, serving people while maintaining safety and hygiene. I also mentored young minds on the significance of entrepreneurship and sustainable financial practices. This phase was instrumental in shaping my practical experiences and insights into managing operations, whilst prioritizing people's welfare. 

Professionally, I worked on several tasks and projects geared towards efficient client management and satisfaction. My efforts saw an increase in customer engagement and return rates. However, it also highlighted the skill gaps I needed to address, which eventually led me to your esteemed institution. 

I believe that the core modules your program offers will help me grasp the nuances of the finance sector. Moreover, my ambitions align closely with the ethos and vision of your institute. I aim to exploit the sound financial knowledge I will gain here to seek employment with top-tier firms and foster responsible investments. I aspire to be a part of your student community and contribute my experiences and insights while also learning from the diverse student population. 

My goal is to leverage the education and exposure gained during this program to make meaningful contributions to the finance industry. I am certain that this journey with Institution will equip me to reach my personal and career goals.


Crafting a strong IE MIM essays is crucial for aspiring students seeking admission to the program as it is one of  the top MIM Colleges in Spain. Through this essay, candidates can share their personal and professional aspirations, express their motivations for pursuing the MIM program, and demonstrate how their future career path aligns with IE University's values and offerings.

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