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Are you deliberating on pursuing a Master in Management (MIM) program and pondering if ESCP Europe is the right choice for you? Dive into our comprehensive exploration of ESCP's MIM program, where we dissect its unique features, from its interdisciplinary curriculum to its global campus network and focus on responsible leadership. Uncover the secrets behind ESCP's impressive alumni network and career support services, as well as the potential financial investment and returns associated with the program. By the end, you'll be eager to explore whether ESCP's MIM program aligns with your ambitions and aspirations, unlocking the insights you need to make an informed decision about your academic and professional future.

How is ESCP MIM Different from Other Schools?

ESCP Business School is focused on four core values: excellence, singularity, creativity, and plurality. This would prepare students to become agile and forward-thinking business leaders. The leading Master in Management program at ESCP offers students a multitude of benefits that set them on a path to success.


The school's interdisciplinary curriculum, international campuses, and focus on sustainability and responsible leadership cultivate a unique educational experience for students. Whether it's the high employability rate, emphasis on practical learning, diverse international exposure, or the opportunity to build a global network, ESCP MIM stands out as an exceptional choice for aspiring professionals. Read further to decide is ESCP Business School MIM Worth it?

Understand the Global Campus Network

ESCP's global campus network is a unique aspect that sets it apart. With campuses in six major European cities - Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Turin, and Warsaw—ESCP offers students the opportunity to study and experience different cultures and business environments across the continent. This multi-campus model allows for a truly international learning experience and exposure to diverse perspectives.

Travel through the Interdisciplinary Curriculum

At ESCP, the interdisciplinary curriculum, with a blend of business, culture, and innovation, offers a transformative educational journey that transcends traditional boundaries. This immersive experience equips students to embark on a unique academic adventure that fosters a global mindset and cultivates diverse perspectives. The main 3 learning components of MIM are: 

  • Core courses on the fundamentals of intercultural management are focused on the first semester. Pre-term remedial courses are available for students with prior backgrounds in business or management studies, providing essential catch-up opportunities.
  • Once students lay the groundwork in fundamental management disciplines, they embark on their first of two or three specialized tracks. With over 60 specialization courses on offer, they will develop expertise in specific business functions and/or industry sectors.
  • Throughout the two-year curriculum, students engage in thematic seminars. This will help them apply their skills to address the pressing challenges encountered by today's managers.

Focus on Responsible Leadership

ESCP's focus on responsible leadership is a key differentiator. The school emphasizes the importance of sustainable and ethical business practices, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to become leaders who drive positive change. This commitment is reflected in the curriculum, which includes courses on corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and ethical decision-making. Along with the curriculum, various clubs promote leadership, such as the Women in Leadership Society and the GEA Sustainability. Read below to get a clear idea of how all clubs motivate students towards leadership. 

Women in Leadership Society

Women in Leadership Society builds leadership presence and impact while enhancing networking, communication and negotiation skills of women. It allows the participants to reflect on unique challenges women encounter in a work environment with mainly male counterparts. To mould women in this aspect, the society organizes workshops, interactive sessions on power, influence and negotiations while creating leadership presence through peer and video feedback. 

GEA Sustainability

GEA Sustainability is in the process of educating the next generation of responsible leaders. By collaborating with partners, society emphasizes broadening the network between students, alumni, and companies to create a better tomorrow. Through events, awareness campaigns, and new content on social media, students get opportunities to meet key players in a green economy to build a community of responsible leader

Clubs Name Participation
Women in Leadership Society 73,000+ active alumni in over 7 countries 
GEA Sustainability 50 students from all over the world

Meet the Alumni Network and Career Support

The school boasts a strong and diverse alumni network of over 80,000 members across 190 countries. They are highly engaged, with active alumni clubs and societies focused on various interests and industries. ESCP alumni have gone on to achieve success in a variety of fields, as evidenced by the Alumni of the Year awards.


