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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Affect on International Students

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization. It has caused life around the globe to come on a stand-still. Naturally, this global pandemic has also adversely affected the universities and B-schools around the world.
If you are a current or prospective student concerned about the impact this coronavirus spread may have on your abroad education, we are here to provide you with the latest information on current Situation.

Online classes to be held

Almost all universities around the globe (U.S, U.K, China, Italy, Germany, etc.) have shut down the campuses to slow down the surge of Coronavirus. Governments have declared lockdown for at least 2 weeks. Universities have suspended face-to-face teaching and are shifting to online classes. Exams, projects and thesis have also been postponed until further notice. This might also delay the award of degrees.

Restricted entry on cross-borders

Countries have restricted entries at their borders and have suspended all flights. Land borders, airports and other routes are closed. Only residents are allowed in after a strict check. There would be a delay in next admission intake as well however there has been no announcement regarding application deadlines for spring, autumn and winter semester. We would advise you to closely follow the announcements of the government in your home country as well as of the governments in the countries you plan to study.

Changes in the Admission process

Since every country is under lockdown and people are instructed to remain at their homes, universities are planning to make changes to their admission process.

The inability to undertake GMAT or GRE examinations, has led universities to allow students without GMAT or GRE scores.

INSEAD has announced that it will allow candidates to apply without GMAT or GRE scores. Rotterdam School of Management has also offered GMAT/GRE waivers to candidates with outstanding undergraduate GPAs.
Now, you must be worried that you would not be able to study abroad this year and would have to give up on your dream. 

Well, Not Really!

Yes, the situation is not very pleasant right now but we would encourage you to hold on to your dreams and look forward to your abroad studies.

There are some speculations that the virus spread will start declining between the period of May-July. So, stick to your plan and DO NOT stop your application process.

Many universities start their sessions from September or October which means you can still have enough time pursue your dream of studying abroad.

However, if the speculations are proved wrong and the situations persists longer than July, the Universities will adjust to this crisis. They will postpone the application deadlines and would ease down the admission process ensuring that the students do not have to suffer any further.

Also, they will make changes to their academic year schedule.
So, while you are at home, this is the best time to research for application process, visa requirements and post-graduation work permit (PGWP). Since, universities have an online application form, you do not have to travel and can apply from the comfort of your home.
We would recommend you to stick to your plan, push yourself towards your dreams and stay informed. 

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