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Is HEC Montreal MBA Worth it?An Analysis for Indian Students

Benefits, ROI, and Rankings


HEC Montreal is a prestigious business school in Montreal, Canada. The school's one-year MBA program, which has a class size of 136, is taught in both English and French. The curriculum is designed for students having a median of 5 years of work experience, and it equips students with the skills and information they need to flourish in their employment.

Benefits of Studying HEC Montreal MBA

  • A one-year program that saves you both time and money.
  • A bilingual curriculum in English and French that provides an advantage in a global employment market
  • Montreal is a multicultural city with a flourishing economic community.
  • Global alumni network of almost 89,000 graduates

Year-on-Year HEC Montreal MBA Average Salary Trends

According to Forbes, the class of 2014 had a total 5-year MBA gain of $46,900, with a pre-MBA salary of $47,000 and a 2018 salary of $92,000. The years to payback were 3.4, making it a good return on investment.

HEC Montreal MBA Average Salary

Class of Total 5-Year MBA Gain Pre-MBA Salary 2018 Salary Years to Payback
2014 $46,900 $47,000 $92,000 3.4

HEC Montreal MBA vs Its Competitors

HEC Montreal is ranked #16 on the Forbes list of Best International 1-Year Business Schools in 2019. It is a highly respected program, and its bilingual offering sets it apart from other business schools. The school also has partnerships with 133 institutions in 40 countries, providing students with opportunities to study abroad and gain experience.

Average Salary of HEC MBA Graduates

Class Median Base Salary Total Program Cost (In-Country) Total Program Cost (Out-of-Country) Work Experience (Median) Employed After Graduation (%)
Class of 2014 $64,422 $6,366 $26,689 5 years 63%
Class of 2018 $92,000 N/A N/A N/A N/A

How good it is for Indian Students?

  • Bilingual Education: The fact that the HEC Montreal MBA program is provided in both English and French is one of its distinguishing aspects. Because Canada is a multilingual country, Indian students have a wonderful opportunity to develop their language abilities and obtain a competitive advantage in the global employment market.

  • Diversity: HEC Montreal boasts a diverse student body, with more than half of the 2020 class coming from outside of Canada and 38% from Asia. This variety adds a fresh viewpoint to the classroom and prepares pupils to work in a globalised environment.

  • Foreign Exposure: With 133 partner institutions in 40 countries, HEC Montreal offers several chances for foreign exchange programs and worldwide networking. Indian students can use this network to acquire exposure to other cultures, industries, and business practices, which will be useful in their future jobs.

  • Tuition is reasonably priced in comparison to other top-ranked MBA programs, making HEC Montreal an appealing alternative for Indian students who may be limited by financial constraints. Furthermore, the cost of living in Montreal is cheaper than in other major North American cities, easing the financial load on students.

  • Salary - HEC Montreal MBA graduates had an excellent return on investment, with a median base salary of $64,422 and a 63% employment rate within three months after graduation. These figures are particularly noteworthy given Montreal's reduced tuition and living costs.

  • Job Opportunities: Montreal is a centre for a number of industries, including aerospace, information technology, and biotechnology. Furthermore, Montreal has a big and developing startup scene, which provides graduates with several work prospects. In addition, the Canadian government offers a post-graduate work visa program that permits international students to stay and work in Canada for up to three years following graduation.

    Overall, the HEC Montreal MBA program provides Indian students with a unique combination of language skills, cultural exposure, and low-cost education that can pave the road for a successful business career.


The HEC Montreal MBA program provides students with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get a high-quality business education in a bilingual metropolis with a varied student body. The program's emphasis on hands-on learning and international experiences, as well as its strong ties with firms and institutions worldwide, making it an appealing option for students looking to enhance their careers in a global setting. While the tuition fees for the program appear to be exorbitant, the great ROI and high job placement rates imply that it may be a reasonable investment for many students. Furthermore, HEC Montreal graduates are well-prepared for successful professions in a number of disciplines, as evidenced by the program's average pay trends and alumni testimonies. Overall, HEC Montreal is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an MBA program with a strong international focus and a proven track record of accomplishment.

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