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INSEAD Singapore-MBA review


INSEAD’s accelerated 10-month MBA curriculum creates a dynamic and intensive learning environment. Through it, students immerse themselves in real issues and practise problem-solving through critical thinking across a multicultural setting.

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Insead MBA Introduction

MBA Review





Course Duration

10 Months


Course Fee





With three campuses across three continents and over 90 nationalities enrolled every year, INSEAD MBA students get valuable experience and qualifications. They get to learn not only from their own areas of specialisation and industry backgrounds but also from the global learning environment they come from. Insead MBA ranking is 7 as per QS.

INSEAD MBA Class Profile

INSEAD MBA Class Profile

The Insead MBA enjoys a rich cultural diversity with students applying from all over the world. The Insead MBA classes consist of professionals with over 5 years of experience along with students with less than 5 years of experience. It provides diversity for its students to learn from each other’s experiences and grow as future leaders.

Average Age




Average Work Ex

3-8 Years

Class Size


INSEAD MBA Acceptance Rate

Ranked among the top international business schools, Insead offers an accelerated INSEAD MBA with an acceptance rate of over 31%. Although, your chances of securing a seat in top universities like Insead truly depend on your Academic and Gmat scores. However, a robust profile can be a real deal cracker. How well you define your profile in the essays, sops and resume can define your probability of getting into Insead. Insead MBA deadline is generally in September and November.

Program and Curriculum For INSEAD MBA

Program and Curriculum

The accelerated 10-month INSEAD MBA comprises five periods, each lasting eight weeks and concluding with an exam, essay and/or project. The first part of the programme is built around 14 core courses, which provide you with a robust foundation of key management disciplines. In the second part, you will be able to choose from over 75 different electives in a variety of subjects. The global content of our INSEAD MBA curriculum enables you to keep abreast of changing trends in the business world, preparing you for a successful career as a business leader. Insead MBA fees is around $135,000, so make your decision wisely after looking at the program structure. 

Core Course

  • Financial Accounting
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Financial Markets and Valuation
  • Prices and Markets
  • Uncertainity, Data and Judgement
  • Introduction to Stratergy
  • Corporate Financial Policy
  • Managing Customer Value
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Process and Operations Management
  • Leadership Communication Foundations
  • Macroeconomics in the Global Economy
  • Business and Society


The electives are offered in the following academic areas:

  • Accounting and Control
  • Decision Sciences
  • Economics and Political Science
  • Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Strategy
  • Technology and Operations Management

Extra Activities

Student Clubs

Professional Clubs: A wide range of student-run professional clubs work closely with INSEAD Student Life department and the INSEAD Career Development Centre. They organise regular networking and speaker events on campus, as well as webinars, competitions or “career treks”. Some of the larger clubs also organise prominent annual forums and conferences, like the Private Equity Conference, the Women in Business Conference or the Global Luxury Forum. 

Non-Professional Clubs: In addition to the gyms offering regular fitness classes on both campuses (and the squash court in France), they have various clubs offering a wide variety of sports and leisure activities to network and help you pick up valuable new skills. There are also opportunities to represent INSEAD at inter-business-school events, such as the MBA Regatta and the MBA Golf Challenge.

Events and Activities

Launch Week: An opportunity to further immerse yourself in the on-campus experience and get acquainted with peers.

Welcome Weekend: End your launch week with activities organised by the senior class. A great opportunity to network with peers and hear about their INSEAD experience.

National weeks: To celebrate INSEAD’s diversity, the National Weeks provide an opportunity to showcase everything your country or region has to offer. An amazing moment to experience food, dance, music, business and traditions with your fellow classmates.

Dash: A long-standing INSEAD tradition, fancy dress is the way to go. 

Robin Hood Campaign: Business as a Force for Good” is one of INSEAD’s values, and we believe in paying it forward by raising funds for future high profile MBA candidates lacking the funds to join the program.

Pride Day: At INSEAD, all aspects of Diversity & Inclusion are celebrated. In line with the National LGBTQ Day in June, the OUTSEAD club and Student Life organise INSEAD’s own Pride Day.

Eligibility and Requirements for getting into INSEAD MBA

Eligibility and Requirements


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized university or college
  • GMAT score of above 640
  • Relevant professional and leadership experience
  • English Proficiecy test scores
    • TOEFL IBT score of 105,
    • IELTS – 7.5
    • PTE – 72 

Document Related to the Application

These documents are required for Insead MBA application

  • Official Academic Transcripts from colleges or universitiews attended
  • Academic Transcripts from Secondry/ Higher Education
  • Gre/Gmat Test Report
  • English Proficiency Test scores
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • SOP/Essay
  • CV/ Resume
  • Video interview
  • Medical Records
  • Health Insurance
  • Work Experience Documents


August Intake (Class of July)

   Rounds                     Deadline Dates
Round 1                           7 Sept 
Round 2                           2 Nov
Round 3                           6 Jan
Round 4                           22 Feb


January Intake (Class of December)

   Rounds                     Deadline Dates
Round 1                           1 March
Round 2                           19 April
Round 3                           14 June 
Round 4                           26 July 


INSEAD MBA Employment/Placement

INSEAD’s Career Development centre partners with the students to help the them find their dream careers. The Career Development Centre has been set up to assist you find you career passion or maximise your predetermined career goals. It has a global team across 3 different campuses consisting for personal career coaches, employer engagement specialists and operations team members. This team of professionals will help you from self assessment to relationship building to engaging with employers and you will get full support to achieve your dream career. Just remember the deadlines.

97,820 Euro




Top Sectors Hiring INSEAD MBA Graduates

Fintech is definitely a booming sector and is very broadly defined as any technological innovation in financial services. Thus there has been as increasing demand of INSEAD MBA graduates in traditional banks and start ups. Moreover, students are seeing the benefits of working for medium-sized employers as they provide a significant amount of responsibility early in their career. Employers are looking for candidates who have the ability to maintain productivity in a world that is changing faster than ever.

