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Is ESADE MBA Worth It? ROI, Rankings and Job Prospects

The decision to choose the perfect MBA program is an important one. So, let's explore: Is Esade MBA worth it? Come along as we check out the Esade MBA. We'll look at what makes it unique, how much you might earn after, and how it stacks up against other programs. We'll talk about the cost, what jobs you could get, and if it's worth the money. 

Requirements of Esade MBA

Embarking on the journey towards an MBA at Esade is a transformative experience, one that requires careful consideration of the program's requirements. These prerequisites serve as the foundation for admission, ensuring that candidates possess the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to thrive in Esade's dynamic learning environment.

Let's delve into the essential requirements for Esade MBA:

Bachelor's Degree Requirement: Candidates must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. While specific undergraduate majors are not mandatory, a strong academic background is preferred.

Professional Experience: Esade values professional experience. Candidates typically need 2 to 5 years of relevant work experience. This helps make a diverse student group. They can bring unique views to classes and projects.

GMAT/GRE Scores: Applicants must submit these scores as part of the application. There is no minimum score requirement. But it would be best if you had a competitive score for admission.

English Language Proficiency: The program is mainly taught in English. Non-native speakers must show their English skills through tests like TOEFL or IELTS. Alternatively, candidates may be exempt from this requirement. This is true if they studied English as an undergrad. Or if they have much professional experience in an English-speaking place.

Letters of Recommendation: Esade requires candidates to submit letters of recommendation. The letters should come from professional contacts who can attest to the candidate's skills, character, and potential and say the candidate can succeed in the MBA program.

Essays and Interviews: Applicants must submit essays detailing their career goals and motivations for pursuing an MBA. They also explain why they think Esade is the right fit for them. Finally, chosen candidates may be invited to interviews, which will assess their suitability for the program. To learn more about interviews, you can take a look at ESADE MBA Interview Questions. 

Resources Offered By Esade For MBA Students

Starting an MBA journey at Esade means more than just hitting the books. Esade offers a wide range of resources to support students both academically and professionally.

These resources are designed to help students grow personally and prepare them for successful careers. From career services to global networking opportunities, entrepreneurship support, and access to cutting-edge research, Esade provides a comprehensive ecosystem of resources to help MBA students thrive, which is what makes ESADE MBA different



Unlocking Success: Esade MBA Average Salary

ESADE MBA Average Salary

You might be wondering, "Is Esade MBA worth it?" When you're weighing the value and potential return on investment (ROI) of an MBA, a pivotal factor to consider is what graduates tend to earn. For those who've journeyed through Esade Business School's 18-month MBA program, the numbers are pretty telling. These grads have reported an Esade MBA average salary of US$104,161—a clear indication of the program's ability to launch careers sky-high.

This impressive salary is proof of Esade's commitment to excellence. Their MBA is crafted to equip students with sought-after skills, blending practical learning and a global perspective. This approach ensures Esade grads are ready to shine on the world stage.

Remember, this salary is for the 18-month MBA. Salaries can differ based on program details, but Esade's quality education and strong connections consistently lead to rewarding career outcomes.

Program Duration Average Salary (USD) Industry Geographical Region
18 months $104,161 Consulting, Finance, Technology, Healthcare, Marketing, Energy, Retail Global

Esade MBA Fees: What You Need to Know

When considering pursuing an MBA, evaluating the financial aspect, including Esade MBA fees, is essential. While the Esade MBA is a prestigious program, it comes with a tuition fee of $76,830. While this investment may seem significant, it is essential to view it as a long-term investment in your career and personal growth.

The program's value lies not only in the knowledge and skills gained but also in the strong network and career opportunities it provides. Esade's commitment to offering a transformative educational experience, coupled with its track record of high average salaries, makes the MBA fees worth considering for those seeking a rewarding and impactful career in the business world.

Charting Career Trajectories: Esade MBA Jobs & ROI


ESADE MBA program opens a world of exciting job opportunities, enabling graduates to embark on successful career journeys. With a vast network of industry connections, Esade provides personalized career support, facilitating placements in renowned companies worldwide—impressive figures back the program's strong ROI, as graduates command high average salaries.

Students have a bright professional future with Esade, as the average reported salary is $104,161 for MBA graduates

Job Role ROI Average Salary (USD)
Management Consultant High ROI due to lucrative consulting contracts $120,000 - $150,000
Financial Analyst Good ROI with potential for career advancement in finance $100,000 - $120,000
Marketing Manager Strong ROI in dynamic marketing roles $110,000 - $130,000
Business Development Manager Positive ROI in roles driving business growth $105,000 - $125,000
Product Manager Good ROI with potential for innovation and leadership $115,000 - $135,000

Esade MBA: Rising Through the Ranks

ESADE MBA: Rising through the ranks

Among the top colleges worldwide, ESADE MBA consistently earns high rankings, solidifying its reputation as a premier institution. 

Financial Times (out of 100 colleges) QS World Rankings (Out of 315 colleges)
6th  19th


The answer to the question, ' Is Esade MBA worth it ?' is pretty simple.  For ambitious individuals seeking to level up their careers, an Esade MBA is a smart move. With its global outlook, diverse student body, strong alum connections, and robust career services, Esade offers everything you need for success in the fast-paced business world.

Impressive salary stats, top rankings, and a stellar reputation speak volumes about the program's worth. While tuition fees may seem steep, the long-term payoff and access to high-paying jobs make the Esade MBA a sound investment in your future.

What is the duration of ESADE MBA program?

ESADE MBA program is a flexible program that can be completed in 12, 15, or 18 months. Most students choose the longer one.

What are the specializations offered in ESADE MBA?

ESADE MBA offers specializations in Business Analytics, CEMS, Finance, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, International Management, Marketing Management, and Sustainability Management.

What is the minimum work experience required for ESADE MBA?

ESADE MBA requires a minimum of 2 years' full-time professional experience post graduation.

What is the average salary for ESADE MBA graduates?

The average reported salary for ESADE MBA graduates is $104,161, reflecting the program's ability to launch successful careers.

What is the maximum class size for ESADE MBA?

ESADE MBA is open to a maximum of 190 students, divided into three sections.

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