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Is Ivey MBA Worth the Investment?

Exploring the Ivey MBA worth: ROI, Rankings, and Key Consideration

Are you considering pursuing an MBA? Wondering, is Ivey Business School MBA worth it? Dive into our blog post to find out! We'll take you through the ins and outs of the Ivey MBA program. Discover its benefits, salary trends, and how it stacks up against other options. Curious about fees and job prospects? We've got you covered! 

If you're an Indian student weighing your options, learn why the Ivey MBA might be the right choice. Explore its potential return on investment and why it stands out. Ready to make an informed decision? Keep reading to uncover whether the Ivey MBA is the perfect fit for your career goals and aspirations.

What Sets Ivey MBA Apart? 

With the reputation for advanced leadership development, a global network, and impressive salary trends, studying at Ivey offers several compelling benefits. Explore how Ivey MBA's unconventional approach can broaden your perspective and prepare you for real-world scenarios.

1. Commencing Your Career Journey

Ivey MBA's track record speaks for itself. With a staggering 91% placement rate just three months after graduation and 95% of their graduates making successful career transitions, Ivey stands as a leader of career excellence. And with 90% of Ivey's alumni securing employment within six months post-graduation, it's clear that their approach works.

2. International Experiences

Expand your horizons with optional study trips to Silicon Valley, Costa Rica, and Portugal. Engage in volunteer opportunities through The LEADER Project, coaching entrepreneurs in frontier markets. You can also opt for an international study exchange to immerse yourself in a different culture and grow your global network.

3. One-Year Duration

Unlike traditional two-year programs, Ivey's MBA is completed in just one year, minimizing the opportunity cost of being away from the workforce while providing an intense curriculum to help achieve career goals efficiently.

4. Impressive Salary Trends

Over the years, Ivey MBA graduates have experienced consistent growth in average salaries. From $115,000 in 2020 to $147,178 in 2023, the upward trajectory is a testament to the program's value and the doors it opens for lucrative career opportunities.

Maximizing Your Investment: IVEY Business School MBA Fees and Salary Breakdown

Ivey MBA Salary and Fees

Let's take a closer look at what it costs to pursue an Ivey MBA and what you can expect in terms of salary after graduation. Understanding the fees and potential earnings can help you make informed decisions about investing in your education and future career. You can also choose from the MBA Scholarship options at Ivey Business School. 

Exploring Ivey MBA Tuition and Fees

The cost of tuition for the Ivey MBA program is an important factor to consider when planning for your education. The fees vary based on your student status (domestic or international) and the year you plan to enroll. As of 2024 - 2025, the tuition fees for the program are as follows:

Student Type Tuition Fee (CAD) 
Domestic Students $83,250
International Students $129,750

It's important to remember that the University Senate may authorize changes to these fees each year. As a result, it's crucial to stay current with the knowledge Ivey Business School provides.

It's critical to keep in mind that paying for IVEY Business School MBA Fees is an investment in your future and self. The program is created to give you the expertise, network, and resources needed to succeed in your career and meet your professional objectives.

Analyzing the Year-on-Year Ivey MBA Average Salary Trends

The average Ivey MBA program salary is impressive as of 2023-24, encompassing various elements contributing to the overall compensation package. This comprehensive figure includes the base salary, signing bonus, and other guaranteed compensation, making it a robust representation of the financial rewards that Ivey MBA graduates can expect.

Salary Distribution % Receiving Min $ Max $ Average $ Median $
Base Salary 87% $24,720 $233,740 $131,282 $107,500
Signing Bonus 48% $2,000 $41,200 $21,284 $25,000
Other Guaranteed Compensation 58% $2,000 $71,200 $25,463 $15,000
Total Compensation 87% $39,720 $304,940 $148,478 $115,000

The substantial average salary highlights the value and prestige associated with an Ivey MBA worth.

Ivey MBA Salary trend

Unlocking Success: Ivey MBA ROI


Is the Ivey MBA worth it? So, the Ivey MBA is one of the renowned MBA colleges in Canada.  With tuition at $126,000 and a post-MBA average first-year package of $131,282, the initial ROI is around 9.17%. However, the true value extends beyond finances. Ivey's program offers long-term career opportunities, networking, and personal growth. Graduates gain access to a robust alumni network and mentorship, enhancing their professional journey. While financial gain is significant, prospective students should also consider the broader benefits an Ivey MBA provides for their future success.

Ivey MBA Employment Rate

Ivey MBA Rankings

Explore the Ivey Business School MBA program ranking to get the answer to the question: "Is Ivey MBA worth it?" The program is consistently ranked among the top MBA colleges in Canada & globally. Ivey's impressive rankings across various sources underscore its reputation as a top-tier MBA program on a global scale. Let's see the Ivey MBA ranking according to the Financial Times and QS Global MBA:

Ranking (in the year 2024) Ranking
Q.S. Global MBA 3
Financial Times  90

Exploring the different aspects related to the fees, associated costs, and financing options can be challenging; however, consulting an expert can make navigating the Ivey MBA program and making your dream a reality much easier.


To sum up, the Ivey MBA program stands out for its emphasis on developing strong leadership, fostering a global network, and using real-life cases for learning. It offers diverse career options in a multicultural setting, making it a top choice in Canada. Indian students, in particular, can enhance their leadership skills, build a professional network, improve problem-solving abilities, explore various career paths, and broaden their global outlook through this program. With its tailored approach, Ivey MBA ensures a rewarding experience for all students. 

Q1. Is the Ivey MBA a good investment?

The Ivey MBA is generally considered a good investment, especially if you plan to work in Canada after graduation. The program offers a strong reputation, advanced leadership development, a global network, and impressive salary trends.

Q2. How does the Ivey MBA compare to other top Canadian MBA programs?

The Ivey MBA is consistently ranked among the top MBA programs in Canada and globally. It is known for its case-method learning approach, immersing students in complex, real-world business challenges. While the program is highly regarded, it may not be the best choice for those looking to work in the US or other countries, as its reputation is strongest in Canada.

Q3. What are the key factors to consider when deciding if the Ivey MBA is worth it?

The key factors to consider are your career goals, the cost of the program, and your ability to secure a high-paying job after graduation. If you plan to work in Canada, especially in finance or consulting, the Ivey MBA can be a worthwhile investment due to its strong reputation and graduate outcomes.

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