Companies Recruiting from INSEAD MBA


  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • IBM


  • BNB Paribas
  • Ernst & Young
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan
  • Deutsche Bank

Consulting Sector

  • Deloitte
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Bain & Co.
  • Oliver Wyman
  • A.T. Kearney

INSEAD MBA Alumni Info

The INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA) brings together an active network of 49 National Alumni Associations (NAA). Our graduates form a diverse alumni network of over 64,000 members worldwide, 30,000+ of which are MBA alumni. Our alumni live and work in across 180 countries with 168 nationalities. The interactions and connections between INSEAD alumni is a very important tool in building business throughout the world. Many of them often return for their alumni reunions on campus, which has fostered a strong bond within the INSEAD community over the years.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Vivienne Cox –  Chairman of Conseil de
  • Gilberto Gaeta – Country Head SMB Sales, Google
  • Imoni Akpofure – Regional Director, International Finance Corporation

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Application Essay for INSEAD MBA

Q. Discuss your career goals. What skills do you expect to gain from studying at INSEAD and how will they contribute to your professional career?
Q. Discuss your short and long term career aspirations with an MBA/MiM from INSEAD. (short answer)

Letter of Recommendation for INSEAD MBA

Two professional recommendation letters are required, providing information about your leadership and management potential. As such, at least one recommendation should come from your workplace; your current supervisor or manager is usually a good choice. The other recommendation should be from someone who has had a chance to evaluate you in a professional setting, for example, a client, a former supervisor or a colleague from your community service or extracurricular activities.

Academic recommendations are acceptable but they are less likely to address our main interest, which is to assess your ability to work with and manage others as well as your potential for senior management. If you feel it would add value to your application, you may also upload an optional third letter of recommendation as part of the supporting documents.

It is important to note that your recommenders can submit their online letters to us at your earliest convenience and up to the deadline to which you are applying for.

Interview Questions for INSEAD MBA

Q. What can you tell me about yourself?
Q. Could you please walk me through your resume?
Q. Why pursue an MBA? Why did you choose Insead as your school?
Q. Why do an MBA now rather than later? Why pursue an MBA at this point in your career?
Q. What are your short- and long-term objectives?
Q. What is your backup plan in the event that consulting/investment banking does not pan out?
Q. What are your main assets? Could you please provide some examples?
Q. What is your greatest flaw? Could you please provide some examples?
Q. What value can you bring to the class?
Q. Why should we bother with you?

Q. Is there a reason why we shouldn’t choose you?
Q. Prepare yourself by thinking about your interests and hobbies. Questions as simple as “Why do you do poetry (or any other activity)?” could be asked.
Q. Several Situational and Behavioral Issues?
Q. What do you consider to be your most significant accomplishment to date?
Q. Give me an example of a time when you were in a team and there was a conflict. How did you deal with it?
Q. Tell me about an instance when you failed to meet a client’s expectations. What happened, and how did you try to make things right?
Q. Case questions are frequently asked in MBA interviews, particularly by consulting candidates.
Q. What is the maximum number of golf balls that can fit on a Boeing 747?
Q. What is the size of the global smartphone market?
Q. Do you have any questions that you’d want to ask us?t sets us apart from our competitors?

What Makes INSEAD MBA Unique

  • The Accelerated MBA: INSEAD provides you an MBA degree within 10 months to 12 months so that you can continue your professional journey straight forward. Some of the professionals take a break from their exicting jobs to pursue these accelerated MBAs to quickly obtain some significant knowledge and skills and return to work quickly.
  • The Global Reach: INSEAD has a worldwide presence with three major campuses in Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Paris. Worldwide recognition provides a pool of opportunities to the INSEAD graduates to explore and grow professionally.
  • Enriching Diversity: INSEAD enjoys a culturally diverse community with students from over  75+ nationalities. The INSEAD admcoms have been working towards creating an enviornment for the students to develop the skills and experience to work in culturally diverse environment.


The curriculum of the accelerated full-time MBA program cultivates effective, considerate leaders and entrepreneurs who add value to their organizations and communities. You can secure the best job in the future with the aid of this software. As a result, submit your application as soon as possible.

International students at INSEAD France benefit from exceptional educational quality, cutting-edge practical learning, and numerous job opportunities. Students will be able to conduct extensive research in the field after receiving their MS Degree in Business Administration and Management from INSEAD France.

The interactive curriculum, extensive research opportunities, and outstanding teaching faculty at INSEAD France provide students with a life-changing learning experience. A Master of Science degree prepares students to be innovative and self-sufficient researchers. Overall, an MS Degree in Business Administration and Management from INSEAD France is a great option for students who want to dive deep into the field.



7 Step Game Plan to Build your Profile for 2023 Intake

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What is the duration of the MBA programme at INSEAD?

The INSEAD MBA programme at Michigan is a 10-12 months full-time MBA programme.

How many Intakes does INSEAD offers?

INSEAD offers two intakes per year with four rounds in each intake. International Students are advised to enrol in the 1st or 2nd round to have enough time for visa applications.

Is work experience required for INSEAD MBA?

INSEAD does not have an absolute requirement for years of work experience, although at least two years is strongly encouraged. Participants in our current class have an average of 5.5 years work experience, with the range being between two and ten.

Is it compulsory to belong to a business background to enrol into INSEAD MBA?

No, INSEAD accepts students from various backgrounds; it is not compulsory to have a business degree.

How many recommendations are required for the application?

INSEAD requires only two letter of recommendation, one from a professional source and other from an academic source who is able to answer all the required questions.

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