ESCP's focus on career development is evidenced by the impressive employment outcomes of its MiM program, with 96% of participants employed within 3 months of graduation. The Career Services team provides personalized support to help students and graduates achieve their professional goals. This includes:

  • Career coaching and guidance to identify personal objectives and career prospects
  • Assistance with job search, including access to a wide range of employment opportunities
  • Organizing career fairs, company visits, and networking events to connect students with recruiters
  • Hosting workshops and industry-specific sessions to develop essential skills

How Much Does ESCP MIM Cost?

To determine whether ESCP Business School MIM is worth it, you must understand the cost of pursuing the ESCP Europe Master in Management program. This cost varies depending on factors like student nationality and additional fees. 

Fees 1

Find out ESCP Tuition fees and other expenses

For the academic year 2024, the fees for the two-year program range from €22,200 for EU students to €25,800 for non-EU students. Along with these, a €1,000 service fee is included in the fees for European and non-European students. Additionally, there are supplementary costs for catch-up courses and living expenses in the different cities where ESCP campuses are located. The table below gives an average amount of those additional expenses.

Countries Housing Living costs Travel Estimated Cost Application Fee Remedial Semester Fee Additional Degree Fee
Berlin €750 €450 €250 €1,450 €180 €220 €1,000
London €1639 €702 €468 €2810 €180 €220 €1,000
Madrid €1,200 €400 €400 €2000 €180 €220 €1,000
Paris €900 €625 €400 €1,925 - - -
Turin €700 €300 €300 €1300 €180 €220 €1,000
Warsaw €321 €161 €21 €519 €180 €220 €1,000

The provided information serves as a general guideline, as costs may fluctuate based on factors such as accommodation preferences and individual lifestyle choices. 

You have various options to meet these expenses. ESCP offers a selection of financial-need and merit-based scholarships, around 400 of which are awarded each year. Employment opportunities are also available on campus. Students can also benefit from low-interest loans, paid internships, and apprenticeships.

Why Don't You Analyze the ESCP MIM Average Salary?

This is another way to decide is ESCP Business School MIM worth it for you. So, are you curious to know the average salary of an ESCP MIM graduate? The average salary of ESCP students after 3 years of graduation is €93,996. The employment report of 2022 also suggests that 99% found a job within 3 months of graduation and 72% within graduation. 

Job functions Consultant 35%
Finance 17%
Business Development 7%
Marketing 6%
Industry sectors Consultant 37%
Finance 21%
Technology 8%

However, it's important to keep in mind that average salaries can vary based on numerous factors, including industry, geographical location, previous work experience, and individual negotiation skills. These factors can influence the salary outcomes for ESCP MIM graduates, highlighting the significance of personal circumstances and external market conditions.

ESCP MIM Rankings

ESCP's Master in Management (MiM) program has consistently excelled in global rankings, securing its position as a top choice for business education. The school stands out for its academic excellence, international diversity, and commitment to sustainability. According to reports, ESCP ranks 4th in the Financial Times and 89th in QS World Ranking. These strong rankings demonstrate ESCP's commitment to providing a world-class business education.

Unlocking Success: ESCP MIM ROI

The ESCP Master in Management (MIM) program is renowned for its strong return on investment (ROI). ESCP's extensive network of international campuses and partnerships allows students to gain valuable cross-cultural experience, while the program's focus on practical business projects and consulting work prepares graduates for successful careers.

According to the official ESCP website, the average salary for ESCP MIM graduates has steadily increased over the years, reaching $95,700 in 2022, representing 18.5% year-over-year growth. This demonstrates the value that employers place on the skills and knowledge gained through the ESCP MIM program. As per these records, there are more information in the ESCP website. For more guidance, seeking expertise from a good educational consultancy would be an another choice. 


In conclusion, ESCP Europe's Master in Management program offers a transformative educational journey anchored in its global campus network, interdisciplinary curriculum, and emphasis on responsible leadership. As a leader in business education, ESCP is recognized for its academic rigour, innovation, and global engagement, instilling trust in its graduates through a strong return on investment, impressive employment outcomes, and a vibrant community of alumni. Thus, while evaluating the worth of ESCP's MIM program, one must consider not only its tangible benefits but also the intangible qualities that make ESCP a beacon of opportunity, innovation, and excellence, inviting students to embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and achievement.

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