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Is Australian National University MOM Worth It? Explore It

Is Australian National University MOM worth it? Dive into the benefits of studying Australian National University MIM, average salary, comparisons, fees, job prospects, and why it's a great option.

Are you grappling with the question, "Is Australian National University MOM Worth It?" If so, let's discuss this matter with you. The Masters of Management program (MOM) at Australian National University is much favoured due to its stellar reputation and impressive global standing. 

Let's get to the root and understand the privileges the Australian National University MOM program lays ahead for those seeking to amp up their managerial journey. Stay tuned as we unwrap the worth of an Australian National University MOM degree.

What Sets Australian National University Apart

Australian National University MOM program presents Indian students with a plethora of advantages, including career progression, international exposure, and networking possibilities. Here are several ways in which Indian students can benefit from pursuing the ANU MOM program:

  • Enhanced Learning Experience: The Australian National University MOM program offers an enriching and globally diverse learning environment. It exposes Indian students to a variety of cultures, business practices, and perspectives, fostering adaptability and effectiveness in multicultural work settings.
  • Extensive Networking Resources: Australian National University MOM provides Indian students with an extensive network of accomplished alumni and professionals from diverse backgrounds. Leveraging this network, Indian students can pursue professional growth, mentorship, and invaluable connections with industry leaders.
  • Favourable Return on Investment: Despite the potentially higher program fees, the Australian National University MOM degree offers a considerable return on investment. Graduates of the program often secure highly competitive salaries globally, ensuring the program's long-term value.
  • Accessible Funding Options: Australian National University MOM acknowledges the financial considerations of Indian students, addressing the question, "Is Australian National University MOM worth it?" The program offers various funding alternatives, such as scholarships and loans, to make it more affordable and attainable for students who may lack immediate financial resources. 
  • Cultivation of a Global Mindset: The Australian National University MOM program fosters the development of a global mindset among Indian students, answering the question, "Is Australian National University MOM worth it?" This quality is increasingly vital in today's interconnected world. 

By pursuing the Australian National University MOM program, Indian students can unlock a world of opportunities, broaden their horizons, and position themselves for a successful future in the global business landscape.

Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis for Australian National University MOM

The Master's program at ANU indeed represents an investment, requiring a financial commitment of $48,035.00. However, the benefits it spells for a student are rather significant. Beyond the academic enrichment, the financial returns are substantial, with the average annual salaries of its graduates estimated to be around $75,000.00. 

This attractive earning potential is indicative of the thriving market for professionals in medical biotechnology. Simply put, the program offers not just a degree but a tangible ticket towards financial security and professional development in an industry that will only grow in the future.

Here is the Program fees and the expected salary for ANU MOM graduates:

Program Fees $48,035.00
Projected Salary (Annual) $75,000.00

Course Structure of Australian National University MOM

The Australian National University MOM curriculum is carefully designed to nurture well-rounded business leaders, equipping them with vital skills, including leadership, critical thinking, and effective communication. These skills are highly sought-after in all industries, giving Indian students a distinct advantage in a competitive job market.

Compulsory Courses Elective Courses
Managing in a Global Context  Organizational Behaviour 
Evidence-Based Management  Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Strategic Management  Leading People and Change

Australian National University MOM vs Competitors

Is Australian National University MOM worth it? Australian National University MOM is a distinguished program that rivals prestigious MOM offerings. If you're wondering if ANU MOM is worth it, consider the distinctive attributes that distinguish it from its competitors. Notably, ANU MOM places significant emphasis on the ever-evolving global business arena, which is evident through its inclusive student community and internationally renowned faculty. 

Furthermore, ANU MOM's unparalleled commitment to hands-on experiential education, fostering leadership skills, and nurturing entrepreneurial endeavors sets it apart. So, if you're looking for a program that combines academic excellence with real-world experiences, ANU MOM might be worth considering.

University Curriculum International Focus Industry Connections Unique Offerings
Australian National University (ANU) ANU offers 88 undergraduate and 169 postgraduate programs ANU ranks #4 in Australia and #34 in the world ANU and its competitors have strong connections with industries ANU offers a unique learning environment in Canberra
University of New South Wales (UNSW) UNSW Sydney runs 165 undergraduate and 164 postgraduate programs UNSW Sydney ranks #19 in the world UNSW Sydney collaborates with industry partners globally UNSW Sydney offers high-quality education and teaching opportunities
University of Queensland (UQ) The University of Queensland oversees 128 undergraduate and 172 postgraduate programs. The University of Queensland ranks #43 in the world The University of Queensland fosters connections with industry partners The University of Queensland provides a first-class education to over 307,000 graduates
University of Melbourne The University of Melbourne allows students to choose from 207 undergraduate and 204 graduate programs. The University of Melbourne ranks among the top 50 universities worldwide The University of Melbourne offers students access to globally in-demand skills and research collaborations with industry partners The University of Melbourne offers a diverse student body, cultural activities, and a motivating and vibrant campus environment
Victoria University Victoria University offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Victoria University accepts English language assessment test scores and offers a student-friendly campus in Melbourne. Victoria University prepares students for academic and professional careers, providing core abilities and industry connections. Victoria University focuses on core abilities and offers a student-friendly campus in Melbourne.

Australian National University MOM Rankings

The Master's in Management at the Australian National University (ANU) offers a transformative experience, moulding diverse individuals into future leaders equipped with apt skills and a responsive mindset. This one-year journey emphasizes analytical decision-making, innovative approaches to problem-solving, and fostering a sense of responsibility towards society. 

Undoubtedly, ANU's commitment to academic rigour is acknowledged globally, underscored by its rank of 34th and 62nd in the QS World University and Times Higher Education rankings, respectively, in 2024. it is this steadfast dedication to high-quality education that makes ANU an internationally sought-after institution. 

Ranking Source 2024
QS World University Rankings 34th
Times Higher Education 62nd

Benefits of Pursuing Australian National University MOM

Enrolling in the Master of Management (MOM) program at Australia's top business schools, renowned not only nationally but also globally, offers numerous advantages. The ANU MOM stands out for its exceptional features, providing students with a competitive edge in the business and management arena.

  • Extensive Alumni Network: The ANU boasts an extensive network of accomplished alumni who have achieved notable success in their respective fields. This robust alumni community offers current students valuable opportunities for networking and accessing potential job openings.
  • Diversity in Cohort: The ANU MOM program attracts a diverse group of students from various backgrounds, nationalities, and industries. This diversity enriches the learning environment by fostering a wide range of perspectives and experiences, contributing to a well-rounded educational experience.
  • Emphasis on Practical Learning: The ANU MOM curriculum places a strong emphasis on practical learning. By integrating real-world business challenges into coursework, students gain hands-on experience and develop problem-solving skills that are highly applicable in the professional realm.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Completing the ANU MOM program opens up exciting possibilities for career advancement. Thanks to the comprehensive knowledge and skills they acquire throughout their studies, graduates of this program are well-positioned to enhance their career prospects and increase their earning potential.


The Australian National University Master of Management (MOM) program undoubtedly offers an invaluable experience and countless opportunities for personal and professional growth. With its stellar reputation, global recognition, diverse cohort, practical learning approach, and extensive alumni network, ANU MOM stands as a beacon of excellence in management education. For those seeking to elevate their managerial journey, the ANU MOM program is more than just a degreeā€”it's a transformative investment that prepares individuals to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape. In light of its myriad benefits and esteemed rankings, it's clear: Australian National University MOM is indeed worth it.

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