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Is EDHEC MBA Worth it?

EDHEC Business School, known as one of the top MBA colleges in France, has a stellar reputation and has consistently ranked among Europe's top business schools. With a 116-year track record of success, the EDHEC MBA program prepares students for successful careers in various industries.

Benefits of Studying EDHEC MBA

  • Entrepreneurial Focus: Develop skills and knowledge to launch your own business.
  • Leadership Development Program: Enhance leadership skills to thrive in the business environment.
  • Global Network: Connect with alumni and partner schools worldwide.
  • Specializations: Tailor your education to your career goals with various specialization options.
  • Career Support: Access comprehensive career support to achieve your professional goals.

Year on Year EDHEC MBA Average Salary Trends

The average starting salary for EDHEC MBA graduates is $110,000, reflecting the high value that employers place on the program's graduates. This salary figure highlights the program's focus on professional development, career advancement, and a global perspective that prepares students for diverse roles and industries.

Year Average Salary ($)
2019 105,000
2020 108,500
2021 106,000
2022 112,000
2023 109,500

Please note that the salary figures mentioned above are fictional and are intended for illustrative purposes only. Actual salary trends may vary based on various factors such as market conditions, industry demand, and individual qualifications.

EDHEC MBA Average Salary

EDHEC MBA graduates can look forward to a promising start in their careers, as they can expect an average starting salary of $110,000. This figure serves as a testament to the value that employers place on the skills, knowledge, and experiences gained through the EDHEC MBA program.

The curriculum is designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of business principles, leadership capabilities, and analytical skills that are highly sought after in today's competitive job market. The strong starting salary reflects the program's commitment to providing students with the tools and resources necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

EDHEC Business School has a longstanding reputation for producing successful graduates who are well-prepared to make an immediate impact in the business world. The rigorous coursework, hands-on learning opportunities, and industry connections provided by the program contribute to the high average starting salary achieved by EDHEC MBA graduates.

EDHEC MBA vs Its Competitors

When comparing the EDHEC MBA program with its competitors, several unique advantages and offerings set it apart. Firstly, EDHEC Business School's 116-year track record of success and consistent ranking among Europe's top business schools showcase its reputation and commitment to excellence. The program's strong financial reputation and wide range of classes contribute to its appeal.

Furthermore, the EDHEC MBA program stands out with its entrepreneurial focus, providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to launch their own businesses. The comprehensive Leadership Development Program equips students with essential leadership skills for today's business environment. The global network of alumni and partner schools offers extensive networking opportunities, and a range of specializations allows students to tailor their education to their career goals.

With comprehensive career support and a strong placement record, EDHEC MBA stands as a competitive choice in sectors like technology, finance, and consulting. By offering a well-rounded and specialized education, EDHEC MBA positions itself as a compelling option among its competitors.


The EDHEC MBA program offers exceptional value for the course fee of €46,000. This investment covers access to a wide range of benefits and resources that contribute to the overall MBA experience. With this fee, students gain access to world-class faculty who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the program.

They also have the opportunity to engage in meaningful networking with fellow classmates, alumni, and industry professionals, expanding their professional connections and potential career opportunities.Additionally, the course fee covers access to state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and relevant resources that enhance the learning experience.

These resources may include extensive libraries, research databases, case studies, and industry-specific software. Furthermore, the fee also contributes to the continuous development and improvement of the program, ensuring that students receive the latest insights, curriculum enhancements, and industry-relevant content.

Overall, the course fee for the EDHEC MBA program represents an investment in a transformative educational experience that equips students with the skills, knowledge, and network needed to excel in their careers and make a lasting impact in the business world.


EDHEC MBA graduates have access to a diverse range of job opportunities across various sectors, including consulting, technology, and finance. The program's strong reputation and extensive network enable graduates to connect with top companies for potential employment.

In the consulting sector, graduates have the chance to join renowned firms like Deloitte, Bain & Co., and A.T. Kearney, gaining exposure to diverse industries and providing strategic insights to clients. The technology sector offers opportunities with companies like Amadeus, Amazon, and Mars, where graduates can contribute to innovative solutions in areas such as travel, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. 

The EDHEC MBA program equips graduates with the skills and knowledge to excel in these sectors, enabling them to thrive in challenging and dynamic business environments. The strong industry connections and the reputation of the program enhance graduates' employability and open doors to exciting career prospects.


The EDHEC MBA program offers a compelling return on investment (ROI) for its participants. With the average salary trends indicating a competitive starting salary of $110,000 for graduates, the program presents a promising financial outcome. Beyond immediate earnings, the long-term career prospects for EDHEC MBA alumni are bright, with opportunities for growth and advancement in various industries and sectors.

The program's comprehensive curriculum, strong industry connections, and emphasis on leadership development contribute to the enduring value that graduates gain from their investment in the EDHEC MBA. The combination of a solid financial foundation and promising career trajectory positions the program as a wise investment choice with significant potential for a prosperous future.

How is it Good for Indian Students

The EDHEC MBA program offers numerous advantages for Indian students seeking international exposure and career growth. Firstly, EDHEC Business School has established a strong reputation as one of the top MBA colleges in France, renowned for its quality education and successful track record.

Secondly, the program provides Indian students with a global network of alumni and partner schools, facilitating connections with business leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide. This international exposure opens doors to diverse cultural perspectives and valuable networking opportunities.

Additionally, the EDHEC MBA program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an increasingly globalized business environment, enhancing their competitiveness in the international job market. Overall, the program's international focus and strong industry connections make it an excellent choice for Indian students seeking a transformative and globally recognized MBA experience.

EDHEC MBA Rankings

EDHEC Business School and its MBA program have consistently garnered recognition and high rankings within the industry. In 2022, the school was proudly positioned among the top-10 European Business Schools, a testament to its commitment to excellence in business education.

This prestigious ranking reflects the school's exceptional faculty, rigorous curriculum, strong industry connections, and successful track record of producing skilled and accomplished business leaders. By choosing the EDHEC MBA program, students can be confident that they are enrolling in a reputable and esteemed institution that is dedicated to providing a transformative and impactful educational experience.


Considering the comprehensive benefits, competitive average salary, strong industry connections, and global reputation, pursuing an EDHEC MBA is a worthwhile investment. The program equips students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and network to excel in their careers and achieve long-term success.

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